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Why FaZe will fail
United States @GeorgeWashington 
Hello everyone! It's GeorgeWashington here and I am going to list a few reasons why I think that FaZe will fail. 1. Their IGL is a BOT. Other top teams have IGLs who can frag too and not only lead the team. FalleN, shox, gla1ve and AdreN are good examples of this. 2. They are communicating in English. English is not a native language for any of the players. This will be a big disadvantage for FaZe as all of the other top teams communicate in their native language. 3. They have no structure. Who is the support player on FaZe? The FaZe team is lacking proper roles and structure that every other top team has. 4. Cultural differences and chemistry. All of the players are from different countries and therefore they have different cultures and ways of working. This will be a huge minus for FaZe's chemistry. Also, don't forget that olof and GuardiaN have never played before with rain, karrigan or NiKo. Other top teams have no cultural differences inside them and the players have more experience playing together.
2017-09-26 20:03
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Ofc... G2 clickbait, soo afraid of FaZe
2017-09-26 20:04
I do not fear FaZe in any way.
2017-09-26 20:05
faze is much better
2017-09-26 20:43
United States kdpetr0
"shox" of course shox can frag, its unfortunate his team8s cant LOL
2017-09-27 01:45
United States STERBENVII
What? For a while now, shox has been statistically the worst or 2nd worst player on G2
2017-09-27 01:56
and I don't think that the G2 lineup does either :)
2017-09-26 20:05
wow online match!
2017-09-26 20:13
11th may?
2017-09-26 20:28
Is it different? still in 2017. in 1month ago or few month if you want to talk about past it's still same. that match G2 just start playing after take a break. they even lost to NV in BO3 too
2017-09-26 20:34
2017-09-26 20:05
TLDR: 1. Their IGL is a BOT. 2. They are communicating in English. 3. They have no structure. 4. Cultural differences and chemistry.
2017-09-26 20:23
1.Their IGL fragging better than Bodyy 2.If u have perfect english , does it matter .. if u know all your spots , positions , calls ? 3."No structure" guess thats for G2 ? The only "Top team" without dedicated IGL but mad fragger f*cked up to call. Shox is god tier fragger , captain , he knows how to motivate , he's gr8 in clutch situations but overall he sucks at calling , and being IGL f*cks up his individual performance. 4." Chemistry " is something u can build , CSGO is not about "culture". Stew & Auti are Asians , CeRq is Bulgarian & Anj is Danish and they both playing for NA team , Mousesports is doin it pretty good and they are international squad as well , 5.FaZe are much more motivated (especialy best awper in the world Guardian and god hybrid Olofmeister) than washed up KennyS , the guy that need the whole team to play around him and keep his a*s alive till he counting kills , he is something like NiKo back then in mousesports.
2017-09-26 21:14
sorry but kennyS>GuardiaN
2017-09-26 21:15
lmao , not in this life.. even after Guardians injury and then lack of motivation still Guardian > washedS
2017-09-26 21:16
boring. post number 1000x by this guy about how much faze sucks....
2017-09-26 20:05
ppl call you baiter but your right lol faze is overrated
2017-09-26 20:08
fnx | 
United States MrFaZe
nt alt account
2017-09-26 20:09
i know its sad but no
2017-09-26 20:10
Brazil bandicoot
make title more ambiguous , "struggle of faze" or what ever, and ul bait more users
2017-09-26 20:09
You are absolutely right but 1st can be used on g2 aswell and I can find another 3 reasons too why will g2 failed
2017-09-26 20:11
nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz
1. its not all about fragging, when you already have 4 great fraggers, you don't need your IGL to perform individually. karrigan is great at calling. oh, not to mention, both adren and shox are shit at calling. 2. i agree, this is a big disadvantage. 3. they have structure. the only thing they're missing is a good support player. that doesn't mean they have no structure bud. every other role is there. 4. this makes no sense, you could clearly see by the recent tournament they won, that they have chemistry. cultural differences play nothing, if that was a problem, they would not have dominated as they did in New York.
2017-09-26 20:12
#2 doesnt make sense to me cause they can all speak english very well and its been going great so far...
2017-09-27 02:09
TLDR: 1. Their IGL is a BOT. 2. They are communicating in English. 3. They have no structure. 4. Cultural differences and chemistry.
2017-09-26 20:23
2017-09-26 20:32
Not very in-depth arguments, seems to me like you're assuming most of these points.
