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TOP 20 Players 2017
Brazil vini_champss 
1 - SK - Coldzera 2 - Faze - Niko 3 - G2 - Kennys 4 - Astralis - Device 5 - Sk - Fer 6 - Faze - Rain 7 - Sk - Fallen 8 - Astralis - Dupreeh 9 - Navi - S1mple 10 - North - Konfig 11 - VP - Snax 12 - G2 - Shox 13 - Mous - Oskar 14 - Gambit - Adren 15 - Ex-IMT - Hen1 16 - Astralis - Xyp9x 17 - Faze - Karrigan 18 - Nip - Forest 19 - G2 - NBK 20 - Navi - Zeus
2017-10-17 04:24
Where is Hobbit?
2017-10-17 04:26
United States Night0k0k 
Hell no Adren > Hobbit
2017-10-17 04:28
mou > adren
2017-10-17 21:51
2017-10-20 18:42
1. Hunden 2. Hunden 3. Hunden 4. Hunden 5. Hunden 6. Hunden 7. Hunden 8. Hunden 9. Hunden 10. Hunden 11. Hunden 12. Hunden 13. Hunden 14. Hunden 15. Hunden 16. Hunden 17. Hunden 18. Hunden 19. Hunden 20. Hunden
2017-10-17 07:48
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
2017-10-17 09:08
Where is friberg?
2017-10-17 09:16
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
We're not in 2013 sorry
2017-10-17 09:17
Where is he?
2017-10-17 09:18
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
in 2013
2017-10-17 09:19
2017-10-17 09:22
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
2017-10-17 09:23
thank mr
2017-10-18 22:43
lul u won
2017-10-20 18:51
friberg where?
2017-10-23 09:44
on his way to the Mordor
2017-10-17 08:57
Indonesia PNF 
2017-10-17 22:25
2017-10-19 12:48
7 - Sk - Fallen 8 - Astralis - Dupreeh 12 - G2 - Shox 20 - Navi - Zeus lul
2017-10-17 04:27
11 - VP - Snax
2017-10-17 06:43
snax is like 45. currently lul
2017-10-17 07:02
2017-10-17 07:03
suNny | 
Finland iPaZ 
ik he looks like 45 but he is 24
2017-10-17 09:22
Netherlands iuohtz 
2017-10-17 18:07
Hungary showee 
he looks like 150 but he is 200kg minimum
2017-10-20 18:47
suNny | 
Finland iPaZ 
2017-10-20 19:03
Where's boltz? wtf
2017-10-17 04:28
Nifty | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dhrzg 
kng too
2017-10-17 06:23
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
trying to kill fns
2017-10-17 06:32
Prove it or I'll kill you!
2017-10-20 10:42
Portugal RKO23 
ofc , brazilian , fan of sk ofc coldzera would be top1 , sorry but this year coldzera will not be top1.
2017-10-17 04:29
Brazil nomurway 
If will not coldzera, who will be?
2017-10-17 05:28
FalleN | 
Guatemala Zerkuhh 
2017-10-17 05:33
Portugal RKO23 
someone , that is performing better than cold , duh.
2017-10-17 05:40
Brazil nomurway 
Who is better than cold? He is a fucking monsta
2017-10-17 05:45
2017-10-17 06:41
Brazil nomurway 
No man he isn't
2017-10-17 06:44
NiKo MVP at ESL New York (Tier 1) MVP at StarSeries S3 (Tier 1) Rating (past 3 months): 1.30 Team is on a 15 win map streak coldzera MVP at cs_summit (Tier 2.5) MVP at IEM Sydney (Tier 1.5) MVP at Dreamhack Summer (Tier 1.5) Rating (past 3 months): 1.23 Team is on 2 loss map streak (to Heroic might I add)
2017-10-17 06:50
ye .. sk < heroic heroic < extatus so, sk < extatus ez :D
2017-10-17 08:28
India mak4u2 
a is perpendicular to b . b is perpendicular to c . this doesn't imply a is perpendicular to c.
2017-10-17 10:01
You have 3 apples and every apple has a different weight. Apple A (light) Apple B (medium) Apple C (heavy) A < B, B < C it means A < C
2017-10-17 11:36
Rekt injun
2017-10-17 22:00
A year has 3 months?
