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Are u left-wing or right-wing?
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
Are you left-wing or right-win? and tell me why.
2017-10-13 12:31
United Kingdom ChrisFroome 
left cause i shoot with my right
2017-10-13 12:32
Bulgaria squezzi 
2017-10-13 12:45
2017-10-17 13:43
riht-wing of course :)
2017-10-13 12:36
George Washington helped RIGHT the declaration of independence and you sir are an illiterate phony
2017-10-14 13:12
TaZ | 
Denmark allebara 
2017-10-13 12:38
nice i play defense
2017-10-14 12:21
mid to B or mid to A?
2017-10-18 23:39
Netherlands Phyrhex 
Lmao I love these kids that make threads like "Are u left wing or right-wing?". Its fair to say that 70% of HLTV are kids that know jackshit about politics.
2017-10-13 12:43
and what do you know about politics? :DDDDDDDDD
2017-10-13 12:44
Netherlands Phyrhex 
More than you actually. You're probably the most retarded person on HLTV when it comes to politics. Fuck off to pol.
2017-10-13 12:46
hello I are vote PVV cuz fuck Mark Rutte and immigrantos :((((
2017-10-13 12:52
Ok men
2017-10-14 12:05
fu menn))))
2017-10-14 17:38
i support the GEERT!
2017-10-14 17:58
no menn))) he are hitler
2017-10-15 16:15
Get off your high horse kuk.
2017-10-18 23:07
2017-10-18 23:39
ikr. As if politics only has two sides lol. These kids think politics is like supporting a sports team lol. "im right wing, fuck left win, we win, u suck" and shit like that
2017-10-18 23:41
right wing
2017-10-13 12:43
Nomad | 
Germany Gauleiter 
Right wing ofc
2017-10-13 12:44
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
sorta middle but more to the right full right are nazis and full left are people who don't work
2017-10-13 12:45
Nazis were far left
2017-10-14 09:56
United Kingdom Ruicko 
oh arent u a clever 1 :^))
2017-10-14 11:20
Ye he is. For you thou this not seem to be the case. (Protip: The main party in the nazi-era was called nationalSOCIALISTIC for a reason, friendo)
2017-10-14 12:27
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
wtf am i reading
2017-10-14 12:37
English motherfucker! Do you speak/read/understand it?
2017-10-14 12:53
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
either you bait or your iq must be 70
2017-10-14 13:11
Just shut the fuck up. Germans are the most indoctrinated, brainwashed pieces of shits with "spoiled brat"-syndrome that you can ever encounter. Educate yourself in literature which is NOT german or originated in germany for once -.-
2017-10-14 13:31
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
guess the DEMOCRATIC People's Republic of Korea is democratic aswell right? i mean its in their name
2017-10-14 13:32
Just because the DPRK has democratic in their name doest make them Better disprove my argument instead of listing irrelevant examples, which are completly different, lunatic. Both systems were/are making politics for the ppl but we say "Populismus" to that nowadays, so you dont get the idea, that parties like SPD,Grüne and Linke are the actual populists (implying that germany didnt learn that much after nazi-era. they just changed flags from brown to rainbow-coloured. The method of controlling the population through propaganda just got more effective and germans somehow are heavily influenced by authoritharian figures and ideologies since the kaiserzeit smh). Try harder, anime-char :^)
2017-10-14 13:46
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
"Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production" while the nazis did create jobs for the people(primarly in the building and armament sector) there was not democratic/public control over them. The nazis destroyed the trade unions
2017-10-14 14:20
Romania Zadro 
Dunno why you're wasting your time. From a pathological standpoint, this guy is retarded.
2017-10-15 02:54
Rein vom Namen her waren die Nazis wirtschaftlich links. Ob sie das effektiv waren, weiß ich nicht ausm Kopf. Was aber zählt, ist dass Nazis sozialpolitisch EXTREM RECHTS sind und diese rechtsextreme Einstellung hat zu den krassen Verbrechen geführt. Dies ist auch der Grund, warum Nazis als rechts eingestuft werden, weil die Wirtschaftsideologie der Nazis fast vollständig von der Sozialideologie der Nazis überschattet wird (zu recht). Also nein, die Verbrechen der Nazis kannst du nicht der linken Seite des politischen Spektrums zuordnen.
2017-10-15 13:53
Romania Zadro 
Nazis were hardcore conservatives. Conservatism is right-wing by definition. Communists called themselves socialists as well but they had little to do with actual socialism which is, in fact, a utopia. Funny how you don't know basic stuff about politics but you comment on such threads. Opinionated ignorants are the worst breed of retards.
2017-10-15 02:52
"Hardcore conservatives" aha...what kind of political system is that u are referring to? "Socalism has little to do with communists" okay...are you even a real human being? XDDDDD Textbook neo-marxism provided by smartass-sounding gypsy...this site will never surprise me :D Funny how confident you are talking about "pathological standpoints" like if you are some kind of psychlogist HAHAHA (even if you are one - a pathological standpoint like that can't be made by just referring to so little information about myself.) -4/8
2017-10-15 03:38
Romania Zadro 
German sandnigger stereotyping me as gypsy because he hasn't got any arguments for his straight up retarded statements because he lacks the factual basis for them. Ignorants who try to sound smart are the absolute scum of the Earth. Kill yourself you useless subhuman. Also psychologists don't deal with pathological affections, they can identify them at most and send retards like you to the psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are the ones who treat pathological affections. I guess that you felt like you had to take your subhuman stupidity to another level. The sad part about mentally deranged scum like you is that you don't even realize your shit condition.
2017-10-16 01:05
Because your logic is so flawed, that your uneducation would lead me to believe that you didn't spend much time in school such as gypsies. (which you are ofc) Ignorant(s) is a word, that leftists often use to denounce the opponents view on education (because they seem illogical in THEIR world view), but nt gypsy commie/socie scum :) About that psychlogists part...did I say something different? I accused you ironically of being a psychologist, because you wanted to identify a state of psychological illness by reading some lines of some random stranger on the internet. Socialists/Commies/Lefties love to be in power and I'm unironically thinking you felt like one typing that response. I'd suggest you to train your "Englandski reading"-skill and answer to stuff you know something about
2017-10-16 18:37
Romania Zadro 
-> Talks about my lacking English skills -> Invents a word : 'uneducation' There's a 3.3% chance you would come across a gypsy when talking to a person bearing a Romanian flag. I know that retards are usually lucky, but it this how lucky you actually feel? You're a typical German sandnigger and you feature that very specific 'uneducation'. I still find it funny that you keep trying to cover your subhuman stupidity through retarded insults and stereotypes. If you want to prove that you feature some sort of intelligence, the worst thing you can do when proven wrong in a matter is to start stereotyping. That doesn't make you look smarter, it actually makes you look even more like a moron but your subhuman condition prevents you from realizing that. It's fine, though, I'll have my laugh. Psychologists are not medics so they can't diagnose. They can identify mental disabilities, which means that they are able to see specific traits of one mental disease or another but that's where their role ends and from then on it's a psychiatrist's job to diagnose and treat the mental illness. A psychologist is by definition 'a mental health professional who evaluates and studies behavior and mental processes'. While a psychiatrist is by definition 'a physician who specializes in psychiatry, the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders'. Since you're a fucking moron, I will put it in an easy way and hopefully you will understand. For you, I am a psychiatrist. I am 100% positive that you are mentally retarded, though I'm sure I'm not the first person who sees that. Now get lost you retarded scum.
