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Danish CS - Another day at the office
Denmark Snittevitz 
Denmark wins King of Nordic again with Reason Gaming (isn't even a top 10 DK team) The 5th best team of Denmark won 2-1 against Flipsid3. Astrails beats Liquid fairly easy, although they had some trouble closing the map in the end. Heroic, The 3rd best DK team destroys SK on train! Meanwhile in NA where optic wins against NRG.. Magisk smurfing his way to a +26 score , while AnJ went +2 as the only player with a positive K/D on his team. Too EZ for Denmark! Now we might not have the worlds very best team atm.. But we surely have the strongest scene. /Discuss
2017-09-30 03:13
Norway duffz00r 
You simply can't fuck with Vikings. Simply mindtricks over every mindgame. <3
2017-09-30 03:14
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