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Pumtac | 
Slovenia YuNOliek 
wasn't she with kennyS?
2017-10-31 03:27
Finland raivokkuus 
2017-10-31 03:31
Kazakhstan blezzyzx 
f4cking golddigger
2017-10-31 03:34
Pumtac | 
Slovenia YuNOliek 
Sorry to say, I am one of those girls who really doesn't give shit about appearance that much, but I always wondered what is she doing with kenny. You have those couples where she is leagues above the guy, but guy compensates somehow, either he is super funny, a "happy chappy" who is always in a good mood and fun to be around, has great personality or whatever, maybe he isn't as shallow as his peers w/e. Those couples somehow radiate that even-though their differences in appereance, they somehow belong together, but her and kenny...always seemed so odd, like they are completely different people, different personalities...idk More like brother and sister, if that even.
2017-10-31 03:37
kennyS | 
Korea MajorTom 
A. Grill on HLTV, nt B. She stayed with Kenny because of his awp.
2017-10-31 03:41
Pumtac | 
Slovenia YuNOliek 
:D I guess to start with (and being unknown girl in a scene) it is quite hard to find hot and rich/successful single player, most are taken. So you take what's there on offer, till you "build yourself up" and can choose something better khhmm emilia znajder-->device khmmm martine kennys-->konfig
2017-10-31 03:44
Kazakhstan blezzyzx 
cant uderstand device and konfig, where are their prides, i wouldnt even talk to these grills
2017-10-31 03:47
Pumtac | 
Slovenia YuNOliek 
To be honest, when device was dating that "first" girlfriend he had, I don't remember her name, but she had curly hair, i was "proud" of him. Finally a guy that has stuck with "highschool sweetheart" that loved him before he was "famous" and supported him when he didn't have money. Also, because she was not one of those "general casual hoes", like 90% of girls are nowdays, all looking the "same". I liked how she was different...but yeah ofc he goes and replaces her first by juliano and then by emilia, classic basic bit**. I am disappointed, no taste in girls whatsoever.
2017-10-31 03:50
Kazakhstan blezzyzx 
shishhh, i didnt know, the guy lost a chance to a pure relationships with 1st love, now he probably wouldnt stop on emilia as long as they feel they love each other, but how is it to love another after another, is it possible
2017-10-31 04:02
idk, first girl to me was beautiful, more than emilia or juliano. Ok she had curly hair and she was not a "basic bi**h" like most girls nowdays are, but she was unique, not like every other girl, had curly hair, blue eyes, she seemed more "pure", tweeted less, I felt like she wanted "attention" less etc. Seemed idk more "real" and a "nice-girl".
2017-10-31 04:05
Kazakhstan blezzyzx 
i can understand this, but probably it was device who felt he needs better one, so may be it is bcz he is superstar now, you know those star illness
2017-10-31 04:13
Juliano haven't been known for riding her way around the boy scene? The only rumors is devve and juliano or? But Emilia, it would feel so wierd, and ewwwh, like, FNX, schneider/znajder, probably more, and then device, and she does the same as with znajder, starting uploadning cuople shit on YT, looked so cringy in begginning, but now thay actually seems to be a nice couple.
2017-10-31 12:25
juliano was with pita aswell back in 1.6
2017-10-31 13:15
2017-10-31 13:46
i knew her back then, so im the source also who cares whos been with who people have a private life
2017-10-31 14:06
You knew juliano irl?
2017-10-31 14:23
"had curly hair and she was not a "basic bi**h" like most girls nowdays are, but " you almost make it sounds like curly hair and not being a bitch is something negative lol :D but I agree, remember her look and she seemed way more "real" just like you said. She was a keeper, but seems like he let her go for some attention seekers instead. It's his loss tho, not hers.
2017-10-31 05:45
I just didn't know how to describe that she was just different :)
2017-10-31 11:43
Are you virgin?
2017-11-01 03:18
No :(
2017-11-01 11:26
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
show me a pic of urself
2017-10-31 08:22
I showed my pic here plenty of times :)
2017-10-31 11:45
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Oh, I didn't realise. Can you link me one of those times?
