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Met ldlc players in a DM ama
United States blinDi 
2017-10-22 02:40
what were their scores
2017-10-22 02:41
United States blinDi 
There was someone on the server doing better then all of them but they mostly went like 70-30
2017-10-22 02:43
was the server fragshack
2017-10-22 02:49
United States blinDi 
Yeah, the server is on Ex6tenz twitter but they are probably getting ready for the match now
2017-10-22 03:00
Magisk | 
United Kingdom camzh 
their always in my dm
2017-10-22 03:07
Norway osmm 
i met kennyS the other day (he was wrecking) and zero today (he was decent, nothing special, killed him as many times as he killed me)
2017-10-22 03:27
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