2017-10-17 13:57
Brazil oBebss 
Coldzera > NiKo Coldzera: 9 Finals 8 Titles NiKo: 9 Finals 4 Titles "NiKo is better than cold" LUL
2017-12-21 12:07
Brazil luisss 
hello, mr. Do you still thinking this? :D
2017-12-26 15:44
Cold blows Niko for 5$
2017-10-17 09:12
Brazil DRayyy 
LOL Coldzera is better than NiKo i dont like SK but Cold is better
2017-10-17 06:48
Funny how you select only cold highlights not NiKo. EDIT: The fact that your implying head-to-head means anything in best player in the world off of a couple of clips clearly shows your baiting.
2017-10-17 06:56
rain | 
New Zealand flux1 
how the fuck does those (clips) prove cold is the best it comes down to individual play and team and might i add his team has been doing shit lately
2017-10-17 07:29
Australia _Lurkin_ 
WHOLE OF 2017 not past 2 months. SK has won the most tournaments this year. During those wins cold was insane, compared to niko who is still really good but hasn't had that string of consecutive tournament wins. Plus faze didn't make it outta groups in major.
2017-10-17 08:22
Denmark Antonio192 
I'm a faze fan but cold is definitely better than niko
2017-10-17 06:15
Lol wtf
2017-10-17 22:01
Portugal hugofilipe10 
Coldzera is much better than Niko
2017-10-17 21:42
Portugal RKO23 
you're pratically saying that a prodigy , is worse than a guy that doesnt has the same talent as niko... okay , caga....
2017-10-17 22:38
If #1 player is MUCH better than #2, it'd be safe to say #1 is cheating.
2017-10-20 10:30
How is coldzera #1 if NiKo have better stats all year , and a lot better stats last 3 months , he have even won more tier 1 events And you dont even have olof guardian JW on the list lol.
2017-10-17 04:33
Brazil vini_champss 
Cs does not boil down to rating. And I bet whatever you want these 3 will not be.
2017-10-17 04:34
i will save this and lol at you so hard l8ter then , and like you are saying cs does not boil down to rating , NiKo.s roll is harder and more impressive , cold is almost the last guy to die in SK , so he gets a nice KD , aka Killing low targets/save gun
2017-10-17 04:40
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
SK won three tier 1 events, FaZe won two.
2017-10-17 05:42
nope 2 tier 1 , the rest was shit events like cs_summit fun to watch tho , FaZe have won 3 250k+ events , 1 with the old one , and 2 now with the new lineup edit: i guess sydney was tier 1 event also but not really imo was 3 good teams there and FaZe won 1m event SK did not
2017-10-17 05:49
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
Dude, SK won ESL, ECS, Dreamhack Open Summer 2017, IEM Sydney 2017, cs_summit and more -> (look at the trophies). At the second semester they won three tier 1 events IN A ROW, FaZe two with this new lineup.
2017-10-17 05:49
This is SK 4 wins - 2/3 tier 1 event , cs_summit is bullshit , and i would say sydney was tier 2 event almost This is FaZe 3 wins and 3 top 2 - all wins was tier 1 and one was 1m event And NiKo have better stats all year , and by far the last 3 months edit: seems like they did not add the DH win they had not sure so lets say 5 wins but the year is not even over get and FaZe can win more and this was NiKo vs coldzera
2017-10-17 05:58
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
Sydney tier 2 event ? They won the final by 3-1 against FaZe, dude. If you look on liquipedia since cs_summit until ESL, SK got 2nd place on two of nine events, 1st place on six of nine and just one 3-4th place of nine. I don't have to say that cold was the main responsable for this achievement, he is a better player on LAN than NiKo. Now look at the FaZe classifications, pretty messy.
2017-10-17 06:03
wtf are you talking about , this was never FaZe vs SK , ofc SK have been better than FaZe this year so far , but that can change , as u can see now FaZe is #1 This is only stats from big events All of 2017 NiKo > coldzera Last 3 months NiKo > coldzera
2017-10-17 06:09
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
Yeah, dude, better stats but not a better player. Subroza has 1.55 rating right now and is he a good player ? No way NiKo is better than coldzera this year. According to liquipedia the final was SK vs FaZe and it was 3-1.
2017-10-17 06:13
this just proves that u have low IQ , the stats is ONLY from big events , Subroza have shit stats then wtf are you talking about i love coldzera but you are the biggest fanboy ever that cant take any facts
2017-10-17 06:15
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
I'm not even a fanboy dude, stop offeding, let's talk like big boys here. I have low IQ but it's your english that sucks.
2017-10-17 06:17
Ya shit talk my english fine , NiKo still have better rating and i would say he have the harder roll than cold aswell , cold is always the last guy to die in SK so he kills low target players , or save the gun so he gets nice KD , and that 3-1 you are talking about was old FaZe they changed players for a reason? and now they have won 2 events in a row and the year is not over , and again this is not about FaZe vs SK
2017-10-17 06:20
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
We can not discuss anymore, you're relying on yout thoughts but I understand you, NiKo is a really good player, just not better than coldzera yet.
