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Which Org will buy ex-IMT?
FalleN | 
Italy Psilokill 
echo fox was speculated by moses, but why? :S inside info? TSM would be a joke, and EG is dangerous to comeback to CSGO but could happen? ppl saying 'many org options cuz of major spot' could explain to me how much stickers and major spots are worth? And I think there are not many but only a few even less if you consider kng doesnt apeal a lot of sponsors right now. I think the trio is worth like 300k or more? who would pay all that? there would be a real profit only by stickers? '-'
2017-10-16 22:53
Germany ez123 
2017-10-16 22:55
lolzera. non-sense made me laugh ;D
2017-10-16 22:57
Germany ez123 
2017-10-16 22:58
hahahahaha :S trully a god, he will be playing at his 50's, we will see a grandpa in a world cup.
2017-10-16 23:12
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Johnny Walker Keep walking
2017-10-18 03:05
Nonsense? VP struggle against T3-T5 teams "today" lol.
2017-10-17 00:57
why they would spend so much money betting in historicaly problematic players when they already have a legend spot full of legendary stable (as professionals) stars? at tops they will shuffle 2-3 players in the future.
2017-10-17 01:01
Didnt say that they should buy Ex-Imt but VP should change 1-2 players.
2017-10-17 01:22
get a brain m8, ur retarded or wat? Im asking which org will buy them, the german fella said 'VP will OFC' and I said nonsense laughs. then u came sayin' it isnt nonsense and VP is stuggling. wth
2017-10-17 02:06
hes famous for being stupid dont mind him his posts are always shit
2017-10-17 13:56
Russia vall3n 
If they are to sign another roster they would just buy entire Gambit.
2017-10-17 15:33
World DopphMe0w 
is tempo storm a org?xD maybe they do
2017-10-16 22:56
They already have a team.
2017-10-16 22:57
World DopphMe0w 
if the team's contracts end soon they will buy them out i think
2017-10-16 22:58
device | 
Denmark Dane01 
Their team is quite new
2017-10-16 23:12
The contracts wont run out soon, since they also have 2 teams (BR and Swedish team)
2017-10-17 00:58
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
Two teams to be exact
2017-10-16 23:40
duno m8, but I think they didnt got enough cash and their roster is brand new, which means a lot of cash to get rid of them.
2017-10-16 22:58
nic england
2017-10-16 23:37
2017-10-16 23:38
yor velkom m7 ;)
2017-10-16 23:39
nou poblem.
2017-10-16 23:42
what the fuck thats the same XD
2017-10-16 23:56
hahahahaha ;D
2017-10-16 23:57
India transformer 
IMPOV, It would be EG. It is really a win-win situation for them to enter into CSGO scene. Who wouldn't love EG stickers.
2017-10-16 22:56
ikr? but they still own twitch? I mean, u know the issue why EG isnt on CSGO right now, right?
2017-10-16 23:00
India transformer 
Hmm, thanks for the link. But now-a-days anything can happen. Most the important leagues have shifted to Youtube. I don't think it will be problem.
2017-10-16 23:07
Brazil minimovz1 
twitch sold EG and its now a player owned team, they sold it because they were feeling like them being the owners was preventing the org from so much
2017-10-17 03:19
hmm cool. thx for the info buddy. ;)
2017-10-17 03:21
Brazil coldzao 
rofl what is this joke, ok c9 can boycott twitch, so what? no shroud stream? i bet shroud will leave c9 then because he earns 1000000000000000000$ from twitch, hes just still signed because friends and stuff like that
2017-10-17 01:10
not only c9 but other teams-streamers too. and 'so what' kept them away from CSGO for more than 2 years now.
2017-10-17 01:11
Brazil coldzao 
i dont believe it, they wont lose that much if its true and why tf they did it, for me it sounds so childish
2017-10-17 01:12
the why is "that Evil Geniuses could receive priority treatment and advantages over rival teams on Twitch’s platform" but yeah, sound childish but its about americans and people with money in their pockets we're talking about, and both of these things makes a huge childish person.
2017-10-17 01:22
Hm really nice suppose, I didn't think about it
2017-10-16 23:08
2017-10-16 22:57
2017-10-16 23:37
Brazil lleonciocs 
i Honestly don't think so, echo fox owner have almost the same vibe that Noah's
2017-10-17 01:29
Germany unsalted 
I think i heard dazed say something about EG picking up a CS Team or are on the look out. Not sure if they will buy ex-IMT though.. Would be nice to see EG back tho.
