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Legend Spot Holders
Brazil bandicoot 
spot is held by the players, not the org kNgv- (Legends spot holder) Lucas1 (Legends spot holder) Hen1 (Legends spot (holder) As was the case with Godsent/fnatic shuffle And Danish shuffle anyone have any info if they will forfeit their legend spot? kinda hard to imagine they will just vacate their legend status and refuse the sticker money. all they have to do is show up right? Or is there something I dont know? I wish there was more information about this in new thread about the next major. But since there is no info. lets hear what you think will happen
2017-10-06 20:27
Brazil bandicoot 
BUMP! only thing I wonder is; if they do show up at the major with a roster kNgv- (Legends spot holder) Lucas1 (Legends spot holder) Hen1 (Legends spot (holder) fnx + 1 more... they do hold the legend spot juridically according to valve rules right?
2017-10-08 01:59
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
Yes, it applies if the 3 players play on the same team. With that said, boltz and steel are relegated to play the qualifiers from the beginning with Immortals.
2017-10-08 02:20
I guess this is why Immortals have to go through the qualifiers again. A real pity, boltz and steel deserve much better. Anyways, there is probably something we don't know, but my guess is the keep the legend spot, and make some kind of team with fnx and someone else, and then hope an org picks them up, and then they go to the major.
2017-10-08 02:08
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
krimz n1 triggerbot scenes @fnatic prime time
2017-10-08 02:10
Kngv, hen1 and lucas1 will hold the major spot as long as they three play in the same lineup. If they cant maintain three players in the lineup the spot will be forfeited and there will be only 7 legends similar to how the envyus lineup(happy,sixer,scream,rpk and xms) lost their spot at the pgl krakow major qualifier due to not having 3 players that played in the previous majors.
2017-10-08 02:10
Cunha | 
Portugal Zeveryn 
Neither Envyus not G2 were legends on Atlanta, what ps: qualifiers, my bad
2017-10-08 02:15
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
For this to happen any org needs to buy lucas and hen1 out of their contract and team them up with kng, which depends on the org. For example: let's say "Team Brazil" manages to buy hen1 and lucas from IMT, but they decide not to contract kng (who is a free agent) due to his disciplinary issues. Then the legend spot is lost and both Immt and "Team Brazil" have to play the qualifiers, with 3 teams of the Americas Qualifier having the chance to get to the Major qualifiers instead of 2.
2017-10-08 02:17
Nope it is different this time than at the pgl krakow. If the trio cant play together the legend spot will be forfeited. We will have 7 legends and bottom 8 teams at pgl krakow. The number of spots given to each minors will be the same but the number of teams qualify for the major from the major qualifier will increase by 1 to nine teams as challengers at the major. Idk how this will affect the format. If they still use swiss system like previous major qualifiers i think the best way is to have the three 2-3 teams play in a round robin series then determine the final team to qualify.
2017-10-08 02:26
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
Ah that makes sense, I thought that they would make the same thing they did with the new Envyus.
2017-10-08 02:27
Envyus was in the bottom 8 team at eleague major 2017 while immortals made playoff at pgl krakow. So the spot forfeit is different for both teams.
2017-10-08 02:29
Japan kitzune 
Noah Winston could choose not to sell or release hen1 and lucas1 in time just to fuck them up, but I believe as the moral guy he portrayed himself to be that would not be the case at all Kappa
2017-10-08 02:28
Croatia mds818 
ya but they need to find an org and its questionable which org would want kng so idk really
2017-10-08 02:29
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