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f0rest | 
Serbia NitrouZ 
I need your Global Elite help, my awesome HLTV friends. I have my playstv connected to faceit and my steam account but when i upload a video on playstv , it doesn't upload on my faceit profile. Any ideas about how to fix that?
2017-10-06 12:24
f0rest | 
Serbia NitrouZ 
2017-10-06 12:30
f0rest | 
Serbia NitrouZ 
guys? serioysly?
2017-10-06 14:46
2017-10-06 14:48 is the easiest way to share your great gameplay moments. See videos from esports pros right alongside your own. Pentakills, glitches, headshots, fails, etc.
2017-10-06 15:51
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