2017-10-17 06:24
not a fanboy but you have <3 coldzera? Yeah, ok.. SK has won 5 titles yes, but cs_summit and DH summer are low tier events, Sydney is an average event but not top tier since it only featured 8 teams and almost half was filled with shit teams, meaning a semi final spot was guaranteed for the good team. ECS and Cologne are top tier and solid wins. Faze has 3 titles, all top tier events but one with 3/5 lineup. I would hold SK slightly over Faze for team of the year so far, but Niko is more impressive than Cold. Cold enter last, holds super passive and retakes last (or saves). He gets to go in when he has info where (usually low hp) players are. Sure he is damn good at it, but it's arguably the easiest job since the whole team plays for him to shine. Niko has none of these benefits but still puts up the same or better numbers.
2017-10-17 08:22
I admire his work, but I'm not a "fanboy". I defend what I think, I'm not defending him because he is from Brazil, I did because he, on my opinion, is ATM better than NiKo. I do not agree about cs_summit not be considerated, I know it's more like a little event, but they won against the major winner, Gambit. And DH Summer was low tier, but they won against Fnatic, which should be considered. IEM Sydney had Astralis, FaZe and North, three really good teams, which should be considerated too. FaZe did not win a single game against SK this year, got eliminated by SK in more than 3 events. SK was not "slightly" better, SK were much better than FaZe this year so far. You're trying to detract coldzera, it's not just coldzera that "gets to go in when you have info where players are", it's a normal gameplay sense. He is not offensive, I agree, but it does not make him worse than NiKo, it makes them different players. Coldzera know how to be an IGL, how to entryfragger, how to AWP, how to HOLD, how to be agressive. NiKo know how to aim, which explains why he has better stats than cold, but explain why they lost every single game against SK either.
2017-10-17 20:12
The head to head stats says basically nothing st all since they havnt played after the roster change. Before that SK had 5 win and Faze one win, clearly at that point the SK as a team was better than Faze as a team. But after two straight event of not losing a map the success of the teams are almost comparable and the question of who is best is more valid. I never said they shouldn't count, just that they are not events of the highest tier and can't be counted one to one vs Faze 3 wins which are all from top tier events. I think you are reaching quite a bit when trying to find reasons to make the low tier events impressive. No one cares about Gambit at that time (most would still not count them as a great team, major or not) one fluke win doesn't make a team great (same goes for IMT). Fnatic was struggling hard at the time and even though Sydney did have some good teams, the rest of the teams were like tier 20 so it was impossible for SK to miss semi. A real big event feature all the great tier 2 teams that can upset the good teams in groups/quarters if they don't play great, like we seen in the events where SK went out in groups, at those event you need to play great all the way though, not just enjoy free wins and then play two hard games for semi and final. If you want a comparable number of the wins I would say faze 3 and SK 3,75* *1 point for cologne and ECS. 0,75 for Sydney. 0,5 for summit and DH. And that might be too much for the last two events. Regarding Cold, no it's not normal game sense, so you are saying that no one ever enter first into a site, take or retake? That is obviously not true. And if you always are the person that enters last you will not die as much and you will pick up some low hp kills on ppl you have info on where they hold. Cold is also the player that by far saves the most in his team since he holds super passive and retakes last he can run away if his teammates failed at setting him up, this also boosts his rating since he doesn't die much. This is in no way criticizing cold, he is probably the best in the world at what he does, but it is a role that allows him to shine and inflates his stats a bit compared to players of similar skill but with more aggressive roles (Rain, Niko and Fer for example) I must say I do however admire your manners, almost unseen by SK fans.