2017-10-16 22:57
I've heard that too, duno where.
2017-10-16 23:02
EG likes NA superteams, probably won't pick up a brazilian lineup. If cloud9/liquid can become consistent top5, EG will probably buyout once contracts are up
2017-10-16 23:16
Brazil coldzao 
yeah, dota roster : swede, arab, dane, uzbek =D
2017-10-17 01:11
all are in NA, what is your point
2017-10-18 03:38
they can move the br lineup to NA. much easier than buying out c9/liquid. they are too powerful to let that happen
2017-10-18 03:54
But surely the instant major with this team will be much of a plus factor for them too do it? Pick them up = easy money for EG.
2017-10-17 01:21
India alex_gupta 
ppd said it on reddit dota 2
2017-10-17 05:48
Brazil Nuck_Foah 
Red Reserve
2017-10-16 22:59
United States NA_CS_FAN 
i could see this happening
2017-10-17 01:39
it was bit. whoever the fuck that is. I wanted TSM to pick them up. But really I just want TSM to pick up an EU team and be top 10 again.
2017-10-16 23:00
Albania LDK_Hltv 
bit is the player who announced the roster not the org. That wording was really really bad
2017-10-17 06:17
Romania nJaxi 
2017-10-16 23:00
Russia purplemaze 
That is possible
2017-10-17 14:57
neymar new org
2017-10-16 23:01
that could happen if he want to, Neymar is shitting bricks of money right now. hahaha
2017-10-16 23:04
yes, actually think something liek this could happen in future, dude has so much money anyway :D...
2017-10-16 23:08
The cool thing about that dream is it would be a 100% BR org in a major, what doesnt happen since mibr fall.
2017-10-16 23:10
Keyd stars 2015 ?
2017-10-17 14:23
lolz forgot they were not LG in that time. :D my bad
2017-10-17 14:26
NiKo | 
Japan weebtrash 
Neymar buy them but just if he can play to and then they have to harfcarry haha
2017-10-16 23:12
Poland Puncoll 
it this even important?
2017-10-16 23:01
2017-10-16 23:24
Poland Puncoll 
2017-10-16 23:26
because I feel like it is.
2017-10-16 23:28
Poland Puncoll 
this is the same team its dont even matter in which org they are playing
2017-10-16 23:29
I won't root for them if I don't like the org. for example I hate Na'Vi since ever, I will never bet, root, buy any gear if its them. get it? but its also about sticker hype m8. its not important but it matters somehow.
2017-10-16 23:31
Czech Republic brooklyn[F] 
Based on what you hate navi
2017-10-17 00:29
lol what kind of question is that? its just like I'm Barça and I hate Real Madrid then. :S
2017-10-17 00:35
Czech Republic brooklyn[F] 
Its a good question. Maybe you had specific reasons to hate the org. But your reply is rather ignorant.
2017-10-17 00:41
oh ok, I get your point now and sorry if sounds ignorant but I didnt wanted to. anyway it's just like that, I liked other teams who made derbies against them, they are the other side to me. it's also more because of dotA2 and their over hyped runs back to 2011-13. And I don't like much ukr-russians too. :P
2017-10-17 00:46
Portugal enkzQ 
racist pizza, pasta, mamma mia
2017-10-17 02:59
Czech Republic brooklyn[F] 
Oh i loved dendi tho! But i get your point. It’s the same i have with cloud9!
2017-10-17 11:34
pudge dendi + chen puppey. it will always be in the history books. :P
2017-10-17 13:41
Digitas pls
2017-10-16 23:02
India StraightEdge 
2017-10-16 23:03
Spain JasonRacism 
Echo Fox
2017-10-16 23:06
San Diego Zoo
2017-10-16 23:07
pheini | 
Finland Dauni 
2017-10-16 23:12
Czech Republic HunTerIsHere 
2017-10-16 23:54
Portugal alonyyylvr 
+1 x)
2017-10-17 00:45
2017-10-17 02:38
lol brilliant
2017-10-17 14:27
Russia purplemaze 
Brilliant indeed
2017-10-17 14:58
World $oft 
2017-10-16 23:07
Czech Republic brooklyn[F] 
Would be so fckgn sick
2017-10-17 00:29
meet your makers
2017-10-17 03:34
best logo
2017-10-17 03:43
powerka | 
El Salvador Xyt0 
2017-10-16 23:09
2017-10-16 23:09
they aint gat money bro.
