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Swedistan feminists logic
Poland kriSs93kr 
The feminists there scream for equality, and that men should treat womans better And yet they think the idea of multiple marriages could be a good idea and should become legal?? LUL I don't even
2017-10-11 23:06
no contradiction there though also that's not a real source
2017-10-11 23:07
you kidding? "no contradiction there" She be like: I want my husband to treat me better and respect me more, but it's okay if he's married with 5 other grills as well meanwhile. Seems like some great logic
2017-10-11 23:53
The problems of your version of polygamy are not intrinsic to the notion. Many western polyamorists would like for it to be okay for a woman to have several husbands, but not to treat your partner like a slave. Point remains, there's no contradiction between polygamy and feminism really.
2017-10-12 17:29
Sweden k4rlsson 
ok? now go back to poland
2017-10-11 23:07
NEO | 
Poland elento 
Salam alejkum my brown brother!
2017-10-11 23:31
ok? now go back to poland
2017-10-12 19:27
NEO | 
Poland elento 
Greetings from Poland my friend
2017-10-12 21:00
Netherlands Phyrhex 
how come its always a Polak complaining about a Western European country while alot of Polaks actually migrate to west EU. Srsly whats up with that dud
2017-10-11 23:09
Sweden kallespann 
shit testing women dont want power when given they will shit test until everything is ruined.. they dare not to stand up against strong united men (muslims) rather sumit to their ways womens survival instinct is wired to be loyal to strong united men men in rich countries are not united, but divided people in poland are strong cause u had many wars, hitler, stalin 2nd world sweden 1st world, no wars = weak people = women shit testing
2017-10-11 23:09
Dude where's the Vikings in Sweden?? the men that stand up and unite like before, the strong swedes? nobody left or what
2017-10-11 23:21
Sweden kallespann 
what u mean? its still the same ppl and genetics the reason they are not vikings anymore is cause they live in luxury and comfort not in a harsh age filled with war. If things get really bad in sweden like REALLY bad swedes will wake up again
2017-10-11 23:22
Turkey yarrakbeyfendi 
its already really bad lul. %10 of your population is africans and arabs
2017-10-11 23:29
Makes u wonder why it have to get really bad before they wake up, instead of reacting as soon as they see bad shit about to happen. But it's likely because of what you said, most people today live in comfort and couldn't care less as long as they get their money to buy stuff, but living like that is a big problem in itself. If you vote and live only carring about your wallet instead of wellfare, future generations, elders and things like that and let politicians do whatever they want things isn't gonna end on the good side.
2017-10-11 23:36
These "feminists" gotta be the biggest hypocrites
2017-10-11 23:16
2017-10-12 03:12
2017-10-11 23:17
I see this dane in every thread about Sweden he must be so mad. Got rekt by 12 year old Swedish Master? Stop sucking that Dick and talk like a normal person then come back and have a real conversation with me. If Anders and Es3tag can do so can you, unless you like having a muslim cock down your throat.
2017-10-12 17:34
hello Ahmed are you mad?
2017-10-12 18:57
Hello Mohammed!
2017-10-12 19:28
Portugal Zedonp 
Maybe they just want 5 men to treat her good. I mean its not a bad logic. You have 5 husbands that buy u stuff and if they all treat you nice then u will have an amazing life.
2017-10-12 18:59
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