2017-10-16 22:01
See, can't even google the word uneducation to prove it's useage. Well funnily doe, I am indeed a psychotrist but it's ok...Most psychotrists NOWADAYS are dumb af so there is that. The rest of your text doesnt even bother me, because german education > romanian education. Get over it and get lost now. If your very first sentence would be somewhat more reasonable, I'd consider continuing this conversation, but not like this :^D
2017-10-17 13:04
Brazil jia 
nazis are center authoritarian
2017-10-14 13:02
Left are people who actually care, care about less fortunate people, working class, affordable health care for the lower and middle-class, who care about our planet, the environment, the world we live in, advancing society.
2017-10-14 13:51
Armenia HaRRyarm 
nobody likes left wing supporters :D
2017-10-13 12:52
Sweden Trkmag 
Left wing
2017-10-13 12:54
Sweden naturen 
hoppas du skojar
2017-10-13 12:59
Sweden Trkmag 
2017-10-14 09:12
Sweden 1nc0g 
Tjenare abdullah
2017-10-14 12:20
Sweden Trkmag 
Är etniskt svensk
2017-10-14 13:28
Vad är problemet? Äckliga små svenska kids på denna sida som pratar om skit de inte begriper. Inte konstigt att landet är på väg åt helvete. Många av er är så lättlurade att man skulle kunna lura er att hoppa från en klippa med propaganda.
2017-10-14 14:47
Sweden 1nc0g 
Det här landet är på väg åt helvete, det har du rätt i. du verkar dock inte veta vad anledningen är
2017-10-14 15:56
neither of the 2 that were just created by some rich people long ago to brainwash humanity into hating eachother instead of fighting together vs the corrupt
2017-10-13 12:54
2017-10-14 09:45
Cyprus Swishh_ 
ikr LUL
2017-10-14 12:28
+1 xd
2017-10-15 13:54
Sweden naturen 
2017-10-13 12:58
left 4 life
2017-10-13 13:03
At the end of the day they are both part of the same bird.
2017-10-13 13:05
Sweden 1nc0g 
or chicken
2017-10-14 12:20
Netherlands WolfeAlmighty 
Why force myself to pick a side? I like taking the best of both sides and combining that with ideas that have actually worked. full left or full right is both ineffective and unneeded.
2017-10-13 13:08
Who is forcing you to do anything?
2017-10-13 13:47
''left or right''
2017-10-13 15:58
False dilemma.
2017-10-14 11:57
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
who is forcing you?
2017-10-13 15:23
United Kingdom Ruicko 
"MYSELF" can u not read
2017-10-14 11:21
New Zealand Glyphiss 
Left, don't particularly like some ideas the left promotes but there are some that I do agree with. What I will say is that the impending human induced mass extinction will never be curtailed as long as capitalism is the dominant economic system. To me, ensuring that Earth survives is more important than personal feelings.
2017-10-13 13:09
2017-10-13 16:01
2017-10-14 09:20
so did you vote labour, greens, top or winston?
2017-10-14 13:54
New Zealand Glyphiss 
Live in Australia.
2017-10-14 13:54
2017-10-14 13:54
lost all respect for you
2017-10-14 15:18
New Zealand Glyphiss 
Wasn't my choice to move here, I was only six months old at the time
2017-10-14 22:53
Israel BoyMcFacto 
how can u tell apart the flags? or u need to hover over it?
2017-10-15 01:59
Japan 0x0 
Australia has 5 stars on the right and 1 under the Union Jack nz only has 4 on the right and they are red not very different but you can notice it
2017-10-16 02:35
NZ spent like millions holding a referendum to change their flag but most people voted for the same flag
2017-10-18 13:30
Japan 0x0 
yeah i know fucking waste
2017-10-18 22:58
Now New Zealand can’t afford to rebuild Christchurch after the earthquake. Great government
2017-10-18 23:38
Japan 0x0 
not really the flag needs a change, the way it was done was bad i will say that but if you dont want to change the flag youre a moron
2017-10-22 11:18
I want them to have a new flag but if the people don’t want a new flag why change it
2017-10-23 22:32
I really prefer to play on the right wing because I am right footed however I can use both feet so ill happily play on the left wing if need be.
2017-10-13 13:10
United Kingdom tomtmh 
the modern game is all about cutting inside bro
2017-10-16 17:27
Overlap me and we gucci
2017-10-16 17:37
Right-wing, but probably more centre/right than far right.
2017-10-13 13:49
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
Same here. right-wing but not far right-
2017-10-13 13:57
if your only shared opinion with the right is that you hate immigrants then you're not right wing.
2017-10-14 12:59
Sweden 1nc0g 
slighty right leaning = literally hitler
2017-10-14 12:21
Sweden naturen 
2017-10-14 12:50
Sweden 1nc0g 
'scuse me?
2017-10-14 15:57
I'd consider myself centre-right
2017-10-13 15:35
Left wing on hltv and right wing irl
2017-10-14 09:16
2017-10-14 09:17
United States DarknessMatt 
2017-10-15 08:22
United States pSilent 
2017-11-16 15:34
Turkey de_insertion 
left wing but i can play as a right winger and sometimes striker
2017-10-14 09:21
Left wing, because the environmental politics demonstrated by most right-wing parties are extremely irresponsible. Gotta protect the planet above all else. – and because I prefer living in a tolerant society rather than a society filled with xenophobia and fear.
2017-10-14 09:25
Based on the latest research, taking in consideration your life views, it appears that you are a massive fucking faggot.
2017-10-14 09:48
I assume this pathetic attempt at a provocation is you trying to say that you disagree with my views?
2017-10-14 09:59
Tolerant society? Promoting mental illness' is okay to you? Men that believe they are women because they wear dress' and get boobjobs seem "sane" to you? Letting huge ammount of immigrants, which in many cases happen to be violent savages into our countries, providing them with shelter, food and them being ungrateful for that is "fine" ?
2017-10-14 10:50
Why does it matter if it is a mental illness or not? People have the freedom to do whatever they like with their bodies IMO. It doesn't hurt anyone. Except people who are so narrow-minded so they believe everyone should be the same – which in that case is a problem on these people's part. I would like to see the statistics proving that immigrants are "violent savages" how you so dramatically put it. I do not believe that immigrants are a hazard to society as long as they are willing to adopt the rules and norms of the country they venture to. Conversely, countries need to be more open to people that do not share their own views. By completely isolating ourselves with only the people that share our color, sexual orientation etc. we will never be able to understand or accept each other. It sounds cliché but it's true.
2017-10-14 11:23
A human being that believes it's something else is not mentally stable and with that, is danger to itself and the society. " I do not believe that immigrants are a hazard to society as long as they are willing to adopt the rules and norms of the country they venture to." That's the thing, they don't adopt the rules, just try to find actually statistics about rape and violence in Sweden after they started letting immigrants in, though most internet sites you'll find in first searches are run by the jews so the real data is censored.
