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Siema #6 - Politics
Poland Wewek_(Siema_Creator) 
Siema. Questions for today: 1. What do you think, country should guarantee their citizens? 2. Are you leftist, centrist or rightist? 3. Conservatism, liberalism or socialism? 4. Monarchy, republic or democracy? /discuss //In my opinion, country should make people free - make weapons legal, create free market economy, legalise drugs, and guarantee freedom. That explains I'm something beetween conservative liberalism and libertarianism. I'm central-rightist, but rather I go to right than center. Monarchy is best. When there are 460 parlament members, there's almost impossible to make good decisions - when there is a king - there are no problems with that.
2017-10-21 22:48
happycrank u are not siema creator
2017-10-21 22:50
I'm not the creator of "siema" meme, but I'm creator of "siema" series, that should explain you everything Mr. Grinchenzo Corleone
2017-10-21 22:52
And what now? I kekked strongly
2017-10-21 22:56
Great thread, subscribed,
2017-10-21 22:52
Thank you Mr. Detective
2017-10-21 22:52
Siemanko. 1. Do what? 2. Fuck off. 3. Your mom. 4. I'm an atheist.
2017-10-22 00:16
2017-10-22 21:13
How is that?
2017-10-28 00:52
Atheist in 2k17 OMEGALULLL AHAHAHHAHA DUDE atheism is shit its wrong according the science . Research deism pls
2017-10-23 19:47
Are you getting paid for this threads?
2017-10-22 21:15
Nah, I'm just a random HLTV spammer
2017-10-23 19:22
nothing neither neither neither no problem
2017-10-22 21:15
2017-10-23 19:23
national polls and legalization of canabis centralist liberalism republic
2017-10-22 21:19
2017-10-23 19:22
Greenland duedue 
1 pis 2 pis 3 pis 4 pis
2017-10-22 21:23
pis is ok i swear
2017-10-23 19:23
mir | 
Brazil leogmg 
I think monarchy is a bad idea, even though it is definetly tough for the parlament menbers to agree, imo it is far better than giving all powers to only one person, because, unless the person is insanely honest and good, it will probably become a dictatorship, I think the problem with parlamentarists is that even when tehy do agree, if they are not from the same political party, they will never support the person, and sometimes, even not agreeing with what a person is saying, another has to support them cause they are from the same party. I think parties shouldn't be a thing.
2017-10-28 01:02
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