2017-10-17 21:14
Then we agree about cs_summit, IEM Sydney and DH Summer, those points are fair enough, but 3 points for FaZe ? Why ? If you just consider tier 1 events, they have won StarLadder and ESL One: New York according to Liquipedia, sorry if I have missed some other event. I agree with you in this point of view, coldzera is the star of SK, then he can't die first, his teammates play for his life sometimes, but by this POV NiKo and coldzera play in different roles, you can't comparate these aspects. Coldzera might play even better as agressive, and NiKo as passive, but we will not know if it's true until they try it. We can comparate their participations on the succes of their respective teams on events, we can comparate the stats and who is the most complete player. Afterall the answer, for me, is coldzera. I'm not saying it with absolute certain, but according to what I have seen this year, according to coldzera getting MVP on almost every event SK have won or having a lot of impact frags on important games even with SK losing, on cold carrying SK sometimes (because SK is not like FaZe that has five star players and it should be considerated) and he playing all roles with mastery. Anyway if NiKo get top 1 I wouldn't be surprised, he might deserves it. Apreciate your complement, SK has good fans too :)
2017-10-17 22:06
They won starladder as well, a fully stacked 16 team event (only 3/5 of current lineup, but Niko was one of them and he also got the MVP. Cold hs 3 MVPs but it is all the 3 lower events they won. Looking at rating he wasn't even the best player in SK for the first half of the year, that was Fer, who I would almost consider a more important player for SK, but Cold gets more fame since he was the top of last year. So if we count the MVPs with the same points as the events it is 2 MVP for Niko and 1,75 MVP for Cold. I think we can probably end this on saying that right now it is very close and the rest of the year should make it more clear who should be on top. :-)
2017-10-17 23:35
Yes indeed :-j
2017-10-17 23:56
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
And SK eliminated FaZe on like three events ? Karrigan, for exemple, never won against SK. Niko might have better stats, but he is not a better player than coldzera.
2017-10-17 06:06
Yes? SK was the better team atm , SK have never beaten this new FaZe lineup so it does not matter
2017-10-17 06:11
This was never FaZe vs SK , but NiKo vs coldzera , and as u can see NiKo have the better stats even tho he was playing for the team that was worse atm
2017-10-17 06:12
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
Yes, I know you're talking about NiKo and coldzera but you brought to this discussion the events they have won, I was just replying. Anyway you just care about stats, which is not everything and if you'll keep with this thought don't even reply me anymore, we won't go to anywhere. This year: SK > FaZe coldzera>NiKo Have a good night.
2017-10-17 06:21
haha fanboy , if you say so we will see end of the year and i will lol at you
2017-10-17 06:22
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
You can lol at my penis
2017-10-17 06:24
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
Yes he will lol at your penis since it's nonexistent.
2017-10-17 06:37
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
You think it's funny ?
2017-10-17 06:55
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
yes stupid monkey
2017-10-17 22:29
Respect me.
2017-10-17 22:32
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
i dont respect monkey
2017-10-17 22:43
You should. Monkeys are great animals, very similar to human behaviour. But I don't get it, I was not talking about animals. Do you have some autism degree ?
2017-10-17 23:54
Norway RNGtop1 
what is this, a brazillian coldzera fan defending faze? WTF???
2017-10-20 18:45
United States H4wkx 
2017-10-17 04:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
1. coldzera 2. NiKo 3. kennyS 4. device 5. fer 6. rain 7. dupreeh 8. k0nfig 9. S1mple 10. Fallen 11. GuardiaN 12. AdreN 13. HObbit 14. EliGE 15. Xyp9x 16. f0rest 17. Stewie2k 18. RpK 19. shox 20. boltz Not perfect ofc but roughly accurate imo
2017-10-17 04:36
Brazil Fakenix 
2017-10-17 04:42
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
Why -1 my friend? I think this is a pretty accurate list.
2017-10-17 04:43
no aggression intended NiKo is clearly better.
2017-10-17 07:00
I mostly agree with this but Niko > Coldzera
2017-10-17 04:43
United States SERGlO 
20. boltz lul expected from fat white hltv misogynist shit
2017-10-17 05:12
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
2017-10-17 05:51
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
I'm going by what's most likely in the actual top 20
2017-10-17 05:52
If Faze keeps performing like they do today, hopefully we can expect more Faze guys on the list.
2017-10-17 05:50
actually one of the most accurate ones i’ve seen all year. i think niko > cold, rain/fer swap, put k0nfig higher than dupreeh and the rest doesn’t matter
2017-10-17 09:14
Niko >>> Coldzera Fer = eco fragger, hes not top20
2017-10-17 04:37
fer eco fragger KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Playing vs SK is like playing vs two teams. You play vs SK and fer. The guy is literally playing the whole map and at his peak he is your pain in the ass. Coldzera makes great stats but it's fer making the difference. But what can I expect from German newfag.. Some knowledge? Aint gonna happen.
2017-10-17 09:06
You saw the renegades game eh? He pushes aggressively and gets lucky sometimes, other times he fucks his whole team by not holding back. SK would have won if he didn't push when they were at the last couple rounds. Same with taco, pushing cubby at a. Got rekt because obviously they expected it. Fer is repetitive, as is SK.
2017-10-17 09:19
You are judging them from the current form. I combine whole fucking career at SK Gaming. Game impact, stats, trophies, pro players talking about fer's game.. Whole package. Whole team struggles after they came back from "vacation".