2017-10-14 11:41
Can you elaborate on how transvestites historically have proven to be a "danger to themselves and the society"? If you make such a statement, you gotta be able to back it up. Most immigrants are not violent rapists, but peaceful people, who actually integrate well. They shouldn't suffer and get denied access for what a tiny percentage do. Also, I do believe that some immigrants become violent because they simply don't feel welcomed in the country whose citizens actively create an "us vs. them" situation. That will naturally create frustration among new immigrants which sadly can lead to violence — many hosting countries need to be more accepting of differences, just as much as immigrants need to be open to changing their lifestyle slightly. This is a process, but I do believe it is possible for different cultures to live together. However, this will only happen if we actually make an effort and TRY instead of just denying each other.
2017-10-14 11:55
Cyprus Swishh_ 
+1 well said
2017-10-14 12:32
Delusion at its finest. Transvestites are indeed a danger for themselves because they basically have such a personality crysis, that they search for answers at the complete opposite of manliness, which can confuse them even more so they get suicidal. They are endangering for our society because they positivly propergate this illness as a cure for their personality crysis. "HEY YA'LL! I LIKE PINK SHAMPOO! SHOULD I SEX CHANGE Y/N'?" You might be a more sensitive man, but not a future woman who needs hormones up their asses to overcome their crysis (espcially for kids this stuff is pure cancer for their bodies). Okay so? If there is 30-40% violent rapist among refugees then its fine cuz "HURR DURR ITZ LESS THEN HALF OF THEM EKS DAY"??? If someone is unable/unwilling to change his mindset/behaviour/culture to prosper in a country with muuuuch higher living standarts, why you even bother??? Just because he's a human being? Adolf Hitler was a human too. Should I now cry cuz he was bullied by whole europe for his ideals? (ofc not) If migrants/refugees are having tantrums like teenagers over some not deserving welcome ceremony, then this is the PROOF/FACT, that they usually are pricks to ppl from other political systems/believes too and can fuck themselves off and die in their rotten country, which they fucked themselves up by voting for the wrong leaders - simple as that. I generally wish for a united human nation because progress would be on an all time high...but considering that there is a fuckton of countrys, who are refusing the idea of secularism...this idea of world peace n shit is just some utopian, childish dream you/humanity would chase for the rest of his life - without seeing results.
2017-10-14 12:50
2017-10-14 13:46
xD ikr
2017-10-14 13:53
Reading your arguments I'm pretty confident that I am not the delusional one tbh. Honestly your arguments are extremely faulty and hard to decipher. Not sure if it's because your english is so terrible or you're just unable to express a coherent thought. Did you ever consider that some transvestites can be suicidal because of how society treats them? Like freaks and outliers. Sure, sex change operations have health hazards, but so does drinking alcohol and driving cars. There are lots of risks involved in personal choices but that doesn't mean we should stop people from doing it. Do you actually believe 30-40% of immigrants are rapists or violent, or did you just exaggerate to make a point? If 30-40% of immigrants were violent/rapists I would obviously not want them in my country. That would be an utterly insane number. But this is not the case – and in countries such as the US crime rates have actually dropped despite accepting more immigrants. "If migrants/refugees are having tantrums like teenagers over some not deserving welcome ceremony" — nope, that is a highly exaggerated interpretation of my argument. When I say we should be more welcoming it doesn't mean we should jump through hoops to please the immigrants. But it means that we should show them the same common decency that we show our fellow countrymen, and too often hosting citizens are simply lacking that respect because they are afraid of the unknown or too narrow-minded. The fact that you state that they "usually are pricks" says a lot about your preconceptions about immigrants. Your final comment about the impossibility of world peace and unity is super pessimistic and part of the reason why it's certainly so hard to make this happen. I'm well aware that we will have to wait many many years for humanity to reach a stage in our evolution to make this happen — you are living proof, my friend.
2017-10-14 13:53
Cool thing that you think that...I think otherwise and you're washed up try to muddy the water by comparing sex changes to alcohol consumption and driving cars (are you actually comparing motherfucking accidents and/or car smog(maybe?) to sex changes wtf???) just is another proof for that. Funny you're talking about my "terrible english" when you accused me of BELIEVEING (thinking that this is a FACT), that migrants have crime rates up to 30-40% even doe I put a tiny little word behind my knowingly wrong statement - IF!!! (And no, putting ur assumption in a form of a question doesn't make you subtle enough, lunatic). Talkin about crime you think that migrants have the same tendency to break the law than actual citizens of the country the immigrated in? IF you don't think so, then I'd heavily suggest you to drive to a big city in western europe and live in these ghettos for a month. I literally heard immigrants in front of my balcony doing the nazi-salute and screaming "Sieg Heil" five times...peaceful sons of bitches I got here, I can tell ya. But looking up crime statistics isn't ur strenght I c, because our baby boys' kewl ideology called "neo marxism" would take some dirt and that means, that he would be the openly stupid in such an argument regarding migration and diversity. (Diversity is cool, but not every culture is suited for multiculturalism...that's what ACTUAL liberals should believe acording to their own proclaimed unbias towards spiritual dogmata.) ." But it means that we should show them the same common decency" Why in hell should I show "common decency" to people, that are unwilling to accept a country's definition of "common decency"? You are talking, like this multicultural "adventure" is a newbee in politics and sooooo new. Just by willingfully ignoring (soon to be) failed states like Sweden, France and Germany's migration problems just is the tip of the iceberg of your ideological motivated blindness. I call people, who act as pricks, as picks, yes. Misspronouncing things is typical for lefties like you. Or like Friedrich Nietzsche would say:" They muddy the water to make it seem deep." Your last part of your answer just tries to give me the blame why your not fully thought out plan of human peace cannot work. Shifting blame ---> denying truth ---> ideologies and religions are born yaaaay. Grow up and learn about things like psychology, economics, ethnics, politics, the english language and history. (Last post)
2017-10-14 15:35
"are you actually comparing motherfucking accidents and/or car smog(maybe?) to sex changes wtf" – No, I am saying that there are risks in many aspects of life – and you don't ban these things just because there are health risks. Understand? "do you think that migrants have the same tendency to break the law than actual citizens of the country the immigrated in?" – Yes I do, there are statistics saying that the crime rate in the US are higher among americans than immigrants relative to their amount of people. You are talking about ghettoes as if these are reflecting the general immigrant population. They are not. Ghettoes are what happens when countries don't have the necessary infrastructure and social openness to support immigrants who consequently are pushed out in the shitty jobs and neighbourhoods. Funny that you should accuse me of "muddying the water", when your arguments are barely coherent. And even more funny that you should use a Nietzsche quote to make your complete jibberish seem "sophisticated". Hahaha "learn about the english language" that comment made my day, coming from you. Cute, really. I'm not gonna spend more time discussing politics with you, cuz you're clearly a lost cause who has become so derailed from any social consciousness to just by default denying everyone who are not like yourself. Best of luck with whatever it is you're dealing with.
