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I'm Elon Musk AMA
Sweden gayvela 
I'm Elon Musk, using me good friends account here on HLTV to post this AMA. As the title says you now have the wonderful option of asking me anything you want. Admin please dont ban this user. He have been proving good at my facility as CTO, and I asked Him about this favour. PROOF:
2017-10-14 22:43
2017-10-14 22:44
I can't take credit for his wonderful name. /EM
2017-10-14 22:46
shox | 
Switzerland znon 
2017-10-14 22:56
Romania TheWizard741 
will robots invade us?
2017-10-14 22:45
Interesting thing about robots and A.I is that, lets say we create a machine so smart and even having emotions, would it want to destroy humanity? It might be a really nice robot. If on the other hand robots were as the regular HLTV user, all of earth is doomed. /EM
2017-10-14 22:49
Romania TheWizard741 
after all we are the ones who create and code them so how could they ever invade us when whe can stop them at any time?
2017-10-14 22:50
An A.I would be able to learn much faster than any human. With enough computing power it would outsmart humanity extremely fast. But since it wouldn't be locked to a only logical thinking, it would be able to feel empathy for humans. I can only hope to live the day to see the answer, as of this moment, I can't say for sure which is correct. /EM
2017-10-14 22:54
Romania TheWizard741 
hmm good points,i guess just wait and see
2017-10-14 22:55
my friend can suck his own dick. does he has dog gen?
2017-10-14 22:46
Without closer inspection I can't say for sure. Maybe he has really big dick (like gayvela). /EM
2017-10-14 22:50
does he has horse gen, then?
2017-10-14 22:52
Gayvela or your friend? /EM
2017-10-14 22:54
borh need very specific answer. for my study
2017-10-14 22:55
As part of my agreement with Gayvela I'm not able to talk about his genetics. Your friend on the other hand, I can. Learning Autofellatio can be hard but with enough practice I sincerely think most of men can learn it. Doing yoga can help the cause. Your friend might be very flexible, or he has secretly put in alot of effort. /EM
2017-10-14 23:02
gift me one tesla
2017-10-14 22:48
I can go as far as to give you a $5 discount. /EM
2017-10-14 22:50
China wordEXE 
me me big boy
2017-10-14 22:49
2017-10-14 23:00
Canada PwnNewb 
can you make me a giant cyborg penis?
2017-10-14 23:00
We are not currently researching that area, unfortunately. /EM
2017-10-14 23:03
Canada PwnNewb 
ya that is why I am asking you to start the project. jeez. Your not very smart for a fake genius, are you?
2017-10-14 23:04
My apologies, I thought you meant "will you make...". Unfortunately, I'm sticking to the same answer as before. /EM
2017-10-14 23:09
Canada PwnNewb 
fine bro but when my cyborg penises have lasers for enemys, jetpacks for travel faster than teslas, and super sex mode, your going out of business. just you wait
2017-10-14 23:12
i love tesla s p100dl dream car <3 :)
2017-10-14 23:01
That's why we made it! /EM
2017-10-15 00:20
and i love Mars colonization plan :)
2017-10-15 00:39
fuck you and your tesla
2017-10-15 00:21
*I am nobody with boring life from swedistan ama Fixed it for ya
2017-10-15 00:25
Deported. /gayvela
2017-10-15 00:28
You're boring /obvious
2017-10-15 00:29
If you are trying to rekt gayvela you are doing a really poor job. /EM
2017-10-15 00:36
2017-10-15 00:37
Vietnam Oida 
oglum send me money
2017-10-15 00:44
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