2017-10-31 11:47 Enjoy Lul Had to make typical basic bitch doggeh filter soz
2017-10-31 12:14
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Aww you're a real person, that's adorable. If you ever wanna play 1v1 strip aim_map on Skype you can hit me up ;)
2017-10-31 12:50
I, for second read aim_map and then Skype made me like wtf.. Went to read again :) What a tempting proposition, I will think about it lul
2017-10-31 12:54
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Please give me some notice so I can configure my aimbot though, thanks! :o) What rank are you?
2017-10-31 13:07
Aimbot lol. I'm smfc on 2 and global on one
2017-10-31 13:10
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Well fuck me I need some aimkey then, I'm just LEM. Can we delay the competition, please?
2017-10-31 13:12
Dw, I am on 6 lose streak so probably LEM soon. Honestly between few ranks there isn't such massive difference:)
2017-10-31 13:29
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
So you're saying you'll do the contest? ;-)
2017-10-31 13:30
Netherlands AppelMoes 
No way I thought that she was a dishwasher. She is indeed a real person.
2017-10-31 13:37
Lol I am... Sometimes. Somebody gotta do them dishes!
2017-11-01 00:55
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
whats wrong with curly hair? i dig women with curly hair
2017-10-31 12:39
I have curly hair when not straightened and every guy so far (I felt like) didn't have special appreciation for it. Usually girls with straight hair come up to me and ask me what hairdresser have I gone to, to get such nice curls but they are natural (usually after I just recently washed hair), and that's about only compliment you get. I would say guys go 80% for straight hair.
2017-10-31 12:41
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
yeah i get where you coming from, kiddos are into bimbos these days
2017-10-31 12:44
konfig better than kennyS?
2017-10-31 13:44
Looks wise, probably, yeah:P
2017-10-31 13:45
G2 = bigger salary. And kennyS is kind and not arrogant irl
2017-10-31 13:51
I don't think G2 earns that much more than north does, also, k0nfig lives way closer to her than KennyS does, looks wise k0nfig looks better (I guess for most girls), I can not judge about their personalities, but I guess she isn't the type of girl to put much emphasis on that?
2017-10-31 13:55
Uruguay RamzeYNT 
North = Bigger Salary , a Part of a Football club ( and best club of denmark ) lol.. and what is the problem if he is arrogant ?
2017-10-31 14:33
IT was confirmed that G2 is the org with the most highly paid salaries
2017-10-31 15:49
source? because doubt they got higher salaries than either FaZe or SK
2017-10-31 20:17
kennyS->k0nfig in skill in looks and in AWPs
2017-10-31 20:24
said fan of kennyS hahahahha XDDDD kys fag
2017-10-31 22:45
being a k0nfig fan xdxdxdxd he is trash
2017-11-01 02:36
still better than kennyS XDDDDDDDDDDD
2017-11-01 15:14
but kennyS is better tho
2017-11-01 20:34
A. fan of KennyS nt B. South Korea nt
2017-10-31 22:44
A, fan of lulfig B. Danish LUL
2017-11-01 02:11
nt fakeflager
2017-11-01 15:15
Was born in South Korea. You obviously know more about me than I do about me.
2017-11-02 02:52
"I am one of those girls" nt
2017-10-31 08:34
Yeah coz that's my profile just coz it's same name)
2017-10-31 12:19
ez u want famous player from faceit 2500 elo 1.5kdr kokot ez for best player japaneso im here
2017-10-31 13:24
fer | 
New Zealand PROALTO 
she is a candidate to became the new Donatella Versace
2017-10-31 13:17
Maybe on pic it seems like but I think I look OK considering I am 26years old /sorry didn't realise comment was probably at her, not at me:D
2017-10-31 13:38
fer | 
New Zealand PROALTO 
yes, it was intended to be at her ... NP
2017-10-31 13:48
wtf you are 26 years old?