2017-10-17 09:51
the only reason why SK won so much is Cold going God-mode and Fallen beeing top3 awper, fer was always just ecofragging with mac10 he had no impact.
2017-10-17 16:23
show me his mac10 stats and I will show u ak/m4 stats
2017-10-17 17:36
where can i see them?
2017-10-17 17:38
Defending a has been, nice.
2017-10-18 11:38
Sorry but csgo is judged as current... Besides some online games where they lose then do good. SK has sucked recently so they suck. Standard assumption from everybody.
2017-10-18 11:37
Did you even read the topic? Top20 players 2017. It's not "last 2 months", it's fucking 2017. CS:GO players/teams are not rated from they daily performance. Maybe in your brainwashed world they are but in normal world they aren't. You can rate players/teams from their last couple LAN placements. Every time new team is formed all the cs:go analyst figures say "we will see how they perform after 3 to 4 lans". Since this topic refers to whole year(not your fucking last 2 games), SK are decent and still dangerous.
2017-10-18 12:27
2017-10-19 13:00
Sure you did, you just realized that you have no knowledge about cs and someone has pointed it out. XOXO little retti
2017-10-19 13:32
Nah didn't read lol straight up
2017-10-20 12:21
AdreN must be top 5 he's a beast. Won a major had like the best major rating for both majors. Went to semi finals of Malmo by igling. And now that he stopped igling he's back to dropping 40 kills a game lmao this guy is an animal
2017-10-17 04:40
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
Wait who is IGL now then?
2017-10-17 04:43
2017-10-17 05:01
aizy | 
Europe Winde 
2017-10-17 06:37
snax>Major MVP adreN apparently
2017-10-17 07:05
Kenny fuckin S in third WTF this rank
2017-10-17 05:03
Can't tell if you think kennyS being 3rd is overrating or underrating, the guys an animal.
2017-10-17 07:03
France DKdarKnight 
2017-10-17 07:19
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
where's kjaerbye?
2017-10-17 05:10
United States SERGlO 
rat with shaky aim should be banned :>
2017-10-17 05:13
REZ | 
Sweden WIGGST0RM_ 
ye but he got eleague major mvp so he should be on top 20
2017-10-17 07:11
Brazil nomurway 
Coldzera number one? No way man because China #1 some tyloo guy #1
2017-10-17 05:30
coldzera in 2017 :DDDD and snax #11? :DDDDD
2017-10-17 05:35
11- Snax? 7 - Fallen? 15 - hen1? 16 - Astralis - Xyp9x? 17 - Faze - Karrigan? 18 - Nip - Forest? 19 - G2 - NBK? 20 - Navi - Zeus? Legitimately none of these names belong in a top 20 1. Coldzera 2. Niko 3. Kennys 4. Fer 5. Rain 6. Elige 7. Konfig 8. Device 9. Adren 10. Twistzz 11. Hobbit 12. Shox 13. Dupreeh 14. Olofmeister 15. S1mple 16. Kng 17. Fallen 18. Guardian 19. Stewie2k 20. Autimatic
2017-10-17 05:49
France DKdarKnight 
2017-10-17 07:21
People rate S1mple so highly, and no doubt he is likely a top 5 player in the world individually but, these lists are created based on achievements and placings and unfortunately, Navi hasn't done much. People also are critical of me including 4 NA players but, these are all the players who pushed their team through the big tournaments this year or made deep placings. Kng was the biggest factor this year for immortals. Hen1, and lucas don't belong anywhere near these lists
2017-10-17 07:25
Sweden Trkmag 
Ridiculous list, rating Elige and twistzz over s1mple with the argument that NaVi hasn't achieved much this year. And they haven't achieved that much but Liquid sure as hell hasn't either. NaVi: Quarters at DH Malmö, ELEAGUE Major. Semis at Starseries Kiev, ESL One Cologne. Liquid: Finalists at ESL NY, ESG Tour Mykonos Semis at EPL S5 Quarters at ESL One Cologne Those achievements seems pretty comparable to me so that I'll write that argument off. And regarding "I'm including the players who pushed their teams through big tournaments", who is doing that if not s1mple? He is maybe the biggest hardcarry in the world rn so yeah. With all this said, S1mple has better stats compared to the Liquid duo in a worse environment so how are they better than him?