2017-10-16 23:15
Brazil mexicowss 
pvell aint god money? ROFL
2017-10-17 03:06
Brazil mexicowss 
do you even read? xD
2017-10-17 03:08
do you?
2017-10-17 03:10
Brazil mexicowss 
link me to the part where they say they got no money? xD
2017-10-17 03:10
omg. ur prolly 14yo autistic kiddo who can't interpret a text.
2017-10-17 03:14
Brazil mexicowss 
4real nigga? he made it clear that the investment is not profitable since there is so much amateurism in the scene.
2017-10-17 03:15
ok then sit and wait mibr announcing their major team smartass. dont worry, I wont mind taking out your bones.
2017-10-17 03:18
Brazil mexicowss 
rofl kid u make me laugh, when u was born i was already playing cs, i met pvell in person and he is a fucking multi-milionaire, how the fuck he dont have the money? LUL
2017-10-17 03:18
kid? hahahaha I'm 31yo former caOz and playart 1.6 player along with viol stfu.
2017-10-17 03:20
Brazil mexicowss 
nt nonamer, you are a former player of a team who you dont even know how to spell the name, it was KaOz and the team was shit, playart was good with the rikz lineup but not that much. try harder next time kid, and dont change the topic.
2017-10-17 03:23
I started playing in 2001, I met pvell, his son, corassa, eduzinho, fnx, the whole g3x team, played against them in lots of mix, the whole GG team and etc. so yeah, my ballsack had long hairs back in the time you are talking about. pvell is rich but without support he isnt doing shit.
2017-10-17 03:23
Brazil mexicowss 
i started playing in 99 nt newfag you already embarassed urself enough with the "CaOz" thing. please stop embarassing urself
2017-10-17 03:25
cool for you bro. and sorry mister typer. I wont miss write anymre.
2017-10-17 03:32
Brazil minimovz1 
when have u met him ? i tried searching for his business like a year ago and couldnt find anything, how is he maintaining his money with no business ?
2017-10-17 03:24
Brazil mexicowss 
i met him on lan tournaments every once in a while. back in the time he was the owner of 3 companies(not related to games). i dont know exactly what he is doing right now, but im pretty sure he didnt went broke .
2017-10-17 03:29
Brazil minimovz1 
have been doing some research on him and found a website saying that he owns 8 companies, most of them cant even be found on google, he probably closed them down because they are old, his most known company DBA has been filed for bankruptcy, one of the 8 companies is mibr (doesnt give him any type of income), the others i cant find any information on google, i believe nowadays he only lives from stock trading and a farm probably
2017-10-17 04:01
he owns a business, his money wanst coming from CS.
2017-10-17 03:31
If I'm not wrong he owns a part of Mandic (Infra of IT) and DBA which has to do with system engineering
2017-10-17 03:48
2017-10-16 23:11
Believe it or not sk will but them out after contract with current rosters end in nov/dec. Fallen & fer already posted something abt new org / team name on fb several times in br-pt
2017-10-16 23:11
Brazil aleszev 
lul lie
2017-10-16 23:14
2017-10-16 23:14
hmm, links?
2017-10-16 23:14
Snax | 
Spain Arzheus 
2017-10-16 23:16
I can see it can actually happening. PSG got a new e-sports team right? Neymar is there to make their mind, PSG always sprays money everywhere izzy, likes to go big and don't mind about manner-personality issues. maaaaaaan I want to see FNX PSG Shirt.
2017-10-16 23:20
I hace internal info. Palmeiras will buy thm.
2017-10-16 23:21
Brazil mexicowss 
rip major
2017-10-17 03:34
I think it will be Echo Fox
2017-10-16 23:22
2017-10-16 23:24
United States noobhead 
my dad will buy them dont worry
2017-10-16 23:28
Portugal SidneiGama4 
so what's the name of the org
2017-10-18 03:04
Flamengo (a Brazilian football team which recently created an Esports division) or Echo Fox...
2017-10-16 23:29
nah, flamengo will not start investing that much imo.
