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Rich people
Mongolia SadUnicorn 
How does it feel to be rich? I've always been dreaming about having a huge salary but there is nothing I can do right now and it's just a desire.
2017-10-21 03:08
"Rich people" You mean famous? Because there's no way to describe "rich" unless they run a company and it spreads money around the family OR they're famous/celebs Go learn a skill or something then use it
2017-10-21 03:10 build hotel at the beach and ez profit
2017-10-21 03:10
United States f00bar 
No one really feels "rich", except maybe people in the Forbes billionaire list. You don't get successful by trying to "get rich". Everyone is always striving to move up, to make more. That's how capitalism works. Incentives.
2017-10-21 03:20
Nt Karl.
2017-10-21 03:15
It doesn't matter that much. What matters is to spend way below what you can spend, that way you stay free. Freedom is what matters.
2017-10-21 03:13
i do know ;-;
2017-10-21 03:21
Chile nachooww 
we are poor:(
2017-10-21 03:22
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