2017-10-14 18:16
2017-10-14 18:16
xoxo (thought ur last post was the last one?)
2017-10-14 18:17
Just wanted to react appropriately to your post. Any problem with that?
2017-10-14 18:19
Of course not
2017-10-14 18:19
Wtf was that argument lmao
2017-10-14 22:45
? He asked me if I had any problem with him reacting to my post. Of course I don't have a problem with him reacting. He can do whatever he wants.
2017-10-15 01:47
Nah I mean he overreacted and didn't add much to the debate
2017-10-15 02:30
Right, misunderstood ya :) And true, i wish i had not spent the time on this lol
2017-10-15 02:45
Haha, have a nice day mate
2017-10-15 08:16
> It doesn't hurt anyone. Except it does. Just because your personal choice doesn't directly affect others now doesn't mean it won't indirectly affect everybody.
2017-10-14 13:03
Please elaborate. How does people undergoing sex change operations hurt others?
2017-10-14 13:33
it hurts the individual (they're mentally ill, they shouldn't be allowed to mutilate themselves), it hurts the family (imagine you're a parent and your son all of a sudden wants to be a girl), it hurts society (all of a sudden you have people that believe gender is fluid and that they can choose to act however they want on a whim and you have to not only accept it but give them special treatment). It's a snowball effect. Once this garbage because normal it's only going to get worse from there. You already have people defending incest, pedophilia and cannibalism. That's the natural byproduct of allowing people to act however they want because you believe their actions don't affect others directly. You don't live in a bubble. We all live in a society. What does and doesn't happen affect everybody either directly or indirectly, either in the present or in the future.
2017-10-14 21:24
You make the premise that they are mentally ill. This is a fundamental disagreement we have. I do not believe they are mentally ill and therefore I support their decision to change their body if that will make them feel better about themselves. "it hurts the individual" – no, it makes them feel better about themselves. Therefore it helps them. "it hurts the family" – if it hurts the family it is because they are too conservative and narrow-minded to accept someone who is different to the societal norm. "it hurts society" – I doubt it. If it does, please provide a statistic or research paper that supports this claim. On the other hand, society tends to discriminate towards transvestites. You are not seriously comparing people undergoing a sex-change operation – making a decision for themselves – to pedophiles or cannibals who actively hurt other people. The fact that you would even make that comparison is really troubling tbh. You don't see how that's completely unreasonable?
2017-10-15 01:57
it's not a matter you're entitled to disagree with. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Makes them feel better about themselves? I guess that explains why they all end up killing themselves anyway The issue isn't that they're different to "societal norm", it's that their child is mentally ill and wants to mutilate themselves. of course it hurts society. Just look at what's happening with all the tumblr retards and their retarded identity politics. Imagine what happens when it becomes socially acceptable to be a special snowflake. I'm not sure why I expected a low iq libtard to have basic reading comprehension. I'm not comparing trannies to cannibals and pedophiles, i'm comparing the effect allowing people to act how they want has on the world.
2017-10-15 13:51
I am waiting for your reply
2017-10-14 18:20
if you're referring to homosexualism or transgenderism, they aren't mental illnesses
2017-10-15 08:59
This is a very weak bait attempt.
2017-10-15 09:00
give me a reputable source that says they are mental illnesses
2017-10-15 09:56
Reputable source? It's common sense and basic science.
2017-10-15 10:12
no and no, lol. here's some ACTUAL SCIENCE, not "muh it's common sense"
2017-10-15 10:48
Except that Gender is NOT a social construct, it's some bullshit made up by spoiled SJW's who have no real hobbies.
2017-10-15 10:50
You or scientists.... I think I'll go with scientists
2017-10-15 10:57
Which scientists took the right to call gender a social construct? Please provide me with that information.
2017-10-15 10:58 Number one psychiatrist in USA-Harvard educated. Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins basically turned medical care from voodoo and witch doctory into a modern science at the turn of the 20th century. “The transgendered suffer a disorder of 'assumption.' Normalizing it is a social construct. I hate science! OK but that is just one guy's opinion, yea one guy who is old enough and accomplished enough to state the truth and not give a cr8p about the prevailing sociological biases destroying modern science.
2017-10-15 16:31
Mid to right leaning people are not xenophobic...
2017-10-14 09:59
No, but then there'll be something else not to like – like the climate issue or whatever. I've found that I generally agree more with left wing parties on most parameters, so I'll maintain my position.
2017-10-14 10:02
I actually agree but just wanted to let that off my chest
2017-10-14 10:50
That's fair
2017-10-14 11:12
2017-10-14 10:03
Europe tweekzter 
The best solution to environmental problems would be if people change their consumer behavior. Take bike instead of car, share one car instead of having two or three, don't always buy the newest shit, don't go on expensive, exotic holidays burning tons of kerosine, save electricity, buy more expensive sustainable goods... But ironically, lots of leftists and liberals are quite capitalist, when it comes down to their own luxury... ;)
2017-10-14 12:09
... and so are rightists. and yes, that would be the best solution. if everyone just stopped eating meat (the meat industry being the biggest hazard to the environment) and took the bike at all times. but that is a utopian idea, and most likely not going to happen anytime soon. so governments need to be proactive and do whatever they can, and they have a huge responsibility too in giving budgets to supporting sustainable energy. which, sadly, is not on the agenda of right-wing politicians.
2017-10-14 12:11
Europe tweekzter 
Yes, so are rightists. What I meant is, at least they dont pretend. Reps to the guys that really care. But lots of leftists today, wear their economic conscious as a fashion thingy accessoire. It's en vogue to act like this - but do they really care if it means to sacrifice?
2017-10-14 12:14
Sure, some may be posers, but at least us left-wingers are supporting parties that make an effort to prevent global warming.
2017-10-14 12:14
Europe tweekzter 
I think you cannot simplify right / left on all topics. I consider myself moderate right and I also think we have an environmental responsibility.
2017-10-14 12:16
As long as you vote for someone who has responsible environmental politics, I can respect your decision, even though we likely disagree on certain topics. What I cannot respect is people supporting parties or (certain) politicians that deny environmental change in the first place.
2017-10-14 12:19
Europe tweekzter 
I'd not vote for Trump. :P
2017-10-14 12:20
Bless you xD
2017-10-14 12:20
I honestly cannot fathom how the environment cannot be the FIRST thing on everyone's agenda. Who cares about immigration, economy etc. If we don't have a planet to live on none of all this matters
2017-10-14 12:19
Especially in Norway where immigration is a non-problem Atleast I can somewhat understand it in countries like Germany and Sweden, but I literally cant see a single reason to vote FRP in norway
2017-10-15 13:44
Sweden naturen 
Look how toleration ended up in Sweden :)
2017-10-14 12:51
Thoughts about norways dependancy on oil?
2017-10-15 03:04
Sux :(
2017-10-15 10:37
Centrist, because I hate gays and love chechens
2017-10-14 09:27
left wing, because my IQ is > 80
2017-10-14 09:31
Europe tweekzter 
but less than 90? :P
2017-10-14 12:06
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
average iq is around 90-110. so i guess hes below average
2017-10-14 12:12
how does voting right wing make you low iq??
