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I need a karambit ruby fn and a dragon lore fn, right now! who's got my back??
2017-09-26 05:12
Your future boss.
2017-09-26 05:14
2017-09-26 05:14
*grabs you back* heh, nothing personel kid
2017-09-26 05:14
United States pSilent 
2017-09-26 05:24
Russia Jovik 
Skins won't make you happy lad, it won't even last long. Soon you'll get tired of these and will want the other ones. Find a girl, do your deed and care not of cheap shit in this life.
2017-09-26 05:28
United States pSilent 
Cheap? I sold my condo for a souvenir DLore!
2017-09-26 05:30
Russia Jovik 
Undeservedly expensive = cheap shit in fact, advanced meaning brother. You get the point, it's not at where it should be.
2017-09-26 06:08
Jesus! You are addicted to pixels.
2017-09-26 05:40
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