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FalleN | 
Canada Arkamiis 
Ok guys I need help!! How can I talk again to a girl that I really like but when I went talk to her I choked so hard so... like talk to her without just go and talk plz plz plz help Im gonna kill my self if I dont talk to her again omg haha
2017-10-13 04:09
dont choke like i did trust me just go for it m888888
2017-10-13 04:13
FalleN | 
Canada Arkamiis 
Dude I went for it and I choked in front of her I still talked but yeah I choked hard
2017-10-13 04:36
FalleN | 
Canada Arkamiis 
Any tips??
2017-10-13 04:36
Portugal Zedonp 
in my humble opinion as a guy taht has been choking harder then astralis, don't think about it too much. Its your brain fucking ur chances up and if u are anything like me even overthinking it beforehand won't help. Learn to live in the moment or get drunk before talking to her.
2017-10-13 15:50
Italy ErR0Rleet 
Get drunk or high, helps me a lot LUL EDIT: I prefer getting high, it's more relaxing dunno, am more like chill talk after getting high.
2017-10-13 15:56
Portugal Zedonp 
i also prefer to get high but i wasn't about to recommend drugs to a kid xD. Imo its about being as relaxed as possible while talking to them, if u are stressing out they can almost "smell it".
2017-10-13 15:59
Italy ErR0Rleet 
Exactly, they can smell your fear and stress, and that's a red flag that you are pussy XD
2017-10-13 16:03
Some tips without drugs/Alcohol plz haha Its at school so if they catch me im fucked ... Haha
2017-10-13 18:03
they won't catch you unless she is your teacher
2017-10-13 18:50
Ahah I guess...
2017-10-13 19:16
Italy ErR0Rleet 
One pot of weed is nothing bro, u can EZ smuggle that.
2017-10-13 21:34
Tattoo her face on your cheek, that'll break the ice
2017-10-13 04:52
I already talked and choked my entire life dude ...
2017-10-13 18:03
I never choked that hard in my entire life ffs haha
2017-10-13 18:04
Yes, you might think that you have difficulties and choke hard when talking to girls. But even in your darkest times, take comfort in remembering that you're not NA cs.
2017-10-13 04:55
Try to think about something different??
2017-10-13 15:46
Portugal Zedonp 
Try not to think at all. It is either a fluid conversation or u might as well get two or three pick up lines or jokes memorized so you can use that to break the ice. Oh and don't stick for too much time since u will eventually run out of stuff to say. Maybe for a goodbye ask for her number or if she laughed at your jokes ask her if you can tell her some more next time u see her, that way she willbecome an acquaintance and next time u might get her number or a date. ps: i'm no expert but i've been where u are.
2017-10-13 16:06
U god dude FOX TOP1 HAHA
2017-10-13 16:10
Portugal Zedonp 
Thank me once you can show me a pick of you and her together Don't pussy out next time go for it.
2017-10-13 16:11
Any ideas of jokes/pick ups line hahaha???
2017-10-13 16:15
Portugal Zedonp 
Don't know any that would be funny in canada. I found that i don't need to use jokes once i'm out of Portugal cuz i don't get as nervous when i'm talking in english for some stupid and retarded reason. The tips i gave i only use it for native speakers xD
2017-10-13 16:17
Anything haha dude idk y i want to talk to her dude i just feel i need to do it haha
2017-10-13 16:23
show us pic of grill to prove she's real
2017-10-13 15:52
How ffs I cant even talk to her and you want me to take a picture of her WTF haha
2017-10-13 16:11
facebook? IG? anything?
2017-10-13 16:11
Ffs I dont even know her name haha
2017-10-13 16:15
rekt grow some balls and talk to her... she is a human just like you, there's no reason to be scared of talking to somebody
2017-10-13 16:16
It isnt that ez dude I just lost my balls haha
2017-10-13 17:57
yes it is that easy lol
2017-10-13 18:02
It isnt dude Wtf u talking about !?!?!? Give me some tips so itll be easier 4 me
2017-10-13 18:27
yes it is man... girls are people just like you are. you have to show confidence in yourself and actually make a move. you can't just sit there staring at them and hope that they will come to talk to u.... be genuine, be yourself, and don't try to impress them... ask them questions about their interests or what they like to do n stuff they're not going to turn into some dinosaur beast and bite your head off if you go up and talk to them... there's no reason to be afraid, just be yourself and talk to them. soooooo many guys can't do that single thing so you'd be surprised how far that first step will take you
2017-10-13 18:29
Dude u just fucked me hard i have nothing to say except I already did it and i fucked up...