2017-10-14 13:38
Russia MahoneDes 
I am x-wing
2017-10-14 09:35
Denmark dR_JaCkPoT 
2017-10-14 09:35
2017-10-14 09:44
i dont have wings
2017-10-14 09:49
Sweden 1nc0g 
you cant fly with no wings. you just fall and fall while all others look down, laughing at you. and you have no way of joining the other people with wings, so you need to live on your own, secluded and off the grid. after a while depression kicks in and the hallucinations start coming
2017-10-14 12:24
i have already depression
2017-10-14 13:26
flag checks out
2017-10-19 10:26
Iceland _natas_ 
Center-left. Left leaning in social politics and right leaning in economics.
2017-10-14 10:01
Argentina YH!one 
You can't be economically right wing leaning and think you're centre-left. Believing in the orthodox capitalist market means you're a rightist, you're centre or centre-left if you're keynesian and you want a strong welfare state, something sadly all capitalist want to destroy due to their greediness and selfishness.
2017-10-14 10:17
Romania Zadro 
He basically says he's a social-democrat. Social-democracy is by definition, left-wing leaning socially and it depends on what you want to preserve when you're saying that you're right-wing economically, but generally, social-democracy aims to preserve the capitalist model. The Nordic model is the perfect example of a social-democracy.
2017-10-15 02:59
I guess it depends on where you are from, but I would definitely not say social democrats are right leaning economically.
2017-10-15 13:36
Romania Zadro 
Yeah, that's what I said.
2017-10-16 00:55
Argentina YH!one 
You're wrong. True social democrats want a moderated keynesian or socialist but not that highly intervened economy along the nationalization of industries. They don't want to privatize everything as a capitalist would want and cut every type of social welfare, they rather increase them. And nordic countries are really centre-left or left leaning, the Norwegian model is the most leftist one of all of them, they heavily rely on their petroleum exports, but well, that can't last forever, meanwhile Swedish has a lot more of national industries, they are more industrialized and they defend themselves of the market with proteccionist measures like any serious nation. Danes and Finns are also moderated with their social-democrat model and all of these nations have a really strong welfare state with excellent quality of public institutions, education in all levels and healthcare.
2017-10-15 16:17
Romania Zadro 
I dunno what part of my comment made you go in depth on social democracy or the nordic model. I know what both of them are. I've never even hinted at any supposed totalitarian tendencies on social democracy's part.
2017-10-16 00:59
Argentina YH!one 
That you're wrong when you affirm that social democrats are right-wing leaning economically, maybe certain political parties sold their old true values and nowadays they do the opposite, but I just explained you how true social democrat economics are centre-left leaning and how they want a strong welfare state like the Nordic countries or Germany.
2017-10-16 07:34
Romania Zadro 
I said that they are right-wing leaning only if they aim to preserve something since right-wing = conservatism. And they do aim to preserve the capitalist model more often than not. Social-democracy is a left-wing political ideology due to it's pure left-wing social policies rather than its economic ones. The countries you gave as example are social-democratic due to their left-wing social policies, similar to what you see in communist countries. In the latter, including mine when the communist regime was in power, literally everybody went to school, everybody had a job, everybody had a house, everybody had free healthcare, everybody had a month of payed vacation by the government per year and the list goes on. Social-democratic states manage to apply this model to some extent although you still have unemployment, homeless people and so on, due to the fact that the economy is still capitalist. Capitalism limits social security policies heavily since most of the money in the country are in the private sector, not the public one The reason why communist countries are able to facilitate so many benefits for the population is because the central government basically has all the money in the country at its disposal and it's much easier to put that money into social policies. Due to the capitalist economy you get in Nordic countries, taxes are insanely high because such policies apply a huge pressure on the state budget. This is not the case in communist countries where taxes are very low. The reason why I'm comparing the Nordic model to the communist one is because I want to show you that the common ground they have is the social policies. Also capitalism is is very much on the right-wing of the spectrum since pretty much all right-wing ideologies shift towards it, while the left is leaning more towards a centralized economy or an increased government involvement in the economy.
2017-10-16 21:32
Iceland _natas_ 
I never said i was Right-Wing i said i was Left leaning in social questions and right leaning in economics. Nothing in my comment mention anything of being part of some wing.
2017-10-16 18:54
Left definitely.
2017-10-14 10:04
I'm not very far to the left, but far enough to count myself as left Because far on the right are fascists, and Russia historically hate fascists And I like Carl Marx's idea of social equality
2017-10-14 10:23
"i'm not very far left" "i like carl marx's idea" pick 1
2017-10-14 13:06
Brazil ;---) 
2017-10-14 11:15
I'm not even a wing.
2017-10-14 11:55
World _EpiC_ 
2017-10-14 11:55
I'm chicken-wing!!
2017-10-14 12:06
United Arab Emirates pigeoN1 
Abit right/centarist
2017-10-14 12:32
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
2017-10-14 12:33
Brazil jia 
far right conservationist
2017-10-14 13:05
Europe  Skaarj  
Centrist. Both sides may be correct in particular matters - all depends from circumstances. Context is everything. Something what far-left and far-right always skip.
2017-10-14 13:09
Romania Zadro 
Centrism is a stupid fairy-tale. You can't be both left-wing and right-wing. The left and the right aim to cancel one another, not complement each other.
2017-10-15 03:01
Europe  Skaarj  
There is no silver-bullet for every problem. Im not left-wing and right-wing. Im neither of these. Centrism is about common sense, not about following blindly some stupid policy. Thing is - we have to adapt to situation to solve problems. Not matching our actions to some specific agenda.
2017-10-15 11:45
Romania Zadro 
Fine, common sense. But you need a doctrine if you want your ideas to get to the people and you're not forming a doctrine by saying that you just have common sense. That's a ridiculous statement in its own right since what is common sense for some, might be nonsense to others.
2017-10-16 01:19
He is talking about himself personally, he isn't try to establish his own party. He is saying that he is neither left or right, and could vote either way depending on the issue and what seems best to him.
2017-10-17 00:09
Spain halow1213 
Thats how they bra8nwash you, by making you believe the words you wrota, thats sad.
2017-10-17 00:27
Romania Zadro 
Who are 'they'? I want to know who's brainwashing me xD
2017-10-17 19:17
Spain halow1213 
The sistem that is oblying you to choose to start with.
2017-10-17 19:18
Italy MikeMareen 
far right ofc.
2017-10-14 13:27
nt HLTV_Detective
2017-10-14 13:36
Sweden paddeyo 
Right wing or center, talking about hockey here brotha
2017-10-14 13:37
I really don't give a single flying fuck about politics
2017-10-14 13:39
I'm a Marxist-Leninist
2017-10-14 13:50
I'm right handed. But I'll put in some work to make my left arm muscles great again.
2017-10-14 13:54
steel | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
chicken wing
2017-10-14 14:05
United Kingdom InsCS 
Took a test and found that I'm slap dang in the middle.
2017-10-14 14:06
rain | 
Latvia 0ceang 
I thought this was about handball.
