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Danish DREAM Scene!
Denmark Snittevitz 
Obviously this is a dream scenario and is not that realistic.. (why would Karrigan leave faze etc.) But let me here your thoughts anyway! Astralis Device (Main Awp) Konfig (sec. entry + sec awp.) Dupreeh (Entry) Xyp9x (Support) Glaive (IGL) North JUGI (Main Awp) Valde (lurker/support) CajunB (sec entry + sec awp) Kjærbye (Entry) MSL (IGL) Heroic mertz (Main AWP) niko (sec entry) Magisk (Entry) Aizy (Support/lurker) Karrigan (IGL) New team Cadian (main awp) es3tag (rifler) Tenzki (rifler) Acilion/snappi (IGL) Pimp (rifler) No problem! 2.0 Anj (Fragger) Glace (Fragger) HECTOz (Main Awp) LOMME (IGL) Snappi/acilion (lurker/sec. awp) North Academy NaToSaphiX (Main Awp) gade (Rifler) acor (Rifler) b0RUP (Rifler) Hunden (IGL) Tricked Same line-up meNikmati Same line-up Fragsters -Bubski + Sycrone New team 3 ZeptonL (Rifler) Doktizh (Rifler) Andkilde (Main Awp) Celrate (Rifler) neon (IGL) Forcebuy Same line-up
2017-10-13 15:03
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