2017-10-23 11:38
New Zealand JK_77 
1. niko 2. coldzera 3. fer 4. kennys 5. s1mple 6. k0nfig 7. rain 8. device 9. adren 10. dupreeh 11. fallen 12. hobbit 13. twistzz 14. apex 15. olofmeister 16. guardian 17. xyp9x 18. elige 19. pashabiceps 20. rpk
2017-10-17 06:06
United States $hemlenie69 
fergod top 1
2017-10-17 06:29
1. niko 2. cold 3. fer 4. kenny 5. k0nfig 6. s1mple 7. device 8. rain 9. snax 10. adren 11. fallen 12. oskar 13. twistzz 14. jw 15. tabsen 16. kjaerbye 17. xantares 18. olof 19. guardian 20. elige
2017-10-17 06:37
Portugal hugofilipe10 
ColdZera top1
2017-10-17 21:43
1. fer 2. rain 3. s1mple 4. AdreN 5. coldzera 6. device 7. kennyS 8. NiKo 9. FalleN 10. k0nfig GuardiaN, Kjaerbye, Xyp9x, f0rest, oskar, boltz, dupreeh, apEX, flamie, NBK-
2017-10-17 06:46
Australia Tekker07 
2017-10-17 09:31
United States STERBENVII 
1 - coldzera 2 - fer 3 - NiKo 4 - kennyS 5 - s1mple 6 - dev1ce 7 - k0nfig 8 - FalleN 9 - rain 10 - dupreeh 11 - Xyp9x 12 - AdreN 13 - oskar 14 - olofmeister 15 - Kjaerbye 16 - NBK- 17 - f0rest 18 - apEX 19 - GuardiaN 20 - Stewie2k
2017-10-17 06:59
Portugal hugofilipe10 
5- Rain 9-simple +1
2017-10-17 21:43
Lul bad ranking af
2017-10-17 07:00
United States MoneyGoo 
kennyS 3? LUL 4 MVPs this year
2017-10-17 07:01
Sweden ThorinEk 
you have good rating im not even sure one swede will make it on to the list this year however
2017-10-17 07:02
1. Niko 2. Cold 3. S1mple/Fer 4. Fer/Simple 5 KennyS 6.Rain 7. Konfig 8. Device 9.Dupreeh 10.Oskar 11.Fallen 12. Olof 13.Hobbit 14.Apex 15. Guardian 16. Xyp9x 17. Elige 18.Forest 19.Cajunb 20.Stewie2K Donno y people are not putting s1mple top 5? Yeah navi is garbage n he is toxic but he is literally carrying this team n getting good frags among top teams
2017-10-17 07:24
Brazil Heus 
putting niko on first is a big joke, he wasn't even considered to the Game Awards, he is not top 1, not here not in moon
2017-10-17 07:38
Not sure abt moon but u will soon realize the truth on earth
2017-10-17 07:40
Brazil Heus 
he is pretty good, but not top 1 because he was not considered to game awards, there's no way he wins this year, maybe next one and i really believe on that, he is a GOD
2017-10-17 07:42
As i am seeing u r cold fan n m Faze u stick to ur point n i will stick to mine . We will get the result in Dec
2017-10-17 07:45
Brazil Heus 
yes i am, but you dont get the point,
2017-10-17 07:48
expected niko > cold deal with it, cry is free
2017-10-17 09:08
Brazil Heus 
who is the number 1 at the Game Awards last year? Who was revealed to the Award this year again? niko? no, its Coldzera
2017-10-17 17:16
who cares about fcking game award?
2017-10-17 22:13
Brazil Heus 
2017-10-18 01:53
:DDDDDDDDDD cry more, because no one actually cares about award
2017-10-18 13:33
Brazil Heus 
2017-10-18 22:41
2017-10-19 12:28
Brazil Heus 
2017-10-19 18:56
Do you love yours cry? that's weird but i understand, kids are crying a lot
2017-10-20 10:00
" Who was revealed to the Award this year again? " - send me link you fcking liar! The nominees and categories for year 2017 weren't announced yet!
2017-10-19 12:46
Brazil Heus 
Official post: Official link: Coldzera is back to top 1 again CRY MORE BITCH
2017-10-19 18:55
It's not GAME AWARDS you fucking favela idiot xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD rather go to fuck you sister, thats what you do in favela brazil, right?