2017-10-14 14:11
2017-10-14 19:59
2017-10-15 13:31
Hahah :D
2017-10-17 19:43
right wing cuz not retarded
2017-10-14 14:12
right wing cuz retarded FTFY :)
2017-10-14 18:17
2017-10-15 11:07
anti-government anti-nationalist pro-gun Is it right or left?
2017-10-14 17:48
Anti-government is neither particular wing. Anti-nationalist is more left than right. Pro-gun is definitely fully right and not left at all. Based on those you seem to be neither left nor right and more centred.
2017-10-14 18:19
None, you are very close to Libertarianism.
2017-10-15 02:41
France Meerkat_ 
Socially right Economically+Educationally(know its kinda social) extreme left
2017-10-14 17:49
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
I usually play left-wing, easier to recive passes since im holding the stick left
2017-10-14 17:58
Poland Banan_IDK 
i used to play in the middle of defense tho
2017-10-14 18:12
jks | 
Germany wh1teey 
mid wing
2017-10-14 18:17
2017-10-14 18:27
lover | 
Other Gala0 
Neither Im ideology fluid Sometimes im communist, sometimes i identify myself as libertarian, sometimes as anarchist
2017-10-14 18:34
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
2017-10-14 20:05
Politics is really popular amongst Swedish teenagers...weird
2017-10-14 21:25
X-wing. Gold leader.
2017-10-14 22:49
who cares
2017-10-14 22:53
Israel BoyMcFacto 
ultra mega super duper saiyan right pew pew pew death to all of u fk the gays the goats and the seaweed
2017-10-15 02:02
Thank you for this thread Sir, looks like i got a lot of work.
2017-10-15 01:57
lol i dont even know if youre joking or not
2017-10-15 08:36
Let him get another ban
2017-10-15 11:08
center back... not fast enough for a winger
2017-10-15 01:59
right leaning. I'm not religious, though. I still don't understand why it's a thing with right wing generally. maybe just in US?
2017-10-15 02:00
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Far-right. Why? Because this country (Well whole EU) is a huge shithole with tons of refugees that should go back home and fight.
2017-10-15 02:32
Brazil just_many 
you are not far-right just for being against mass imigration and illegal imigration
2017-10-15 02:39
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Ehm well, i am a fan of some people that you and others might find disturbing so.. yeah :P
2017-10-15 02:44
so who is the people that you are a fan of? :D you made me curious.
2017-10-15 04:02
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Well, i will probably get banned by a admin that gets "offended" or something, so PM me or something if you wanna know.
2017-10-15 14:27
I find it weird how fast the refugees just straight up left their country when the war started... Do they not have any pride for their country, how the men just left the woman and children behind like cowards to escape to Europe... every refugee boat is filled with middle-aged men that are fit for battle but still chose to leave... if a war would ever come to Norway I wouldn't just leave, I love my country and would die for it, to protect what it stands for. and fight so the woman and children could be safe from war and destruction. We allow these Cowards to walk all over us, they left everything they represent behind but still have the decency to call us inhumane and try to tell us how to rule our country... they are disqusiting
2017-10-17 01:34
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
2017-10-17 01:37
Brazil just_many 
leftism never worked and will never work for humanity /close
2017-10-15 02:38
Romania Zadro 
What you're basically saying is that no progressive model has ever worked. Basically, since no progressive model has ever worked, it means that neither did any conservative model since there was no formerly progressive model (now obsolete) to preserve from a new one. Long story short, what you said is fucking retarded.
2017-10-15 03:06
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
dont worry, its from a 3rd world stupid monkey
2017-10-15 09:07
2017-10-15 13:33
Brazil just_many 
no, I mean communism in general. If I said just "communism" someone would do the same thing you did
2017-10-15 15:51
Brazil just_many 
and progressive models are not 100% leftists
2017-10-15 15:53
Romania Zadro 
The left is by definition progressive while the right is by definition conservative. I hope you do realize that communism is far from representing the left and is, in fact, the extreme of the left, just like fascism is the extreme of the right. If you believe that all leftists are communists, you're a moron.
2017-10-16 01:16
Sweden Trkmag 
2017-10-17 13:47
i dont have a political stand i just pick candidate that represent me the most
2017-10-15 02:46
None. Anarchocapitalist.
2017-10-15 02:48
Romania Zadro 
12 year olds going full right-wing. The future looks great...
2017-10-15 03:07
United States TruthEmbargo 
You honestly thought we would have flying cars and medical breakthroughs that saves everyone? LOL! Look at human history, since the beginning of time... We were never going to be a unified race, driven by logical reasoning and unity, no we're a feudalistic xenophobic race and our true nature is a Militaristic Federation that controls the entire Earth.
2017-10-15 03:40
Romania Zadro 
I dunno how my comment made you think that I 'thought we would have flying cars and medical breakthroughs that saves everyone?' I can somewhat agree with your final paragraph though, but you can't achieve progress as long as there is no unity and you're surrounded by conflicts. Eastern Europeans know this probably better than anyone else. Sadly, progressives dream of a utopian world while conservatives are stuck in time. Still, I would rather work hard and hope to achieve that utopian world or at least something close to it, than to lie to myself that everything is fine as it is.
2017-10-16 01:12
valde | 
Brazil 643 
Fourth Political Theory
2017-10-15 03:11
Canada Gumpypoo 
right wing
2017-10-15 03:42
14/88 side
2017-10-15 03:53
2017-10-15 04:04
Slightly right leaning, i don't think leftists use common sense most of the time... Of course that applies to far right swell but less so I've seen
2017-10-15 04:08
+1 ye
2017-10-15 04:18
2017-10-15 13:26
+1 I couldn't agree more, that's how I started leaning towards the right too...
2017-10-17 00:24
I feel like that's happening a lot, the far left is becoming so ridiculous that moderates gravitate toward the right more so
2017-10-17 08:17
2017-10-17 08:45
In my opinion the left (and the right but not on the same scale) will usually debate using their feelings and emotions instead of with their logic, and at that point, it doesn't matter how correct you are, it doesn't matter how many statistics or documents you have to back up your argument cause they won't listen if it goes against their beliefs. they cant accept being wrong without making a huge scene, and that's usually what happens when you look at debates on "the right vs the left" it just turns into a shitshow where both parties just end up screaming at each other cause they both think the counterpart is fucked in the brain.
2017-10-17 14:37
Sweden Trkmag 
I am left myself but I agree that the left movements are plagued by people who goes incredible distances to not fall out of line in certain questions. To me, the whole debate today is far too focused on things such as identity and culture instead of the real questions, like economics/jobs, environment and peace. And I think that the right-controlled media knows that these leftists are dangerous for their own movement so they give them the most space in media and let them represent the left-wing while what they are saying are not what traditional left-wing politics are. I personally believe that nearly all (politically discussable) problems origin from how our society are constructed and therefore also from how our resources are distributed. Give me your issues with traditional left-wing politics as well as modern day leftism and I will try to issue them.
2017-10-17 13:55
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
i hope you know that most media nowadays is controlled by the left right?
