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s1mple ruined nave ffs
Finland allu_2_balls_coldzera_0_balls 
i knew it. toxic player
2017-09-26 23:38
Are you retardededed ?
2017-09-26 23:38
navi 2 major finals navi now: 0 major finals 0/8
2017-09-26 23:39
navi before s1mple : shit navi with s1mple : still shit, but atleast s1mple tries 0/20
2017-09-26 23:41
2 major finals shit? 0 major finals even worse frags doesnt matter. he ruins team spirit, thats why fifflaren wasnt kickd. he was nice guy and not toxic so team didnt argue all time 0/8
2017-09-26 23:42
Well, I would be mad if I had dreamed about joining 1 team and when I would finally join them, they wouldn't give af about the game
2017-09-26 23:44
S1mple started ww3
2017-09-26 23:38
+1 s1mple destroyned navi + ww3 confirmed
2017-09-26 23:44
Canada ragzy 
When people look at a player they tend to focus too much on their frags/rating, and not enough on their impact on their teams teamwork and roles etc. After s1mple joined, their cohesion went down the drain, roles went to utter shit, because they're having to compensate for this frag-hungry selfish player that wants to do exactly as he pleases every single round. s1mple doesn't even have much more impact frags over his teammates, he just inflates his kills/rating with aggressive pushes on anti-ecos for free frags, and baiting teammates for late-round kills/save kills on buy rounds (which adds up every round and contributes to his high ratings during convincing match losses). He's a really annoying type of teammate to have because of these things. If he played more for team-play and team success in mind vs his own personal rating, I can guarantee you na'vi would find more success.
2017-09-26 23:47
World Tenshi_R 
more like navi ruined s1mple
2017-09-27 00:10
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