2017-10-16 23:36
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
HEN said in a stream that he would get the #9 jersey of "Fla". It could be the same thing Copenhagen did with North
2017-10-16 23:43
ofc he played with the speculation made by fans bro, only cuz its a legendary shirt in the br football scene. but see, they are new in this business, they department of e-s should have a very small budget to start off. they will need more than a million (R$) to make it happen as it's a world class e-sport team willing, a part of IMT contracts value, their salary is high, they will need to travel everywhere and having a gaming house outside of brazil. I dont see this happening any time soon but fuck, who knows.
2017-10-16 23:59
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
Speculations were made after this comment, not before
2017-10-17 00:00
swag | 
Brazil raigor 
It wasn't hen1, it was pbf1 trying to do his voice.
2017-10-17 03:18
felps | 
Brazil LukeCS 
Flamengo eSports
2017-10-16 23:36
Other ;_; 
its gonna be echo fox obv
2017-10-16 23:41
3 possible orgs are Echo Fox Evil Genuises PSG
2017-10-16 23:43
imagine PSG buys out faze for 2x what theyre worth right now fuck me those would be the sickest stickers and signatures in the game
2017-10-16 23:51
Brazil MrNagFaalx 
Skol Brahma Itaipava
2017-10-17 00:00
Brazil lleonciocs 
2017-10-17 01:31
Brazil surfin 
2017-10-17 15:37
Why would you want to risk and invest in unprofessional players.
2017-10-17 00:20
a) they're talented, legit top5 team b) starting with a million+$ deal in the bags
2017-10-17 14:29
Still not worth it, one idiotic thing like the kng stupidity and your org will be in trouble.
2017-10-17 15:18
Europe DrexxEnt 
I honestly think there is 0% chance EG will pick Immortals up. Why? a) theyre pretty bad on the PR (unsportsmanlike, unprofessional behavior) b) EG has a tradition of having heavily North American players on their rosters. c) EG also likes to have a top3 world team...this is a bit of a downgrade
2017-10-17 00:23
Brazil minimovz1 
b) most of their dota lineup is international c) this lineup could easily be up there with SK, they have every piece to succeed
2017-10-17 03:30
their dota roster isnt the one with the arab anymore, now its pretty much all NA I think.
2017-10-17 04:23
a) they had lots of pricks in their dota line-up, ppd to mention a case with BRs for example. c) downgrade from where if they got no team at all?
2017-10-17 04:22
Europe DrexxEnt 
just because they don't currently have a team, doesn't mean that a team like EG of the the oldest and greatest eSport org's in existance will take a team like ex-IMT. Im actually willing to bet a kidney on it.
2017-10-17 18:01
I wouldnt bet on EG pickin'em, impov the chances of this happening are very very small, is just that ur argues were weak and nonsense imo man. but sure it would be a win-win situation like some1 said. they could debut already in a major with shit tons of fans cuz of twins+fnx+br team+EG Stickers = ez money.
2017-10-17 18:08
Spywar | 
Sweden oAidqn 
im buying them or neymar
2017-10-17 00:26
Brazil coldzao 
what would you call them?
2017-10-17 01:13
Spywar | 
Sweden oAidqn 
idk something retarded and the logo will be my face
2017-10-17 01:14
my mom gave me 5$ pocket money so i'm going to buy them
2017-10-17 00:40
Brazil coldzao 
you can buy me if u want
2017-10-17 01:13
2017-10-17 00:49
damn a secret csgo team would be great. as a thing and as stickers xD
2017-10-17 01:11
United States Lockerboy 
2017-10-17 00:55
United States Droidd 
2017-10-17 01:02
Brazil lucah1 
Neymar Ousado Gaming. EZ major
2017-10-17 01:11
I would actually love to see them creating their own org, called: QueOta?NTC Neymar could, FOR REAL, invest money on them, since he's friend of fnx and really likes CS: But it's just a wish.
2017-10-17 01:11
Neymar isn’t that retarded to pick them up
2017-10-17 03:28
no big brand will pick them up as they dont wanna be associated with ppl making death threats left and right
2017-10-17 01:12
i hope no org will give those thugs a chance.
2017-10-17 01:12
Brazil coldzao 
what do you mean, they will be on major 100%, contracts end 31 dec 2017, major 20 january 2018, they will play orgless then who cares, its just now they cant play leagues (EPL ECS etc)..
