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Greatest teamfix atm
Norway Luke Skywalker 
ENVYUS: -xms -SIXER +kioShima +ZywOo IMT: boltz, steel +horvy +NEKIZ +destiny LG: fnx, kNg, LUCAS1, HEN1, chelo dignitas: RUBINO, jkaem, fox, +Pimp +pyth Gambit: -Dosia +electronic
2017-09-23 12:41
Other TanriQQ 
even navi cant buy electronic, how can gambit?
2017-09-23 12:42
maybe the dont want himnand i think gambit are richer than navi atm
2017-09-23 12:43
Belgium n1ckst4r2OO2 
hell nah
2017-09-23 12:50
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
no, gambit much less money
2017-09-23 12:56
Canada Surzz 
you're ruining LG.
2017-09-23 12:46
if this happens Brazil will have 3 teams in top10/15
2017-09-23 12:46
Nifty | 
United Kingdom Hende 
dont think IMT would be top 15
2017-09-23 12:57
depends on who they get, but as always they take the worse and it takes over 5-6 months to replace them with proper ones
2017-09-23 16:36
Romania xnup 
hasn't dignitas already got AcilioN and loWel tho ?
2017-09-23 12:52
IMT will get horvy, iDk and probably maluk3 or even trk LG and Tempo will stay the same, they are improving fnx,kng, lucas1 and hen1 will probalby join forces with bit or even pava
2017-09-23 12:55
Russia ez4u 
What about xand? Hes rly good imo. I saw him yesterday, he was playing for INTZ.
2017-09-23 13:01
0/8 xms better than PROBLEM
2017-09-23 13:06
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