2017-10-31 22:48
2017-11-01 00:54
if this not trolling you look like 19-20
2017-11-01 02:24
Thank you, and yeah people often say that. I recently went back to uni to get additional education and my schoolmates there are 19-20. They didn't know I was so much older till I told them and even had to show ID :) Thanks for the compliment
2017-11-01 11:28
India Ajatashatru 
exactly, kennys seems a nice guy but he's not the type to have or keep a girlfriend. getting a girl requires looks or money or fame, but keeping them requires effort, which would've been impossible for him, i'm kinda glad for both of them that she's left. he was probably a bore, talking about CS all day and being a total introvert otherwise, while she's a pretty girl, used to so much positive attention from other males, wondering what she was doing with him. them being together is a cute story, but it would've ended anyway.
2017-10-31 13:34
France mintzz 
Hard to know exactly how someone is outside of the CS scene. Everything's an act most of the time anyway.
2017-10-31 13:51
you seem like you're retarded, nice attempt of a analogy though
2017-10-31 14:49
Why do I seem retarded?
2017-10-31 14:52
because you have no clue what was happening between kennys and obenny yet you still make this massive paragraph... based off what i might ask? oh wow she seemed cold to him in a player profile video rolf top kek
2017-10-31 21:41
I didn't say anything about player profile video, and since when is sharing what you think about somebody an offense? I shared my view on it, how I feel about it, nowhere I stated it was like that as a fact. What happened between them and wether she loved him or not, nobody will ever trully know (apart them 2), yet somehow I am retard, because I said something that isn't a CHECKED fact, people who call her whore are not retards right?-because that's checked fact? :D
2017-10-31 21:46
Female jonty? Yuck!
2017-10-31 22:37
Hungary WolfITW 
kennys earns more money almost 20,000 euro a month
2017-10-31 22:39
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
??? Name in youtube video: Martine Kleiven Name on twitter: Martine Ovlien Why does she have 2 different names then?
2017-10-31 04:15
Not sure, could be a typo, I remember Valve making a few on some of the other profile videos. You can clearly see it's the same girl in the video though.
2017-10-31 04:19
they are two different women how can hltv guys be so stupid.
2017-10-31 04:33
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Are you stupid? (Well yes obv) Martine Ovlien and Martine Kleiven is the same person, lol.
2017-10-31 05:06
No they are not.
2017-10-31 07:47
rain | 
Norway Kimmiix 
Her full name is Martine Ovlien Kleiven
2017-10-31 08:39
Brazil fuNNa 
thx for confirmation
2017-10-31 11:51
I think she has 2 last names
2017-10-31 13:39
Peru 2loro2 
Nope different last names
2017-11-01 15:19
k0nfig gay confirmed. When he said "good luck kenny, i'll fuck you up" and he couldn't he thought that f*cking the same hole which kenny did is like f*cking kenny.
2017-10-31 13:59
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
""good luck kenny, i'll fuck you up" And then you censor "fucking" twice? LUL
2017-10-31 20:27
Sweden TomodachiOM 
2018-02-17 16:20
Europe potatomato 
nice lips lol
2017-10-31 03:50
what the fuck are those lips lmao
2017-10-31 03:54
bjs have their consequences if done in excess :v
2017-10-31 05:48
New Zealand joshwaah 
lol holy shit so i guess the kennyS konfig beef just got real
2017-10-31 03:55
Norway insy 
Replace "kennyS, I'll fuck you up" with "kennyS, I'll fuck all of your (ex)girlfriends."
2017-10-31 04:10
United Kingdom de_bait 
"I'll fuck all girls you already fucked!!" Damn, straight fire.
2017-10-31 05:21
fer is that you?
2017-10-31 08:18
Oh my gosh i understand why there's a rivality between Kenny and Konfig now
2017-10-31 03:56
CIS NaVi_Boss 
typical slut
2017-10-31 04:08
+1 gold digger, just sucking some pro cs players for a living, good bjs, ez life... these girls nowadays,
2017-10-31 04:16
gold digger whore, just look at her
2017-10-31 04:17
It's not the same as KennyS girlfriend, clearly differente, this one is actually much uglier.
