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Belgium POLSKI BELG here you have pictures from Polish fans (including me with the cap and scarf with POLSKA on it ) with the Russian fans no fighting everybody is peaceful :)
2012-06-13 16:10
this is in Belgium (antwerp)
2012-06-13 16:10
i was in Wroclaw 3 days ago. everything was fine but among thousands of people, there are always assholes
2012-06-13 16:14
Russia AHTu2 
Wroclaw beautiful city, good and friendly peoples, but in Warsaw... as other country, neo-Nazism thriving. How UEFA allowed EURO.. i don't know. I'm livin in the Kaliningrad region and i know what i'm talking
2012-06-13 16:30
Poland Antro 
dude... there were arround 150 thousands of people yesterday in Warsaw, cheering for Poland and they were doing fine, just having a good time. Don't look just on some polish as well as russian idiots that came there to fight. these are the peoples I'm talking about:)
2012-06-13 16:52
2012-06-13 16:38 Video with Janusz Korwin-Mikke, president of the only one Polish right political party KNP.
2012-06-13 16:43
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