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immortals is over
Brazil free_smooya_ffs 
kNg's temper fucking killed the Brazilian squad. They honestly should drop them and pick some hot european prospects, because they're Premier League material.
2017-10-23 01:55
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
kng??????? Copyright by Noah honor>>all Whinston. All rights reserved.
2017-10-23 01:59
Germany Licks 
Yes man, KNG screwed up, the fault of what happened is almost all of him. Henrique e Lucas are also trash for taking advantage of contract dates a leaving Boltalha and steelega down.
2017-10-23 02:10
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
mermão o boltz já pulo fora da imt tbm rateia ele tbm bixo, kng carrego o time no minor derrubo os boneco no major, sem ele imt nem no major tinha ido.
2017-10-23 02:20
Immortals is just dead now. zqk? Horvy? Destiny?
2017-10-23 02:08
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
Now its official. Boltz replacing Felps. Immortals is over.
2017-10-23 02:10
Brazil BiDaD0 
I agree that IMT is over but imo KNG isnt the one to blame, but Noah and IMT in general. They should solved the problem indoors, not freaking twitting everything, freaking amateurs.
2017-10-23 02:12
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