2017-10-20 09:53
Brazil Heus 
Game Awards is the event to the TOP GAMES in the world. This event is in the same time and show us the best players, narrators, comentators of 2017 asshole. This is the biggest event to promove the Best Player of the world
2017-10-20 18:40
you found a noname website where coldzera won something so you think he's top1 ahahahahahhahahahha
2017-10-20 10:25
Brazil Heus 
noname website? AHUAHUAHUHAHUAH wtf u are saiding man KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK This is just the biggest event in the year who happens together with Game Awards, but this is to the People and not Games. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK still thinking that niko is top 1
2017-10-20 18:42
mad brazil
2017-10-20 19:37
1-coldzera 2-niko i hope Elige in top20 al the rest i dnt care
2017-10-17 07:34
Brazil Heus 
the only who i doesn't agree is NBK, he is like top 12 and simple who should be up like top 5 and elige as well
2017-10-17 07:36
Mongolia Gana4st 
WTF where is HobbiT ???
2017-10-17 08:06
1. Niko 2. Fer 3. Coldzera 4.Device 5. S1mple 6.KennyS 7.Rain 8.Adren 9.Konfig 10.Hobbit 11.Snax 12.Guardian 13.Tabsen 14.Kjaerbye 15.Twistzz 16.EliGE 17.Xantares 18.Draken 19.Shox 20.Stewie2K
2017-10-17 08:16
Portugal hugofilipe10 
Coldzera top1
2017-10-17 21:44
Simple < Adren Simple < Hobbit Simple< Mou Simple top 1???
2017-10-17 09:10
device OVEROVEROVERrated xyr9x > device
2017-10-17 09:19
Rain over fer and device fer only showed up last month and rain still better than both
2017-10-17 09:26
Slovenia Pitr_d_K 
-konfig +hobbit
2017-10-17 09:58
BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD 2017 Ismail "refrezh" Ali Denmark 19 years old Currently playing for Tricked refrezh > ago > vp. REFREZH TO TIER1.
2017-10-17 10:01
11 - VP - Snax lol
2017-10-17 11:37
1. N1ko 2. fer 3. Coldzera 4. s1mple 5. KennyS
2017-10-17 16:55
coldzera will be like 5. or something
2017-10-17 16:57
1. coldzera 2. Niko 3. fer 4. KennyS 5. adren 6. dev1ce 7. rain 8. fallen 9. xyp9x 10. autimatic 11. k0nfig 12. s1mple 13. f0rest 14. stewie2k 15. hobbit 16. snax 17. elige 18. oskar 19. valde 20. felps
2017-10-17 17:40
2017-10-17 17:41
Ye he's the most favorite player but also the best awper in the world so he's a legend of csgo and not overrated
2017-10-17 20:44
France meF1 
adren in top20 cuz he is have major mvp ..
2017-10-17 17:41
1. coldzera 2. felps 3. fer 4. fallen 5. kNg 6. HEN1 7. TACO 8. steel 9. boltz 10. LUCAS1 11. kaike 12. trk 13. fnx 14. BIT1 15. Maluk3 16. horvy 17. showtiime 18. zews 19. dead 20. pashabiceps
2017-10-17 17:55
2017-10-17 23:38
s1mple should be much higher
2017-10-17 20:45
-vp snax + vp pasza
2017-10-17 21:47
No Hobbit but Fer is there cause CS_Summit>>Major? xD
2017-10-17 21:49
I agree with most of the players,its just kind of out of order 1.coldzera 2.NiKo 3.Device 4.fer 5.kennyS 6.rain 7.dupreeh 8.k0nfig 9.Adren 10.s1mple 11.Xyp9x 12.Snax 13.Fallen 14.HObbit 15.shox 16.oskar 17.flamie 18.NBK 19.tabseN 20.GuardiaN
2017-10-17 22:42
Canada RONOK 
kennyS should be more like 8th or 9th with how him and his team have been playing recently. Xyp9x hasn't done much this year so him and Fallen should be switched and GuardiaN has been doing pretty well on Faze so he should be higher in my opinion.
2017-10-19 00:26
Well g2 won 2 premier events this year including 1 last month and kenny has been pretty good this year.Xyp9x has quietly been the most important player on astralis,he wins clutches and is imo the best support player this year.Fallen's fragging wasnt so spectacular this year so i think xyp9x deserves a higher spot.GuardiaN has been really good only for the last month or so.
2017-10-19 19:01
Canada RONOK 
I know g2 was doing good at the start of the year, winning big tournaments, but with how they've been playing in the last few months I think if it doesn't improve kennyS's ranking will suffer. Even though Xyp is doing good, dev1ce is definitely their most important player rn. Fallen has been doing pretty well and you have to remember he's that teams igl as well. GaurdiaN should be lower like you said but I'm predicting with how he's been doing on Faze that he will definitely be higher in the standings later on.