2017-10-22 11:27
United States VerySmartGuy 
right. alt right is cancer tho (so is alt left ofc)
2017-10-15 04:21
if socialism did not work in Germany, it does not work anywhere
2017-10-15 08:24
2017-10-15 08:37
Right-wing. There are only two genders, people don't know what they want and should be told, hate crimes aren't real, you are the gender you were born as (and if you think otherwise you actually have a mental issue that needs to be sorted), supporting socialist ideals will literally bring down civilisation, institutionalised racism isn't a thing, illegal immigrants should either be sunk on the boats they come in on or should be deported back to where they came from, rapists and child molesters should be either castrated or killed with evidence beyond reasonable doubt, people who perpetuate false rape allegations should be killed, capital punishment should be reinstated depending on the severity of the crime (thieves should have their dominant hand cut off, murderers/rapists/paedophiles should be killed via firing squad), the Middle East and North Korea should be wiped off the face of the Earth, and both capitalism and communism are ineffective ways to govern a country.
2017-10-15 11:05
2017-10-15 11:06
this is an ok copypasta
2017-10-15 13:30
India nicebaitm8 
Centre right if left wing wants 3 genders, far-right if they want 87 genders.
2017-10-15 11:47
Albania streetfame 
i only know 2 genders m8? wtf you talking about 3
2017-10-15 13:40
India nicebaitm8 
3 is like okay tbh some suffer from genuine gender dysphoria.
2017-10-15 13:50
well there are only two genders. Female and Male :)
2017-10-15 13:56
India nicebaitm8 
yes only 2 :) but there are some good people(3rd gender) who live a normal life and don't demand any privileges unlike stupid SJW's(84 genders). So they deserve a mention atleast.
2017-10-15 14:01
Well biologically there is only 2 genders. But i see trans more of a sexuality than a gender
2017-10-15 15:48
India nicebaitm8 
+1 gender is 2 for sure tho.
2017-10-15 15:49
3rd is trans I guess.
2017-10-15 13:55
Trans is more of a mental illness than a gender imo
2017-10-15 13:56
zet | 
North America RosT- 
right-handed left-eyed LUL
2017-10-15 13:49
Right wing.
2017-10-15 13:55
Ireland skend 
left wing. only two genders. i hate sjws
2017-10-15 14:03
you know that like 95% of sjws are left-wing?
2017-10-16 17:22
Ireland skend 
and 100% of KKK are right-wing. what's your point?
2017-10-16 17:37
and 100% of chickens are birds. what's your point?
2017-10-17 00:13
"left wing. only two genders. i hate sjws".. You say that you are left-wing but why would you include "only two genders. i hate sjws"?
2017-10-17 10:36
Ireland skend 
because people on this site seem to be believe that being left-wing means you are an sjw
2017-10-17 18:22
oh alright
2017-10-17 18:28
Sweden Trkmag 
Yeah but that is the bane of people like me who are left-wing (in the sense of being socialist etc) but feel like the whole gender/identity-debate has gone out of control. The people who are so focused on identity issues are at some times ridiculous and most importantly, they get to represent the left movement despite most left-wingers not agreeing with them. For me issues like economics, peace, environment etc are way more important and I think that there is a lot of people who agree with the left way of thinking on these issues but are scared away from the movement because of the so called SJWs.
2017-10-17 14:01
Ireland skend 
2017-10-17 18:23
Germany s2ily 
I am fuck you politics. I still try to have impact by participating in elections. However, it didn't work out well so far because the majority is dumb and don't understand shit. There is no solidarity within the citizens. And I am not leftist or rightist, I am not thinking in the way of black or brown or white or red or whatever skin color. I don't support feminism because it is also a kind of an extremism, but I also don't tolerate inequality. Every side you choose causes intolerance towards the other side. Extremism is wrong from every perspective. If we wouldn't be "one-sided", we wouldn't have racism, feminism, leftist, rightist, skin colors or whatever other shit exist. The only thing you should be is a human who should respect the humans source, the nature. Live and let live.
2017-10-15 14:07
something in the middle, I truly believe there must a balance in everything
2017-10-15 14:32
2017-10-16 00:57
centre forward
2017-10-16 00:57
Both are retarded
2017-10-16 02:33
then which side do you think is less retarded?
2017-10-16 06:52
2017-10-16 07:18
2017-10-16 13:02
Communist here.
2017-10-16 10:48
Australia kTw0 
More right than left, but both sides have their flaws.
2017-10-16 13:03
Sweden Kukkk 
I turn from left to inside to score a goal like ronaldo
2017-10-16 21:34
I used to consider myself left for the longest time, and didn't have anything against immigration, and actually supported it. However, i started seeing what was happening in Europe, how Sweden is turning into a ghetto with "nogo sones"... (nogo sones in a first world country is ridiculous) so after a while, i started getting more and more educated and at the same time turning more and more towards the right. ps: I feel that in Europe the only real difference between right and left is their stance on immigration, at least that's how the media is pursuing it as...
2017-10-17 00:22
Norway SkaMathias 
Had you ever been in Oslo when you were supporting the socialism?
2017-10-17 00:31
eeh? var ganske ung når innvandering ble stort og foreldrene mine er veldig på den venstre siden, akuratt som alle mediane i Norge. Bor i Lillestrøm skjønte at immigrering ikke funker som det skal når jeg nesten ble rana av 5 svartinger på 16-18år, når jeg gikk i 7ende klasse...
2017-10-17 00:44
Norway SkaMathias 
I Oslo så er masseinnvandring et stort problem. Bor på vestkanten og alle jeg kjenner her assosierer østkanten med masseinnvandring og kriminalitet - det viser seg å være et faktum. Er ikke akkurat lenger trygt for kvinner å gå nedover Tøyen og Grønland på natten. Men alle har tydeligvis ikke forstått at du ikke kan blande flere menneskegrupper sammen i et land. Det har aldri fungert, du ser hva som skjedde i tidligere Jugoslavia. Like barn leker best heter det.
2017-10-17 00:51
Folk vil ofte lese nyhetene og tro på det de ser der VG (eksempel) kan være veldig venstere vridd i visse saker, problemet med det er at Nyheter skal aldri ha en mening under debatt eller politikk, men velger ofte å ha det uansett. og siden mange velger å tro på det de leser hos forskjellige nyheter uten å gjøre "research" for dem selv vil det se ut som at den høyre siden er skada.. jeg fant ett eksempel fra en av VG's artikkler fra idag/igår Dette handler om at Siv Jensen brukte ett indianer kostyme for en fest, som tydeligvis er veldg frekt og upassende for en politiker. De sier at det bare er "eldre hvite menn som syns dette er greit" Men jeg har en app som er ment for barn/ungdom fra NRK som diskuterer forskjellige problemer i verden (average alder på denne appen er 11 år) sånn du fort kan se er det ikke bare "eldre hvite menn" som syns det er greit at Siv kan bruke hva hun vil men også 6000 forskjellige barn som også er enige.. ps: Satt opp noen settninger ganske dårlig/feil, men orker ikke å gjøre noe med det siden jeg skal snart legge meg, men prøver bare å vise at vg ikke alltid bruker fakta på sine artikkler men prøver heller å pushe ett agenda att hvite menn er uhøflige eller onde
2017-10-17 01:20
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
Ég skil meira This is an international site, please write your comment in English.
