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United States KinglyFish 
Would literally destroy every team involved rofl... Top Team: Happy, kennyS, Shox, Rpk, apEX 2nd team: Ex6, Scream, Amanek (He can awp decently), NBK, Xms 3rd team: Sixer (rifling), Devil, Maniac, ALEX, To1nou
2017-10-28 20:39
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Don't pay attention to the part on top lol
2017-10-28 20:40
Canada Surzz 
happy and shox wont play with each other nbk and scream wont play with each other /close
2017-10-28 20:40
apEX and kennyS hated each other before, they'll play with whoever if it gets results.
2017-10-28 20:41
Switzerland zaViM 
wtf you saying, kennys and apex have been a package deal for years
2017-10-30 20:30
They hated each other at one point kennyS on apEX a few years ago: I'm only half surprised about that news because I know the players from the team. Danny (apex) after 2 tries finally reaches his goals, the most hypocritical and opportunistic player in the scene has what he wanted : A salary. If those two can get over that, I'm sure Shox and Happy can get over their small disagreement.
2017-10-30 20:35
Czech Republic Kotvic 
Prove that shox hates Happy. Happy is friend with shox maybe SmithZz doesn't get on well with Happy. Just look at Happy's player profile from Valve's YT. There is shox talking about Happy in the good way dumbass. And I agree with KinglyFish in all 3 teams. Now /close
2017-10-30 20:27
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Total bullshit, they can and will probably play together again
2017-10-30 20:51
United States notCRank 
just because players critique how others play doesn't mean they hate or wont play with them. People like you are so fucking ignorant, knowledge up. fuck outta here. /close
2017-10-30 21:27
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Misfits > 2nd team
2017-10-28 20:42
Are you serious? How would you change it? Misfits is really bad lol anyway... Rate the top team
2017-10-28 20:43
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
I would have To1nou instead of Amanek (Amanek is trash, maybe not in NA, but in EU he is) and i would also have ALEX over XMS. (Not sure if ALEX is entry or not, but he plays really well and XMS is kinda meh) Top team is OK, i would give top team 8/10 rating. I would rather have Ex6 or NBK over Happy as IGL. Even tho Happy is nutty with the deagle.
2017-10-28 20:56
NBK can't IGL, in old nV all they did when he was IGL was force buy all the time, I'd honestly rather have Devil IGL again... The real question is between Ex6 and Happy Happy can obviously frag way better than Ex6, this isn't up for debate. But, I've never seen any actual proof Ex6 is a better IGL than Happy... So I'll go with Happy. But, Amanek isn't that bad, he was never given a shot...
2017-10-28 21:12
Russia cuba_libre10 
French players are too emotional for csgo... -shox cause emotions -kennyCry cause emotions -ScreaM because emotions (when he entry frags or defends a site he thinks he is rambo then he does some STUPID ASS SHIT and his team loses round). -Rpk he will never learn aim +Devil intelligent and smart player like Astralis player. +Maniac mature player and smart +Apex he is decent
2017-10-28 20:51
- scream is belgian and maniac is swiss - rpk is carrying NV for months now
2017-10-28 20:56
Russia cuba_libre10 
thefact that u think belgian is different from french. and swiss also close
2017-10-28 20:56
apart from that you're totally right about scream, that's why I was happy they picked bodyy instead of him
2017-10-28 20:57
well said
2017-10-28 20:58
France vNUSSS 
maniac so bad now dude
2017-10-28 21:13
seems good
2017-10-28 20:53
shox kennyS NBK apeX ScreaM Ex6tenz to1nou Zywoo bodyy rpk
2017-10-28 20:58
+111111111111111 kennyS shox apEX Happy RpK it would be a real super team.
2017-10-28 20:58
Shox is coming back into form while being IGL. Imagine Shox as just a star player Kreygasm
2017-10-28 21:09
2017-10-28 20:59
2017-10-28 21:09
Peru 2loro2 
Shox Ex6 ScreaM KennyS Body/kio Happy Rpk Apex Nbk Zywo0 Devil Devo To1nou Amenek David’s/Jackz
2017-10-28 21:02
About that top team: Too many under performers on that team - Ex6 and Bodyy Scream isn't always consistent and can choke, he needs skill around him to compensate for that. And can you prove to me Ex6 is a better IGL than Happy? Nope, didn't think so...
