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Fixing some teams
United Kingdom Athreos 
Na'Vi: ---------------------------------------------- Zeus (IGL) Hobbit / AdreN (rifler / entry) s1mple (AWP) electronic (rifler, entry) mir / fitch (rifler, support) G2: ---------------------------------------------- Happy (IGL) shox (rifler) RpK (rifler, entry) kennyS (AWP) NBK / kioshima (rifler, support) SK: (Although personally I don't think they need it, felps just needs to regain form) ---------------------------------------------- FalleN (AWP, IGL) fer (rifler) TACO (rifler, entry) coldzera (rifler, support) felps / boltz (rifler) North: ---------------------------------------------- MSL (IGL) dupreeh / aizy (rifler) mertz / JUGi (AWP) k0nfig (rifler, entry) valde (rifler, support) Liquid: ---------------------------------------------- nitr0 (IGL, entry) Twistzz (rifler / support) Stewie2k (IGL, entry) autimatic (rifler / support) EliGE (rifler, entry)
2017-10-18 08:14
Spain JasonRacism 
2017-10-18 08:18
Turkey RooseBolton 
2017-10-18 08:19
India alex_gupta 
a big 0/8
2017-10-18 08:20
nitr0 | 
Canada Surs 
2017-10-18 08:25
2017-10-18 08:33
AdreN | 
Turkey asikbey 
Why not -overrated s1mple +mou?
2017-10-18 08:37
Liquid playing without an awper PogChamp
2017-10-18 08:44
United Kingdom Athreos 
I meant to put Stew
2017-10-18 09:23
REZ | 
Lithuania DieNastyA 
If you put happy as your igl you will not make top 5 anymore. Simply put he is one of the worst leaders because he sabotages teams doesnt practice and is an arrogant shit. If you give him power to operate the team completely you will be seing yourself at best below #8 in rankings.
2017-10-18 09:27
United Kingdom Athreos 
That's why Happy has won 2 majors
2017-10-18 09:28
REZ | 
Lithuania DieNastyA 
Thats why happy had best teams in terms of skill. In 2014 shox was trying to implement his style too snd happy was good back then. 2015 however different story that was a miracle run and kioshima back then had no role and seemed useless they won from matchmaking strats and best form of kenny,apex,nbk. Simple
2017-10-18 09:35
Lithuania Vortexqp 
2017-10-18 09:32
The roles in Liquid looks weird, if you want to fix North you should put Astralis on the table aswell
2017-10-18 09:33
shit and impossible "fixes" go to trashcan u crispy renault tier baguette fixing g2 -drop shitty french lineup and send them to McDonalds
2017-10-18 10:03
2017-10-18 10:05
You fixed some teams but you ruined others, gg
2017-10-18 10:18
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