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Slovakia TrYx_ 
Boyz dont cry Faze are trying to see what they can do on cobble
2017-09-28 22:08
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Next excuse please.
2017-09-28 22:09
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LOL just leave HLTV u are the definition of cancer
2017-09-29 06:59
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Go cry mad FaZe fanboy.
2017-09-29 07:16
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No reason to cry when faze is top 2 in the world
2017-09-29 13:48
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They're not even in top3, lul.
2017-09-29 13:57
7 replies
they are top2 atm and will be top1 after majors
2017-09-30 08:40
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2017-09-30 08:41
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2017-09-30 08:42
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If you think FaZe is top2 then you're just delusional fanboy.
2017-09-30 08:44
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Lol not fanboying, and if you dont think that faze is top2, you're clearly just a faze hater. They will run over anyone if they continue playing like this
2017-09-30 12:56
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> They will run over anyone if they continue playing like this If they will do it then I'll easily admit that they're top2, no problem. But until they beat G2/SK/North/Astralis/etc they're not top2 and doesn't matter how hard they "run over" weak teams like Clown9/NiP/VP/etc. Sure, they look good atm, but it's short term results and I want to see their performance against really good teams.
2017-09-30 14:27
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2017-09-30 15:24
faze shit on cobble proved :D
2017-09-28 22:09
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Obvious, it's their permaban for a reason.
2017-09-28 22:10
7 replies
NIP has a big advantage against faze in NUKE as well
2017-09-28 22:12
6 replies
FaZe raped them yesterday tho
2017-09-28 22:12
5 replies
just noticed wow :D
2017-09-28 22:13
4 replies
They literally never play cobble, it's obvious
2017-09-28 22:14
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yea, ik #rip
2017-09-28 22:15
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United Kingdom SamJHolmes
next game is mirage lets see how they do
2017-09-28 22:24
nip started playing again cobble at eleague so for both of them cbble used to be their permaban but nip dont have a permaban rn because they ban the enemies best map(same for the faze i think will be)
2017-09-28 22:25
LUL loosing to Nip tier 2 team faze washed up..
2017-09-28 22:10
its both teams permaban so it was obvious one team would juszt smash the other
2017-09-28 22:11
Indonesia yolorize
Faze disband ffs how can such an all star team have a super weak map lul
2017-09-28 22:12
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Pretty much every team has one map that they just can not play ever and will lose against tier 10 teams
2017-09-29 14:05
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Indonesia yolorize
Faze should be an exception because as I've said, their lineup on paper is god tier. They shouldn't be the type of squad with a considerable weakness lul.
2017-09-29 22:07
Guardians monitor was off for the entire game lol :D
2017-09-28 22:23
Finland hotdog^
6 million dollar team losing to sweden
2017-09-29 07:00
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fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
i will kill you
2017-09-30 12:58
nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz
good excuse kiddo.
2017-09-29 07:25
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Lmao 14y.o. faggot calling me kiddo :D
2017-09-29 22:06
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nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz
well you proved my point, kid.
2017-09-29 23:37
FaZe haven't played cbble in an official game since the Sydney semis, obvious that they haven't prioritized it.
2017-09-30 08:42
U guys are the one who cry everi føkin tyme.
2017-09-30 08:48
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