2017-10-28 21:08
No one can prove to you ex6 is better than happy because you are a "Fan of happy". IGL wise ex6 is better, Happy is better at fragging but he also is a baiter so that doesn't mean much.
2017-10-28 21:12
Watch Sean's video on Happy's lurk style. On top of that it's really obvious Happy's changed his style, and Happy even said he'd try to reinvent his style. And you really can't prove Ex6 is a better IGL, where were his strats versus Mouz?
2017-10-28 21:14
Ex6 is a better igl. For a long time, despite having an extremely unlucky career, he managed to keep his teams on par with the best in the world. During NiP's era Ex6 led VeryGames, the only team that could compete with NiP. When he was leading Titan, he was able to keep up with teams like Fnatic and NiP despite having a much inferior roster. He was able to keep his team towards the best in the world despite his star awper getting VAC banned, despite picking up RPK and him having no clue how to play the game anymore. Really the only thing that ex6tenz can be faulted for is not performing at majors, he always chokes at the majors. If you actually watch LDLC these days, ex6 still has it, ESPECIALLY online. LDLC still has a shot at making finals because of how many top teams they've knocked off. It's really too bad that LDLC currently doesn't have the fragging potential to get far. Players like DEVIL really hold the team back with poor fragging ability. Also, Happy still baits. He's not as bad as he used to be sure, but he still plays for stats, A LOT.
2017-10-28 21:20
The funny part is Titan fell off just as kennyS stopped being the world's best awper and started to slump. This was right before he was transferred to EnvyUs. And LDLC loses against tier 58 teams consistently online, not just once in a while, they lose against teams like Panthers very consistently. This is undeniable, the proof is on their HLTV match page. And their recent LAN results are just awful, especially their games against Mouz. And I don't think you understand how Happy's system works. He solo holds one side of the map, and if his team rotates to him he goes with the team. If they don't he lurks and tries to backstab. I don't see anything wrong with this...
2017-10-30 02:03
"The funny part is Titan fell off just as KennyS stopped being the world's best awper" Wtf? Yeah no shit. When your star player KQLY gets banned, and you have RPK who doesn't know the meta because he retired for 2 years, and then Kenny is slumping, no fucking shit you're gonna suck when half your team can't even play. And hold up, are you actually dissing LDLC's LAN performances when Envyus is just as bad? That's honestly the saddest part, is that Envy has more fire power and still performs just as bad on LAN. Their past few LANs the only thing they did was beat NiP in a best of 3, and that's not much of an accomplishment. And yeah, LDLC loses to teams online, everyone loses online. But LDLC also knocks off big name teams online, such as a when they knocked of G2 a while back (And also 2-0'd Envyus). Literally your argument is so broken. You can't insult LDLC's LAN record when Envyus literally has a stronger roster, with WAY more firepower, and does just as bad. Like losing to BIG, or getting 2-0'd by Navi who is in BY FAR their worse form we've seen them in for a long time.
2017-10-30 17:26
Okay so what you're telling me is Ex6 rosters depend on how good his players are, you know like every other team, then wtf do you think makes him so special? Titan wasn't performing any better than they should with Ex6 leading, they had 4 bad - okay players and the best player in the world, and were a top 10 team, but not quite the best. Were they performing above their level because Ex6 was leading them? Probably not, you can't really prove something like this.
2017-10-30 20:17
KennyS and apEX both had their highest peaks under Ex6's leadership, and Ex6 was the one who worked with Rpk to make him a good player again. And no, they weren't the best, but with a relatively poor roster, Ex6 lead LDLC to put up strong performances against top 5 teams. Something that Happy needed an all-star lineup to do. There's no point in debating anyway. You're a fan of happy. You're just going to keep saying "You can't prove something like this", like yeah it's just a massive coincidence that these players had this massive peak with ex6 and have never reached that peak again without him.
2017-10-30 20:29
On the flip side Scream and Shox peaked the second Ex6 left. I guess you can argue Shox was better in 2013 than early 2016, but I think most people would agree early 2016 Shox was the best Shox ever was. Same deal with apEX, he started falling off towards the end of his time with Ex6. You can't just give Ex6 credit for individual peaks lol. Especially when the players literally fall off when they're with him, like wtf dude!?? Did Ex6 fall off too? What happened?