2017-10-17 01:16
TSM back on the scenario new roster of tsm : bit lucas hen kng fnx :imagine:
2017-10-17 01:22
zet | 
North America RosT- 
TSM or EG probably maybe Team Neymar (LUL)
2017-10-17 01:27
EG wont pick up any CS team..
2017-10-17 01:32
Dosia | 
Korea MIK120 
iBP mby?
2017-10-17 01:35
hopefuilly they will all die in a plane crash before.
2017-10-17 01:38
i hope its something cool
2017-10-17 02:43
Brazil lucasc515 
2017-10-17 02:47
Denmark geerZo 
n1 they dont deserve
2017-10-17 02:58
2017-10-17 03:00
apEX | 
Brazil XEMBAO 
good stickers please
2017-10-17 03:07
Realistically? Echofox or Evil Geniuses. Wildcards, TSM or Flamengo
2017-10-17 03:10
eccho fox,eg,flamengo,psg,ibp,who knows?
2017-10-17 03:20
no one because they are trash.
2017-10-17 03:22
A stupid one
2017-10-17 03:26
swag | 
United Kingdom VVCVV 
2017-10-17 03:32
fnx | 
Brazil DroidNTC 
Bro device alone got about 200k in stikers in Krakow. Yes it's worth it to buy them
2017-10-17 03:33
holy shit D:
2017-10-17 03:55
I really doubt EG will pick up this roster because they don't like bad reputation. They cut Idra right after he lost a match on stage and didn't have the manners to say gg. If I recall correctly, he just got off stage / left the game and later on, during a twitch stream, he basically said, "fuck you guys, I get paid to talk shit to you LOL,". TSM - also a no go. Reginald had some strong disagreements with sgares back during the beginning of the WESA organization. He won't have any of kNg's shit or the Teles twins. Echo Fox or some other organization (I can't think of any right now) are most likely. That's just my 2 cents ~
2017-10-17 04:48
Neymar will sponsor them they are friends
2017-10-17 04:58
NTC could buy them and they would have all the money from stickers for themselves withtout sharing with the org as fnx owns the company, plus his clothing company (that already earns more than I can imagine) would get even more visibility with the Major spot garanteed. The only downside is that they wouldn't get a crazy amount of money from being bought by a gaming org. But still, they could profit even more from stickers as the contracts are usually 50-50 and NTC's sticker money would go directly to the company, so I assume that fnx could also pay a competetitive price for the team's rights if he wanted to. They could just disband NTC after the major to be bought by an org that would pay them a regular salary. Just something I would consider if I owned a company like fnx and intended to get some easy money from stickers and improve my company's visiblity... PS: Just imagine if they get to win the Major or even get to something like semis how their market value as a team (and individually) would crazily increase, it would be a dream for any player to win a major without an org holding them from joining better orgs with higher salary and stuff.
2017-10-17 05:17
HAHAHAHA "that already earns more than I can imagine" its not like he owns adidas m8, his brand is small, only known in the gamer community and sells only in BR, so not a rly rich market. as far as I know clothing market, he's not doing all the money ppl likes to spread around. shouldn't be even 30k per month been generous with that amount. plus FNX 'fights' for his image, he won't attach the image of his brand+personal brand to a bet-team like that AND with kng (who divides opnions even in BR). honestly, I talked about it a couple of months ago with a friend who's sorta close to him thinking the same stuff like you do but then we figured it out it is not an real option. but sure would be great to see a 'free agent players team' like astralis, NTC stickers and 100% BR org in a major.
2017-10-17 05:47 as a "ME", your probably right about their profit (around R$360k/year) which I consider a lot. Its really sad bro, I would fucking love NTC.heineken stickers. I'm not fakeflagging btw, I'm half kiwi.
2017-10-17 16:53
yeah to me would be a lot of money too but isnt like rich af and earning dream cash like kiddos says. and srly, I do think it isnt even 30k. he need to sell A LOT of cloths to get that as clean-profit. My uncle had a pretty big fem fashion company and used to earn like ~20k. anyway, I'm sure they have the money if they want to buy out themselves, but the thing is they won't if they dont need to. it's easier having a backgrounded team with proper management, salary and sponsors already u know, and as I said I wonder if FNX would attach his image of a good playboy guy with three thugs. the team going bad + kng bad bahavior could end with his business + fan base (which earns him a lot too, just remember the 60k donation on twitch). But indeed NTC crowned stickers would be fucking awesome sickiest ever. And I'm half pasta too, not fakeflag :)
2017-10-17 17:44
I don't about know you, but I kinda like this badass atitude they have, it will get them a lot of stickers sold. Just imagine kng drinking from the major's cup as he promised, really cool stuff. They are hands down my favorite team right now.
