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This is me , I'm gay !
France qaLa 
2017-10-20 05:23
Russia Jovik 
How many more times am I bound to see this? Some french guy used to claim that it was him. And who are you?
2017-10-20 05:25
France qaLa 
I'm that french guy , startw0w ; just changed nicknames :)
2017-10-20 05:26
Russia Jovik 
Why you keep posting your photos? I still remember you're 165 in height, never kissed a girl and virgin. I wanted to support you back then but you ignored me. Even sent you a message. What's the purpose of it? I wanted to get in touch.
2017-10-20 05:27
France qaLa 
I dont know , I'm bored And I have no message of you in my inbox
2017-10-20 05:28
Russia Jovik 
Are you really a gay then?
2017-10-20 05:31
France qaLa 
2017-10-20 05:31
Russia Jovik 
What? I'm being serious, I'm losing faith in you... You yourself made the title of the thread. So?
2017-10-20 05:32
France qaLa 
I'm not , just b8ing
2017-10-20 05:32
Hear my advice. If you want to create a really good thread with lots of posts, being sincere and find an interesting topic. Don't think many will come to rate you the 10th time in a week.
2017-10-20 05:33
France qaLa 
I don’t want people to rate me , I’m just bored
2017-10-20 05:39
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Solid advice, Jovik. Topics like these that are just bait because the user is simply "bored" is obviously nonsensical time-wasting... There are many forms of procrastination out there, but if you're going to use HLTV as a medium of communication and procrastination, do so properly and respectfully. Apparently the user isn't even gay, yet he stated so anyway out of the need for attention... I dislike this outright, but I hope he is well for all intents and purposes. Have a good day, Jovik. :)
2017-10-20 05:52
Hello Jonty, of course I have a blind faith for any user but it rarely comes to be true. I'm up for a dialogue of any subject but how can I? If the user is just trolling wasting both mine and his time ;) I really wish here were more users like you, you're the best person I've ever known on any existing forum. I truly never bait but hey, they don't find it interesting to communicate seriously on the matter. Have a good time too ;)
2017-10-20 06:15
Norway duffz00r 
Grats 0
2017-10-20 05:29
Brazil nyz 
why are you posting this shit again? 2/10 looks like someone isis would recruit
2017-10-20 05:59
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