2017-10-30 20:33
The shox and scream example is pointless because it's already known that they didn't get along with ex6 to begin with. And also, as I already stated, no shit they fell apart at the end, we've already discussed this. His star player gets banned, the awp nerf happens and hurts Kenny's performance, RPK is a bot when he joins, considering outside of Maniac that apEX was the only real fragger left obviously he's gonna be hurt by no one else peforming. I do find it funny how you skipped over my point of how Happy has failed to do better than LDLC right now with a stronger roster.
2017-10-30 20:37
> Happy has failed to do better than LDLC right now with a stronger roster. No, just no... There's a reason LDLC struggles to stay in top 30 and was for a solid month a top 50 team. And nV is a consistent top 15 team. If Ex6 doesn't get along with Shox and Scream and can't IGL them properly what's the point? Shox is a player that should be on every super team. Do you want Ex6 on a super team or do you just think he's a decent IGL? Because one isn't happening and you just said the reason.
2017-10-30 20:40
Happy's team is top 15 because they're onliners. How many times have they had a decent placing at LAN? Like 2? Out of like 12 tournaments? And most the time if they do get a good placing it's because they won some Bo1's. Also I never said ex6 shouldn't be on the super team, I said he's a better IGL than happy. He's literally beating solid teams with a far weaker roster.
2017-10-30 20:43
LDLC aren't even onliners though, they lose consistently against poor teams like PANTHERS, North Academy, Spirit Academy online. These aren't just upsets either, this happens consistently. And considering how they're doing on LAN, especially against Mouz, they aren't onLANers either. They're just bad tbh. nV always places well at tier 2 LANS, even won once. And made it out of groups in 2 tier 1 LANs. Their LAN record isn't as bad as Thorin has people believe.
2017-10-30 20:46
LDLC is shit
2017-10-30 20:52
You're not wrong.
2017-10-30 21:17
Peru 2loro2 
Too many underperformers?????? ScreaM No KennyS No Shox No Ex6 as of recent top 2 on his team which is bad since he's the IGL Bodyy great support and underrated ApeX and NBK are shitters
2017-10-30 00:19
Bodyy has been at the top for almost 2 years now, he's barely improved at all. Always a 1.00 player, probably always will be. Stats aren't everything, but a top team needs above a 1.00 rating, even Taco gets above that and his role is the most difficult in the entire game, go in first and create space or die trying.
2017-10-30 02:04
Peru 2loro2 
you mean .85 rating or worse right?
2017-10-30 02:32 Nah 1.00 It's not like playing support is extremely difficult on t side, the real difficulty is anchoring the b bombsite. Bodyy has plenty of opportunities to frag. Taco is a b bombsite anchor and hard entry...
2017-10-30 03:59
body will never play again ?
2017-10-28 21:10
mb on that one -Maniac +Bodyy Bodyy isn't good enough for tier 1 or 2 tbh... Always a 1.0 or under player for 2 years now.
2017-10-28 21:14
United Kingdom SkaTyce 
Best french team possible KennyS Shox Bodyy NBK Apex Smithzz (coach)
2017-10-30 02:06
Out of every French player, you'd still go with Bodyy?
2017-10-30 04:00
one guy with brain and knowledge in CSGO Congratz bro
2017-10-30 20:51
ScreaM Shox KennyS ApEx NBK DreamTeam
2017-10-30 03:08
i like how you left body off the list Kfish xD, I mean hes just not the kind of player that top frags but thats ok when u have kennys and shox right?
2017-10-30 04:18
-sixes +zywoo
2017-10-30 20:42
SO stupid post stop reading after Title G2 need no one
2017-10-30 20:49
Portugal lvr1 
shox and Happy on the same team is a no, because Happy won't let shox lurk like he wants. So : G2 : RpK, NBK, Ex6TenZ, KennyS, Shox. nV : apEX, bodyy, ScreaM, to1nou, Happy. (ZyWoo for to1nou as soon as he ended the studies) LDLC : Alex, sixer, xms, nV Academy AWPer, maniac (to1nou for nV Academy AWPer if nV could get ZyWoo)
2017-10-30 20:50
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