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PUBG dead
World T0rszz 
pubg dead after no leaderboards anymore. GG
2017-10-18 20:32
1. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 970,592 2,279,084 681,681,890 2. Dota 2 528,646 816,110 345,491,953 3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 513,353 656,309
2017-10-18 20:32
considering that pubg counts asian players whereas csgo and dota do not because they have their own perfect world clients, those numbers arent exactly true.
2017-10-19 04:20
2017-10-19 23:13
czech brain, also lets cheer for faze cos they are top 1 XD
2017-10-20 13:45
Norway Onkelele 
Lets feed this troll.
2017-10-20 14:06
dota counts asianos
2017-10-20 14:31
Faroe Islands YesntNamer 
Not chinese ones
2017-10-21 11:36
yes it does
2017-10-21 12:57
Portugal Turambar 
pubg is also being sold by a third party
2017-10-20 19:39
Portugal Mutelps 
Pubg dont have fckin tournaments
2017-10-22 10:56 PUBG have tournaments, stop the lies you piece of shit
2017-10-22 14:43
Portugal Mutelps 
2 tournaments OMG
2017-10-22 16:57
"Pubg dont have fckin tournaments" Mutelps=retard
2017-10-22 17:57
yeah dead still peaking everyday at 2mil+ xd
2017-10-18 20:34
its good casuarl game for noobs
2017-10-19 03:40
totally agree, every casual gamer friend that I have on steam, got PUBG. even the RPG-MOBA guys.
2017-10-19 03:44
Europe tweekzter 
+1 Same with my friends. Never were really into practising CS anyways, so now they jumped over to PUBG, spending 200+ h doing the same random stuff over and over again, getting shot in the back 9/10 times. :D
2017-10-20 13:56
going third person on any mode is like playing bots tbh
2017-10-22 02:51
havent played in weeks... it's so boring for me now when is new map coming out?
2017-10-18 20:36
When they release the 1.0. Probably in late december.
2017-10-18 20:39
i feel like they're in desperate need for new maps.. everyone knows every single spot in the current one and it just gets so repetitive
2017-10-18 20:41
most retarded comment 2017
2017-10-18 20:50
2017-10-18 20:51
Europe tweekzter 
true tho... PUBG is extremely repetitive.
2017-10-20 13:57
they're in desperate need to fix the netcode and optimizing the game first of all.
2017-10-20 14:25
Crying about same map which has been avaible for couple of months. Csgo same maps have been there for 10 years. Dust 2 remake same map just new textures what a fucking update. Stop eating butter its bad for your health
2017-10-21 11:27
O boy... a Russian is talking to me? Fuuuuuck gotta take a shower now... Listen kid, I have been playing CS since 1999. I have played PUBG since the day it came out on early access. I don't need your bullshit comments nor your input about any of my opinions
2017-10-22 02:50
Yeh you should you stink like a fuck. Your small brains could not even produce proper answer. As i said cs same maps have been here for 10 years Pubg same map have been here for 1 year Crying about playing same map is retarded Oh you are amerifat
2017-10-22 09:29
Lul :)
2017-10-23 00:48
Australia Raychippy5 
No friends = boring Confirmed you're a loner!
2017-10-22 09:32
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
+1 can confirm :(
2017-10-22 11:22
Bahahaha good one? Had 2 groups of people that all played on a normal basis. Now none of us play... boring game, no variation, everyone knows every spot... boring as fuck, doesn't matter if you play solo, duo, or squad
2017-10-23 00:49
2017-10-18 20:40
Netherlands Deji 
pabgee is shet
2017-10-18 20:45
ye fortnite killed it rip shit game 2k17-2k17 gone and forgotten
2017-10-19 03:43
postal 2 on sale....100k players
2017-10-19 03:59
Norway namsayin 
haha why did ppl even think this poor game would last long? i know because people are stupid and want to throw money on useless shit "and skins in csgo is the same" but cs got alot more then pubg even without skins or betting.
2017-10-19 04:05
Norway sparta92 
It triggers me so much hearing from retarded 12 y old kids that this game requires brain. Nooo, just nooo This game requires only some skill and some patience to camp, thats all. When even a braindead shroud can play it SHit game
2017-10-19 04:15
Its more casual and you dont need to trihard. Super fun to play with friends and chill. Csgo is getting pretty boring for me and without 3rd party sites it would be dead long time ago.
2017-10-21 11:21
Indonesia Metrobusters 
Yep people will only play it for couple month.. and they will suffer in boredom. theres no legit diverse tactics and gameplay for competitive gaming what soever.. DOTA etc will get its loyal players back in couple of month after they found PUBG wuz boring. i was hyped at PUBG too at first and i was one of the very first people that got to lay hands on it before it even go public.. but on and on.. it feel.. Bland.. you will feel it too . trust me.
2017-10-19 04:34
but what kind of game could possibly be better than one where you play (trying to get better), only to realize that every time you find a 4x you get more kills and get to the top 5 consistently and then you realize that it really has less to do with being good and more to do with being lucky with gun spawns and where the "shock zone" moves randomly?
2017-10-19 23:22
Indonesia Metrobusters 
i think i describe it very clearly. i was stating that this game isnt fitted as competitive play. only a casual runs.. no skill needed.
2017-10-20 13:41
Europe tweekzter 
+1 add, being lucky/unlucky to shoot or get shot in the back.
2017-10-20 14:01
you forgot randomized AK sprays LUL
2017-10-21 11:15
2,2 mil with a SHIT TON OF GLITCHES .
2017-10-20 13:47
People have to realise that the growth over the last 2-3 months was almost entirely ASIAN market. There are multiple articles on that topic. Western market for PUBG plateaued a few months ago while Asian market is still growing. Also more than 55% of the entire playerbase is located in China and Central Asia, go figure.
2017-10-20 14:03
If PUBERTYG is dead, it should be covered with shroud.
2017-10-20 14:06
Poland Pati23 
2017-10-20 14:09
MTA Battlegrounds is more fun than that 30 euro crap.
2017-10-20 14:11
I find it amusing that the post about CSGO being dead with the same title got deleted, but the admins allow this topic to go untouched, shows a clear lack of class from the HLTV admins. This is why our scene is dying, there is no class anymore, just butthurt children!
2017-10-21 11:18
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
+1734, have to agree
2017-10-22 09:37
csgo dead is meme. HLTV deletes meme topics
2017-10-23 00:52
Fuck PUBG, and If you're down with PUBG, then fuck you too.
2017-10-21 11:29
Canada josef733 
>50% of all PubG players are in Asia Oh, and PubG is already losing players.
2017-10-22 09:47
is it me or fortnite is way enjoyable and its free aswell :'D I played pubg shitted on everybody its way too easy game without any recoil.
2017-10-22 11:28
Brazil Mirekz 
its not dead yet but it will be pretty soon, there's so many cheaters atm, in my last 5 matches i saw at least one guy with speedhack in each map,not to mention the people using ESP and Chams cheats ruin pretty much every online game that is pvp, the only pvp games that there's less cheaters are games like dota 2
2017-10-23 00:55
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