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source 2 128tick russians and turkey servers old awp old cz old tec9 make CS grear again!
2017-10-01 01:11
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lol'd i'd like to have turkish servers tho
2017-10-01 01:13
only dust2 full cheaters? no ty
2017-10-01 01:17
I hope u have Turk servers too , Turks in CS (except Xantares) are garbage in CSGO , no offense but i hate to have Turk in my team.. their aim is crap , movement , peanut brain .. but u have good kebab & halva
2017-10-01 01:28
that would be so good since no more fucking turkroaches in this game they are the worst players. even when u talk to them in english they gonna answer u only in turkish lol pls gaben make it happen
2017-10-01 01:41
frozen | 
Czech Republic potruss 
old awp old cz old tec9 that wouldnt be great again, that would be cancer again Btw cz accuracy while running needs to be fixed
2017-10-01 01:13
f0rest | 
Sweden StefanNR 
Hopefully it's on its way seeing most pistols have been reworked.
2017-10-01 01:17
frozen | 
Czech Republic potruss 
dunno how to fix deagle tho... Its "hard to play with" cuz you have to hit the onetap but its still OP for me. Love playing deagle tho but still very powerfull pistol
2017-10-01 01:18
True but as you said it's hard to play with so if you get it wrong it'll really punish you. Personally I don't think it needs a patch damage-wise but they could possible look into midrange spam.
2017-10-01 01:28
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
I'd like for the CZ to have a consistent spray pattern but maybe take its one shot away (literally just have to reduce armour pen by 1%) and $300 kill reward back but to require you to stand still while shooting, I'd use it over the Tec-9 if that was the case
2017-10-01 01:24
Yea that could be a pretty cool. As you implied the running and gunning in this game has been quite ridiculous so it's good that they've started taking actions in adjusting it.
2017-10-01 01:30
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
I'm fine with SMGs being able to run and gun cuz their dmg is piss poor and they're inaccurate, but high dmg guns shouldn't allow that, you can run and gun with the m4 at close range and still hit shots
2017-10-01 01:32
Very true.
2017-10-01 01:41
CZ doesnt one shot when you have helmet.
2017-10-01 01:37
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
It does at knife range, try it vs bots
2017-10-01 01:38
yeah you are right but how is that a problem? say it would do 99 damage its still an automatic pistol and you wont be able to dodge the second bullet or even react before the second bullet is in your head. and knife range battles are not that common.
2017-10-01 01:42
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
Yea I know it wouldn't make a difference, just put it there for the sake of balance, I'd much rather have it do M4A4 damage with just more fall-off but better first shot accuracy then it currently has (not as much as the new Tec, that'd be insane considering the fact that it's full auto and it melts people at close range) + everything I mentioned above
2017-10-01 01:44
byali | 
Iceland HorajZi 
Or give new skins and take easy money. Make Gaben wallet great again!
2017-10-01 01:15
Europe Instabait 
rest in 64ticks
2017-10-01 01:29
Canada Surzz 
all i want is an updated anti cheat, and maybe 128 tick servers. everything else is minor.
2017-10-01 01:29
Brazil baww2k9 
2017-10-01 01:45
and why not... old sounds
2017-10-01 02:00
Hong Kong TROIIDA 
wow, valve should hire you!
2017-10-01 02:03
>old cz old tec9 >CS great again Pick one
2017-10-01 02:09
Looking forward to it
2017-10-01 02:32
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