2017-10-17 19:48
I hate kng a bit but mainly cuz he's too ignorant. but yah, I like badass stuff hahaha so much better than robot autistic pros.
2017-10-18 03:01
i dont know about you* holy fuck i was high
2017-10-18 03:05
np I gotcha ;) pass the joint brooo
2017-10-18 04:14
Peru 2loro2 
EG LGB Echo Fox TSM PSG eSports
2017-10-17 05:31
LGB would be quite interesting lmao
2017-10-17 05:57
India nicebaitm8 
NRG(thank me later). To buy contracts of brothers, they recently tried for investments and succeeded(JLO investmented around $10mil in NRG).
2017-10-17 05:58
srly? JLO the fucking hot jennifer lopez awesome singer? source about this?
2017-10-17 13:44
India nicebaitm8 
2017-10-17 13:45
damn man, I've heard they had stars and big investors investing on them but SO MANY? didint knew. thats hot af but cant understand why they got all that attention, lolz. Its cool tho.
2017-10-17 13:49
well someone invested 100million usd in vp so..
2017-10-17 14:33
and as they paid 20$ milions for a fucking OW team, why not a safe profit + upgrade of their roster for only 1 million on CSGO right? ^^
2017-10-17 13:55
India nicebaitm8 
yes :) thats the plan. They have shaq and many other celeb investors. So it is natural to get a lot of other celeb investments :D. Talks are going on and if they succeed, NRG stickers for the first time in CSGO.
2017-10-17 13:53
shaq and JLO in the stage to watch major finals like it was VMA's show, can u imagine? HAHAHA =D
2017-10-17 14:00
India nicebaitm8 
A housefull glam event with loads of celebs :D
2017-10-17 14:03
Corote Flavours, Neymar (PSG) or Echo Fox !
2017-10-17 06:02
2017-10-17 11:35
titan is broke
2017-10-17 14:34
yes but they join anyway
2017-10-17 15:30
Malaysia Level1Cam 
PSG Secret Echo Fox EG SG Esports
2017-10-17 13:50
SG? BR D2 org? no way.
2017-10-17 13:51
Malaysia Level1Cam 
Could happen since they are brazil gaming org
2017-10-17 13:52
imo they dont have enough money bro.
2017-10-17 13:54
They dont have money,fallen had to sponser them
2017-10-17 14:21
2017-10-18 04:07
Russia deadforest 
Maybe LGB
2017-10-17 14:04
Europe kennyBeast 
Favela org, doubt after the incidents any org with brains will take this cancer of a team even if they have a major spot,
2017-10-17 14:31
would actually love to see neymar investing here
2017-10-17 14:32
2017-10-17 15:00
Turkey EFB 
NTC stickers would be sick
2017-10-17 15:01
Russia Rusev 
Which org would want to disrespect their brand by buying out drug addicts, alcoholics & the most unprofessional players in csgo???
2017-10-17 15:01
fnx | 
Poland redfinka 
probably cuz they will reach top 5 ?
2017-10-17 16:54
World KAPPAtych 
Lumosity (brain trainings) *ba dum tss*
2017-10-17 15:33
Denmark Tommins 
hopefully team with black logo lul, imagine black fnx sticker
2017-10-17 15:42
keyd stars would be sick
2017-10-17 15:51
United States ItsImpact 
FaZe Academy
2017-10-17 16:54
Even though FaZe is FaZe, I don't want their name to be further soiled with ex imt under their name
2017-10-18 04:06
Echo Fox because they have alot of money and they want to invest in CS:GO team they wanted to buy Cloud 9 but they couldn t so they hungry for a team money ain t a problem for them
2017-10-17 18:03
Team Secret
2017-10-18 03:44
SFTE-esports TSM Echo Fox Carlsberg/JackDaniels/smirnoff/Absolut/yourporn(since they have fnx and he can post a lot of videos )
2017-10-18 03:59
I'm saying TSM
2017-10-18 04:05
why u think gonna be tsm bro?
2017-10-18 04:10
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