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R8 my Outfit
Estonia edcmiami Vetements Polizei Hat - $425 Tech Fit Jacket - $200 Supreme CDG - $400 FOG Pants - $900 Vetements Socks - $200 Yeezy Zebra V2 - $800 Accessories: Fiji Water - $4 Supreme Cash - $175 One band of cash $10000
2017-09-26 02:58
put your hands around you neck irl and then press really hard, wtf are you spending your money on, stay in school.
2017-09-26 03:00
United Kingdom jck0 
$900 dollars and your pants are too short
2017-09-26 03:02
Albania streetfame 
2017-09-26 03:02
b0ychild | 
Australia EripxE 
And they say I'm retarded
2017-09-26 03:03
North America Mythicality 
I mean the while is clearly obviously photoshopped, just look at the gun and how its somehow highlighted around the handle
2017-09-26 03:04
camera flash was turned on, but was not meant to be used, it was tilted sideways
2017-09-26 03:04
Bangladesh Spuff 
i would never understand why ppl like these fucking Yeezy's holy fuck they look so fucking shit, and what a fucking retard, make hltv topic to post your shit outfit and say the prices, what the actual fuck is going on with this site, and what the actual fuck ar thooose 900$ Pants they ar like 70$ actually i could make it to 90 and say you typed 1 more 0, fucking golum , even a fucking homeles guy is dressed better, what the actual fucking fuck, PLZ SAVE HLTV FOR THE FUCKING FUCK
2017-09-26 03:13
Other yzy23 
fake yeezys and fake supreme shirt 0/10 nt
2017-09-26 03:18
don't be mad you can't afford them
2017-09-26 03:19
fnx | 
Norway Daeh15 
$900 a pants and its ugly af lul
2017-09-26 03:22
whos paying $800 for zebra's
2017-09-26 03:27
I like it. but im also super into streetwear so doesn't say much tbh
2017-09-26 03:30
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