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CS:GO lag
Croatia Makz_CRO 
Hello. Not sure if it's because of the CS:GO update or the Windows 10 update (or both), but in the last few days I am having terrible ping spikes. Does someone have a fix? I tried searching for it myself, but all I found were topics that were 1 or 2 years old. Thanks in advance.
2017-10-01 19:59
same here, and i used to paly with 250+ fps, now i started w/ 250+ and in the middle of the game drop to 70. :(
2017-10-01 20:01
XigN | 
Korea BeastFeed 
Ping =/= FPS.
2017-10-01 20:02
i know, i have the two problems, maybe someone can help me
2017-10-01 20:03
pc in brazil nice joke
2017-10-01 20:02
why u love so much brazil ma friend?
2017-10-01 20:04
shroud | 
Latvia Peeled 
i am not good at pc things, but i think your cpu is getting hot during the game. or just dust in ventilators
2017-10-01 20:03
Norway VladimirPootin 
i used to never have problems with ping, but recently i have been getting from starting at 60 to 200
2017-10-01 20:02
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