2017-10-13 18:36
sorry man... learning experience for you i guess lol don't think too much about this stuff man, at the end of the day they're just people like you and me. treat them with respect, show interest, and be confident in yourself and you will be surprised what happens
2017-10-13 19:35
Ill remember your words dude You inspire me! Haha Ill start to work on myself instead of be always there for ppl and never help myself!! 10q dude
2017-10-13 21:46
Italy ErR0Rleet 
Get high, this helps me a lot. But don't get too high, otherwise you will start shit talking like me.
2017-10-13 15:58
you can't choke that hard you are not dansih or from NA.... nvm
2017-10-13 18:27
I'm not originaly from na hahaha I'm from el salvador hehe
2017-10-13 18:30
Ohh so you can't choke!! nice : )
2017-10-13 19:43
why talk? just drug her
2017-10-13 18:30
Europe kennyBeast 
Just leave her alone, you would just waste her time if you cant even speak to her normally let alone in a relationship.
2017-10-13 18:37
Just talk with her in internet,say that u chocked cuz u like her.
2017-10-13 18:39
Hod idea but Idk her name haha
2017-10-13 19:03
If she is ur schoolmate,I guess its ez to ask anyone her name.
2017-10-13 19:04
Yep it would but she isnt of any of my classes lol I'm so fucking dumb
2017-10-13 19:15
Ask any teacher :D
2017-10-13 20:01
I dont see her when she goes out of a class so im fucked so hard ffs haha
2017-10-13 21:16
Bruh chill,its just girl,she is same as u,she also get nervous when talk with boy.Just go and say "How are u ?" "What's ur name ?" and things like this,I know it seems hard but there isn't another way,u must talk with her without any reason.Its normal,I sometimes talk with girls in school that I don't know or like.
2017-10-13 23:11
Yea but when u dont like its easier with girls i dont like i can do it all day but when u feel something ... thats different haha
2017-10-14 04:17
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Idk these things can be hard for NA culture, because your guys small talk is terrible 90% of the time. If you are from Quebec you got a better chance.
2017-10-13 18:57
Im am from quebec hahaha
2017-10-13 19:03
Germany VeryGuyGay 
Tell her shes too sexy thats when you strike
2017-10-13 19:46
Ahah just like dat ez pz ahahah
2017-10-13 21:17
Give us a pic so we can assess the situation accurately.
2017-10-13 19:48
The situation I want to talkk to a girl again first time a shit my pants and I choked hard on front of her I looked like a robot haha
2017-10-13 22:15
Algeria W0r 
Take the blue pill
2017-10-13 20:13
you mean viagra?
2017-10-13 23:15
Algeria W0r 
I was refering to the matrix scene...I mean "shill out dude smoke something that makes you relax and take it easy"
2017-10-13 23:20
Just don't think too hard about it. There is no other way of doing it. Just sit next to her and talk to her. The best thing you could do to avoid spazzing out is to avoid eye contact. (Just dont stare at the ground all the time like an autist just occasionally look around to think clearly).
2017-10-13 22:21
10q for the tip ^^
2017-10-14 23:18
Other TanriQQ 
just go and ask her "wanna fuck with me" and ez gril for you
2017-10-13 22:25
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
Use words
2017-10-13 23:14
United States noobhead 
choke on her dick instead
2017-10-13 23:18
dont talk to her
2017-10-13 23:19
smash your dick on her mouth she will either: 1) call the police 2) open the mouth easy
2017-10-13 23:20
lmao i feel you bro, i was contemplating wether to go and ask this hot ass girl out or nah, eventually i did and when she said yes i choked hard lmao
2017-10-13 23:28
Ahah but you didnt fucked everything up like I did the first time I TRIED to talk to her haha
2017-10-14 23:21
United States BioLine 
can you even hav like a regular conversation, or are you only choking about telling her you like her does that make sense? lmao
2017-10-14 04:21
I cant even talk to her normaly without choke haha
2017-10-14 23:13
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