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80-100 fps
Europe L30n@rd0 
hey guys, so, I am a noob and explain it to me a little bit please. when i was playing a little bit of cs 1.6 like 10 years ago, i had like 30 fps and didnt really care about it either, now on my lap in cs go i get 80-100 in game on e.g cache, and 40-50 on some parts of nuke and it is really shit, like lagging, so I see a huge difference between 50 and 100 fps, so 100 fps itself is really low , or kind of acceptable, like on average ? lwould i feel big difference say 100 and 200 fps ? Im asking cause i have never played 200 fps :D
2017-10-08 12:57
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Turkey rivaluk 
yes, its a huge difference... alot better on pc
2017-10-08 12:58
Latvia tenke 
yes you would feel like playing on powerpoint after u play @200fps and u go back to 100
2017-10-08 13:00
FPS difference is logarithmic, meaning, the upper you go, the less difference you see, but you still see some. I haven't really looked into what base would the logarithm have, but I can say, that I still see the difference from 200 to 300 and from 300 to 400 fps. Anything less than 200 doesn't feel as smooth (have a 144 Hz monitor). Anything above 300 feels super smooth and is fine.
2017-10-08 13:01
200+ fps is a must ahve in csgo imo
2017-10-08 13:02
Europe L30n@rd0 
Okay, thanks guys
2017-10-08 13:25
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