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Wardell possibly cheating
Brazil Seleskva There are a lot more suspect movements and vac shots during the match, check the demo If you want. What do you think?
2017-09-26 00:38
Netherlands iuohtz 
2017-09-26 00:39
Switzerland GT3RS 
2017-09-26 00:39
The first clip is very suspicious, he plays like a random matchmaking kid with WH, perfect timing, taking risks without any information, ... He knew they were coming on the left or he's a lucky bastard playing like a retard, we won't know anyway. But the second clip is not suspicious at all. Just knocked his keyboard.
2017-09-26 00:44
Ethiopia Azylu 
the first clip he can hear the guy step or he would have unscoped and scoped back in, then he is checking both doorways so he doesnt get flanked and let them have a free bombsite, ryx heard them go ramp. There is no cheating here lmao
2017-09-26 00:46
Austria slash_OG 
he only aim right side cause 1 player fake going right side
2017-09-26 01:26
As #18 said he aims at right side only when there's a guy going close to it, then when they gather around left side he switch to left side, take huge risks because if a guy get out right side he can't even defend himself. To be honest if he doesn't hack on this clip it means he plays like a retard, which is not really expectable from a high level player.
2017-09-26 01:37
also, looks like he had an ESL ban or something like that before
2017-09-26 02:01
Brazil soubarney 
Definitely worth paying attention to his next games. That 3K when they were 2v4 down is very suspicious. Obviously shouldn't be a veredict, but it raises suspicion.
2017-09-26 00:44
Brazil DiegoXPG 
i dont see anything of wow on the second clip, but yeah yeah, the first is so suspicious wardell, the aspx of ghost gaming Kappa
2017-09-26 00:45
He was cheating against Gale Force too.
2017-09-26 00:46
Brazil mrschagas 
against Gale Force, Luminosity and Tempo Storm
2017-09-26 01:08
Brazil Feio91 
there is others plays very suspicious. But we can't prove it. so... kill me :D
2017-09-26 00:47
North America pSilent 
Don't think so. He plays pretty spastically though, it's a bit hard to watch. anger is cheating 100% tho
2017-09-26 00:47
First clip he just got ridiculously lucky with timings twice in a row.. first on the guy coming from secret, just so happens to hit the timing with the scope before he comes out... Nothing really suspicious imo. Just one of those lucky games where the timing gods were on his side. What does look a little bit odd is with his second kill in 1st clip, he unscopes as the guy on his right turns back to go to the left side, and then scopes onto the left side.. May have been a call from his teammate at ramp though or again just got super lucky with timing again when he just figured he would check left. To be fair though, anytime someone gets lucky with timings, it always looks suspicious af when the spectator wallhacks are turned on. Watch the same clip without xray and it'll look completely different. Besides, shit Fer (aka the flank timing god) does is literally 100x more suspicious than these clips. I could make a whole hour+ long montage of suspiciously timed flanks Fer has done where he just seems to know that nobody is watching a push.
2017-09-26 01:01
On the kills on ramp his mate can only tell him that they come ramp, not which side of ramp. + if you look at the Xray, his mate is on top of ladder just before the kills, so he can't really tell him which side to aim.
2017-09-26 01:40
zet | 
North America RosT- 
maybe just lucky timing but who knows supex0 told that 10-15% pro players use hacks
2017-09-26 00:54
The first one his definitly suspicious, he hit all those timings without even doubting, but lets see, ie he really is cheating he will not last that longer
2017-09-26 01:05
He can last long, look at how JW and Flusha managed to "clean" their reputation and never get vac. Flusha stopped "lifting" his mouse and now they can make a living by sucking their org money without making any decent result. People forget fast, VAC forgives a lot (or just suck)
2017-09-26 01:43
VAC is pretty bad, just that
2017-09-26 02:28
u must be the biggest noob to think those are suspicions of cheats xDDDDDDDDDD
2017-09-26 01:07 calling fer as the biggest noob xDDDDDD
2017-09-26 01:20
Even fer agrees he is cheating
2017-09-26 02:29
Brazil mbassier 
he isn't cheating /close
2017-09-26 01:09
Brazil EWRO 
check flag /close
2017-09-26 01:12
2017-09-26 01:34
fnx | 
Brazil Nimpey 
first clip ok , but Where did you see aimlock? in the second one?
2017-09-26 01:51
OP clueless most likely: First one - his teammate was upper in heaven and most likely called that one was outside coming secret, and from there on its just clear timing. You know it would take you approximately X-Y seconds to get from one point to other when walking (youd hear him running in which case it all pointless), so you know when you should check the angle. The second clip I have no idea what should we see there.. /close
2017-09-26 02:09
brazil mad? cry is free
2017-09-26 02:38
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