2017-10-17 05:19
Norway SkaMathias 
Helt håpeløst med den norske pressen. Flere av de som har problemer med å skrive om etnisiteten når det har skjedd en voldsepisode på en lørdagskveld.
2017-10-17 17:55
Sweden Trkmag 
I am left myself and I agree that there is some pretty huge flaws in how the immigration has been handled. Are you against immigration as a principle or are you against how the process have been? Give me your thoughts
2017-10-17 14:03
no, I'm not against immigration in its self. I think immigration can help boost economic growth, help with unemployment, bring in smart brains and smart ideas, and so much more. However, Europe has handled this situation very poorly, taking in too many people in to short of a time period. this has led to a poor integration for many, making "frictions" between the locals and immigrants as they cannot see eye to eye on most subjects, and if you cant agree on the most basic things how are you supposed to live peacefully together, (you can't). this will form immigration ghetto's like you are beginning to see in Malmö Sweden or Grønnland Norway. where they will form their own set of rules, start gangs and crime... and at that point its almost already too late to fix the problem at its core. (I lost my train of thought, as I was just kinda brainstorming.. :D) Ideally, I would like to help immigration where they are, to give them an economy so they can sustain themselves. As It really doesn't matter how many we take in as there will always be people in need that need help if we don't manage to stop the problem where it arises. I recommend watching this short video to get a broader understanding on the immigration problem:
2017-10-17 15:31
Sweden Trkmag 
Okay, regarding this segment: ''This has led to a poor integration for many, making "frictions" between the locals and immigrants as they cannot see eye to eye on most subjects''. I agree on that the integration has been very lackluster, but then you write that locals and immigrants can't see eye to eye on most subjects and therefore cannot live together which I don't agree on. Which subjects would that be, apart from religiously related ones? And before you ask, I'm not a big fan of religion. Then this part follows: ''This will form immigration ghetto's like you are beginning to see in Malmö Sweden or Grønnland Norway. where they will form their own set of rules, start gangs and crime... and at that point its almost already too late to fix the problem at its core''. The problem here is that as the immigrants nearly always are poor on arrival, they will be placed in the poor suburbs which further limits their capacity to learn the language, get employed and to get a better life. And regarding, ''fix the problem at its core'', the problem at its core is that their home countries are being torn apart by wars created by the western world and more specifically the U.S. I probably missed a lot of points now as well since I lost my train of thought way back. ''Ideally, I would like to help immigration where they are, to give them an economy so they can sustain themselves''. This is of course the optimal situation but it's somewhat irrelevant now when we have an actual situation with loads of people fleeing and being in need of help. But of course fixing the problem at its core would be optimal and that would be to eliminate imperialism as that would fix most wars in the world. To summarize, the solution for me would be to spend more resources on things such as making sure that the immigrants doesn't get segregated or marginalized, more focus on learning the native language so that they can get into the job market etc. Aka making sure that the immigrants become a asset to society instead of a setback.
2017-10-17 20:04
2017-10-24 21:00
centre right like reagan though reaganomics was a disaster
2017-10-17 00:58
Brazil EWRO 
2017-10-17 00:48
United Kingdom Daninjakiwi 
Im right wing but i say im left wing to get girls
2017-10-17 01:20
North America silly[] 
I'm *technically* a liberal, but I fucking hate the left right now (mainly the mainstream left but yeah).
2017-10-17 01:26
Mainstream left is really canser rn.
2017-10-18 12:46
how come that Japan has only allowed 3 refugees into the country in the whole of 2017 so far and nobody gives a fuck, but if a European country don't let tens of thousands refugees they are all of the sudden nazis
2017-10-17 02:07
yea, that's fucking retarded.
2017-10-17 05:07
Cancer thread fuck the left and the right useless fucks all the way around.
2017-10-17 09:00
so if u arent left or right wing what are you then?
2017-10-17 09:08
There is no left and right. Political parties agree on by far most issues, and blow the ones they don't agree upon out of proportion, giving people the illusion that they have a choice.
2017-10-17 09:11
Sweden Trkmag 
They don't really agree on most things but I agree with you on that politics in most countries is just a game.
2017-10-17 14:04
2017-10-17 13:51
2017-10-24 20:56
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Well, the "wings" in question are proverbial in any case...
2017-10-17 15:32
Sweden rawrxdd 
im rawr-winged
2017-10-18 14:05
2017-10-18 18:31
Slightly left winged but near the middle
2017-10-18 22:59
I am an ultra conservatives. I hate liberals. Liberals have ruined western europe by letting in all those refugees.
2017-10-19 01:10
2017-10-19 10:00
2017-10-24 20:53
Germany Kereka 
centrism, liberal
2017-10-19 10:29
Sweden cRUNCHiBOY 
I'm both cuz you need both wings to fly!
2017-10-19 11:41
i am not conservative and nationalist. but i also kinda dislike sjw's. so this makes me what?
2017-10-19 11:43
I mean you can be left-wing and not like sjw's.
2017-10-19 12:52
Hegelian Dialectics make me think there will be no practical difference in neither
2017-10-20 04:16
United States Goodguesser 
libertarian cause the gov sucks
2017-10-20 04:20
African Union VeryDenseGuy 
Left although both sides suck over here
2017-10-20 04:24
2017-10-20 05:02
...Right-wing =/= Racist.. well far right is rasict.
2017-10-20 19:14
Left but usually in the middle not gonna lie support the idea of finding ways to make high education potentially free or a greatly reduced cost and nationalizing health care but we have to close our doors to a lot of immigrants at this point. pretty neutral on immigration in general though neutral on gun control. i believe in the 2nd amendment but we definitely need more regulation
2017-10-20 05:11
I don't follow american politics closely, but reading some of the comments on FB and some forums, your reply is something that is missing. People tend to be so fanatic about stuff. If they're left wing, they want all guns taken from everyone. If they want guns, they're rednecks who love everything Trump does, and are very right wing. I think the majority of people are like you, who have divided opinions, sometimes neutral opinion, and can see the good and bad on both sides. But that's what's missing in the internet
2017-10-20 19:28
centrist for american politics at least more easily accessible higher education and healthcare +1 stricter border control and get rid of affirmative action +1
2017-10-20 05:20
More to the right
2017-10-20 19:15
Highly liberal, slightly towards right. But left - right is an old way and doesn't really describe the current voters or even parties well anymore. There are parties now that have ideologies from both sides, so it's hard to place them on a traditional left-right scale.
2017-10-20 19:24
Germany maestroCS 
leaning to the left on things like economy, social issues, etc. but mid to right on immigration.
2017-10-20 19:30
s1mple | 
Australia m3rky 
2017-10-23 22:42
2017-10-24 21:02
Norway v3nz 
2017-10-24 21:11
i haven't wingsm, i'm not a bird
2017-10-24 21:13
2017-10-24 21:17
key logger lost my ears
2017-11-05 08:46
2017-11-17 13:29
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