2017-09-26 20:16
1. Their IGL is a BOT. Karrigan is not a star player but his skills are quite decent, not only in fragging 2. They are communicating in English. English is not a native language for any of the players. And? Portuguese is hard to call a language for sentient beings, yet SK has been dominating the scene several times. 3. They have no structure. Who is the support player on FaZe? What teams do have structure? Flipsid3 have structure and where they are? You shouldn't deceive yourself and call CSGO a game for smart people. Karrigan can be support for example. 4. Cultural differences and chemistry. All of the players are from different countries and therefore they have different cultures and ways of working. They are professionals. This is what unites them.
2017-09-26 20:17
SK>FaZe always :)
2017-09-26 20:19
Germany AngiMerkel
2017-09-26 20:30
REZ | 
Sweden jackir
ye but liquid>sk
2017-09-26 20:32
nice one
2017-09-26 20:51
United States ItsImpact
1. Their IGL has been doing better lately. 2. They are learning the call outs and communication and know most of it already. 3. The support player is now Karrigan 4. The chemistry has seemed very strong in this team
2017-09-26 20:20
Get baited
2017-09-26 20:24
Germany AngiMerkel
just saying chemistry is not strong: a team that constantly kicks players for underperforming creates certain pressure on every player...
2017-09-26 20:32
2017-09-26 20:25
1. if you have 4 fucking superstars you dont need a superhardcore fragging IGL (and he is not doing bad either, just not so easy to shine when you're playing with 4 fucking superstars). 2. For video gamers ENGLISH is no problem , have you gotten in a CS:GO match with ppl who speak propper english and failed to communicate? if anything they will talk less bullshit and do more callouts .. maybe harder to discuss their problems ingame, in breaks etc, but they dont have to... + most call outs are iin english anyways LUL . if you're not gold nova 3 it doesnt matter i'd play aswell in english as in norwegian. (maybe guardian struggles a bit to communicate really well his thoughts and feelings etc, but i dont think it will be a problem) 3. who the fuck needs a support when everyone is fucking nuts ? LUL 4. They all have the superstar factor. thats something common? cultural diffrences? LUL its 2017 monekyboy... dont be a fucking retard! its all about WORK ETHIC... and what ALL these players INCLUDING KARRIGAN have in common, is really great work ethic ... brain helllo?
2017-09-26 20:25
United States ItsImpact
I agree with everything but they need a support, but he said they don't have one even though Karrigan is now playing support
2017-09-26 20:32
Olof is playing support as well. Or at least it's easy to see that he's playing a more supportive role.
2017-09-26 20:39
Aha just stfu man,i see you everywhere trying to bait with your faking G2 team but in fact you just feel insecured and you know g2 will get rekt if they play against FaZe on Lan,Cant wait to see that happen so you finally disapear from here
2017-09-26 20:26
2017-09-26 20:33
People still falling for this shit baiter lol
2017-09-26 20:27
100% correct but we will see
2017-09-26 20:27
i give faze 3-6 month max. i will predicted after that faze will become team like mousesport barely win anything niko need carry 4bot to win match. faze fans want to remove karrigan from team after see his score
2017-09-26 20:28
+1 This is what I think too.
2017-09-26 20:30
Remember PGL Major ? 0-3... Damn
2017-09-26 20:30
It was without Guardian and Olof.
2017-09-26 20:56
Still, the same players are carrying the team ( niko and rain )
2017-09-26 21:01
Olof > Kio. Guardian >>>> Allu. Everyone in Faze have 1+ rating almost every match.
2017-09-26 21:03
if they win the match of course they will have 1+ rating everytime
2017-09-27 01:39
well, if georgewashington is saying, who am I to go against!! thank for knowledge my friend hltv loves you <3
2017-09-26 20:31
WELL HELLO THERE SIR ALBERT but I agree, FaZe wont work
2017-09-26 20:34
Germany AngiMerkel
I agree, I know I'm a G2 fan and some people may think, I'm not obliged to agree... hes right in every point and teams that had an era in the past werent the starteams but the hardworking teams with good communication and great workethic!
2017-09-26 20:35
Japan LiLeX
Stopped reading at GeorgeWashington
2017-09-26 20:52
2017-09-26 21:09
2017-09-26 21:42
lol fanboy
2017-09-27 01:56
Germany Jpanthr
I don't think one thing is true here.
2017-09-27 02:05
2017-09-27 02:07
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