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Got scammed By Puro 200k inv
Europe TeamLogo 
Cant believe my eyes this fucking greedy boy... He's got inv up to 200h and fuck knows how much in other acc. here his link Right i offered him my knifes for his skins then he agreed with it, after he asked me to add one more knife and i did. sended him an offer he made counter offer, i didnt check anything tho guy got 200k inv he wouldnt do anything like that then turn csgo and guess what, this fucking fat boy when done counter offer changed ak vulcan mw st to ft.. Then i went to him nicely, like we did smth wrong i got vulcan ft instead of mw he went no thanks. I said can i get my items back, he said not thanks. what a fucking twat! here is some proof. Look at those pictures and tell me that he is a prick please share report sthat shit scammer thanks!!
2017-10-22 01:32
Portugal SidneiGama4 
nigga how
2017-10-22 01:32
tell me how ^^ when terd with 200k inv sends u counter offer u dont really check a u
2017-10-22 01:34
Brunei br0ks 
LUL scammed in 2017 LUL skins in 2017 LUL
2017-10-22 01:33
getting scammed in 2017 LUL
2017-10-22 01:36
2017-10-22 01:40
Sweden Dino1 
This... who cares about some cents... Who trades person to person in 2017 LMAO
2017-10-22 01:44
Canada SquishyMuffinz 
u tried to lowball him,so he thought a nice way to get you fucked.wp him
2017-10-22 01:41
The only one who are truly scamming people are Valve making people invest money for skins.
2017-10-22 01:44
Canada SquishyMuffinz 
none forces you to put money into the game so your state is irrelevant.
2017-10-22 01:46
No one forces you to trade with another person. According to your logic, no one has ever been scammed.
2017-10-22 01:48
Iceland xijmplr 
hes famous scammer from belarus, he scam cuz he do trading for a living
2017-10-22 02:44
How is this a scam though? You are just too dumb to read lol.
2017-10-22 02:47
2017-10-22 03:11
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