2017-10-20 00:12
Cutest players: 1. Stewie2k 2. Stewie2k 3. Stewie2k 4. Stewie2k 5. Stewie2k
2017-10-17 23:40
Europe DavidNy 
1- rain noobs
2017-10-17 23:42
that is like the worst list i have ever seen in my life
2017-10-18 13:34
Serbia Bazy! 
Cold is bot in 2017 niko did everything with FaZe this year
2017-10-18 13:40
top 3 = bot alright
2017-10-20 10:05
NiKo AdreN Dev1ce Coldzera KennyS Rain Fer S1mple FalleN GuardiaN Olofmeister Shox Oskar K0nfig Stewie2k EliGE NBK Twistzz Stanislaw Dupreeh
2017-10-20 10:17
United States MoneyGoo 
kenny 5? LUL 4 MVPs btw
2017-10-20 10:26
Romania Tise 
No xyp9x ??
2017-10-20 10:28
Dupreeh / xyp9x
2017-10-20 10:31
where is friberg ?
2017-10-20 10:24
NiKo = cold so far imo. Lol at the bunch of idiots saying "x is MUCH better" etc. I'd say the last couple of months will determine the outcome.
2017-10-20 10:34
Australia Raychippy 
Finally someone who is not deluded
2017-10-23 11:42
Netherlands JeMoeder 
out of all the people that post their top 20, this is probably the worst and least accurate one
2017-10-20 10:37
Indonesia AzZzzz 
I think rain top 3, he is consistent player, mostly clutch, and spray god XD
2017-10-20 10:47
20 -Ex Imt- KNG
2017-10-20 18:43
s1mple top 3-4
2017-10-20 18:48
4 - Astralis - Device 7 - Sk - Fallen 10 - North - Konfig 11 - VP - Snax 18 - Nip - Forest 19 - G2 - NBK SNAX! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD where are VP now?
2017-10-20 18:51
1. twinaye
2017-10-20 18:52
Albania Leutriim12 
f0rest needs to be higher imo, snax is not on top 10 for sure and i dont think that cold is 1st of 2k17
2017-10-20 18:56
Happy's gotta be there he's on red hot form
2017-10-23 10:52
Netherlands Deji 
NBK haha i dont think so
2017-10-23 10:56
1 - SK - Coldzera XD 4- dev XD 20 zeus XD 8 - Astralis - Dupreeh fcking joke XD
2017-10-23 11:03
Finland dotto 
1. NiKo 2. KennyS 3. coldzera 4. S1mple 5. device 6. Rain 7. fer 8. Stewie 9. FalleN 10. Stewie2K
2017-10-23 11:03
World DopphMe0w 
Stop this bullshit guys. Coldzera is not top1 this year. He did nothing to get that spot,even fer is better than him.Niko/rain top 1
2017-10-23 11:44
Jame | 
Poland JKG 
Kjaerbye He was MVP at major I know he's shit but he'll be there
2017-10-23 12:16
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Honestly I respect your opinion and all-in-all I think it's a pretty decisively accurate list, however to some extent... Snax being on the list all and especially at number 11 is the biggest point of controversy here... As well as Coldzera being number 1 over NiKo or S1mple. KennyS had an electrifying year, but him being in the top 3 is hit-or-miss, I assume he is 5 or 6 for ALL of 2017 anyway. Nonetheless, I like the list for what it's worth. :) Opinions like this will always bring controversy and criticism, so it's to be respected as your opinion, ignore then hatred. :D Have a good day.
2017-10-23 14:38
Brazil vini_champss 
Best coment ever, thanks man. The CS needs people just like you.
2017-10-25 19:29
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Not a problem. :) May your predictions and I wish you the best of luck. Have a good day.
2017-10-25 21:00
rain | 
New Zealand flux1 
i dont want to sound like a dick but cold isnt num. 1 and fer should be higher up
2017-10-25 19:32
Brazil vini_champss 
Cold > Niko, i'm repeat.
2017-10-25 19:31
Zeus 20?????
2017-12-26 15:46
I noticed all of you disagreeing about the ranking of the top 20 players, and decided to create a fully rankable list with 60 players that played well in 2017. You can reorder the list and submit your own ranking to affect the average. If you are interested, you can check it out here (by the way, I assure you the link is perfectly safe, but if are worried do not click):
2017-12-30 07:59
Brazil vini_champss 
O like this rank
2018-01-01 16:16
Brazil vini_champss 
Snax top 20, ok ok. One check
2018-01-01 16:14
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
11 - Snax kkkkkk
2018-01-01 16:15
hate it when people can't get the capital letters right... like wtf is this shit "S1mple" "Rain" "Kennys" N O
2018-01-01 16:17
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