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RX 580 vs GTX 1060 (For UltraWide 1080p)
rain | 
Brazil ValiantRebellion 
So, the title says it all, should i pick the 1060 (cheaper) for a higher resolution, or should i get the RX 580 (a little more expensive) but apparently it would perform better in a higher resolution because of the higher Memory bandwith/Memory ??? HALP !!!
2017-10-20 20:56
Canada TorontoSucks 
Xbox 360 csgo >>> PC
2017-10-20 20:57
RX 580 will not perform better only because of that bandwith boost. That gpus is better in almost all the aspects.
2017-10-20 20:58
just watched benchamarks about these 2, rx just destroys 1060, only game 1060 is way better is gtav but its game for nvida cards only pretty much
2017-10-20 20:58
Vietnam Hltv_Communist 
it doesn't "destroy" it scrub, it's somewhat better, but not that much
2017-10-20 21:01
doom vulkan+20fps, gtav -9fps, deus ex +6fps, hitman +7fps, rottr +7fps, battefield 1 +11fps, total war -5fps, this is better, if these 2 have same price then if ur not nvida fangay 1060 is pointless to buy, 570 competes with 1060, 580 is out of this league
2017-10-20 21:04
Vietnam Hltv_Communist 
ur so retarded, this means the rx is slightly better, but nod DESTROYS the 1060 u fucking autist. and the price of the rx is higher in many countries u twat.
2017-10-20 21:11
Canada gaaagnon 
Lul? There's a lot more to a gpu than FPS. Good benchmark site, if all you want is FPS than 580. Other than frames per second, 1060 beats the 580 on almost every other aspect of the gpu.
2017-10-20 21:12
i prefer to watch actual benchmark videos, ususally its like 15-5 for 580 in games compared to 1060, 580 was meant to be cheaper aswell but then faking mining happend, sad
2017-10-20 21:14
Canada gaaagnon 
Like I said, the 580 for fps is better. But there's more to a gpu than fps.
2017-10-20 21:17
biggest loss for 580 is that its better for mining, 95% of cards go to retarded miners, prices are dropping atm but they are way too high still, 290€ in my country, 1060 6 gb is 276 tho
2017-10-20 21:19
i saw some early deals (preping for black friday i guess) of the 580, but is still is a tad bit more expensive than a 1060, also, i get a lot of, "it's a future proof card", not sure if this is valid tho
2017-10-22 03:52
suNny | 
World gto13 
580 is way better than the 1060, ihave the 480 8gb and is pretty much the same as a 1060 or even better. The 580 was made to "fight" with 1070.
2017-10-20 21:00
Poland Super889 
2017-10-20 21:07
goddammit... this shit is killing me, i look at some videos, RX 580 running Deus EX MD at 2560x1080 with higher frames, then i load a different video, and the 1060 has a 7 fps lead over the 580... fucking hell... P.S. i'm still rocking a 3770 non K, i'm only planning to upgrade next year, when Intel releases their cheaper mobos, i might get a 8600k
2017-10-22 03:45
Just get whatever is cheap don't know why people pay tons more for 5 more fucking fps
2017-10-22 03:48
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