2017-10-31 04:34
Sweden fz0r 
bad bait attempt
2017-10-31 04:41
lol, how is that? The surnames are differente, and you can just compare the older photos to the kennyS video, they look very diferent. You can't be that blind or stupid.
2017-10-31 04:42
HenryG | 
Greenland fak_u 
cmon bro
2017-10-31 14:25
Not sure if dumb or ignorant
2017-11-01 12:34
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Kennys gf but no photo with him? #23 ? #18?
2017-10-31 04:45
f0rest | 
Argentina GZ^ 
she is ugly af
2017-10-31 04:51
i mean...k0nfig is much better looking than kennys. He also looks like he has much more confidence in the outside world. Its easy to understand why the switch.
2017-10-31 04:54
Kazakhstan ezBORAT 
only a gold digger man really cheap woman don't surprise
2017-10-31 05:03
big mouth gf
2017-10-31 05:31
Finland Vlad2k 
Ugly as my life
2017-10-31 05:35
RpK | 
Iceland pumtac 
Ffs man your life is shit
2017-10-31 12:56
omfg what a ugly fucking bitch look at the ugliest selfie pose with silicon lips, no shame
2017-10-31 08:33
Her company guys! 123 followers on Twitter, 122 of them all of her exes, hahahAhahahaHAha "I AM A FEMALE MANAGER OF A SUCCESSFUL CS GO COMPANY" DO YOU EVEN GG with 120 followers on twitter, yeah bro
2017-10-31 08:34
LOL i was overexagerrating, there are only 109 hAHA
2017-10-31 08:34
Netherlands Phyrhex 
Shame kennys had a whore as gf.
2017-10-31 08:37
Ukraine ph3n0m3n 
On a bright side he is free now and dodged a bullet.
2017-10-31 12:21
Netherlands Phyrhex 
probably still took his money
2017-10-31 13:00
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
face of a gold digger
2017-10-31 08:39
2017-10-31 08:39
emilia 2.0?
2017-10-31 11:56
Japan japanmaster 
all girls are whore. they want money, power etc. they dont want love,character. i hate girls.
2017-10-31 12:18
k0nfig with the BM banging kenny's ex, doubt kenny cares tho cos this bitch is ugly af, look at those botox lips and u only need to see her stream to see she has the personality of a fucking gold fish, i can tell she's one of those high maintenance super crazy moody bitches, stay away kids they aint worth it
2017-10-31 12:36
Germany VeryFlaMezGuy 
lul those blowjob lips ... so fucking ugly xd
2017-10-31 13:11
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
k0nfig licking kennyS dick LUL
2017-10-31 13:13
hahaha is that why kennys and k0nfig trashtalk to eachother? HAHAHAHA it means that that shit was for real LMAO
2017-10-31 13:19
Hoe, even Emilia looks better...
2017-10-31 13:22
lol shes ugly
2017-10-31 13:22
She was kennyS gf. K0nfig uber alpha male cucked beta kenny
2017-10-31 13:24
Yugoslavia BuddDwyer 
haha sloppy seconds after kenny
2017-10-31 13:38
CS;GO pro groupie just like hult lul.
2017-10-31 13:42 nice botox lips
2017-10-31 13:56
good for kennyS, shes ugly and golddigger so. kennyS is lucky
2017-10-31 14:02
Poland Marcines 
k0nig found a new way to bully enemies
2017-10-31 14:23
Finland reakyb 
2017-10-31 14:31
kebab | 
Turkey (''__") 
Budget Emillia Hutt
2017-10-31 15:00
2017-10-31 20:18
martine > emilia hult
2017-10-31 22:37
Netherlands Bountshi 
meh she blocked me
2017-10-31 20:20
I ain't saying she's a gold digger...
2017-10-31 20:22
Brazil mcsenne 
KennyS fucked Fer´s girlfriend
2017-10-31 20:22
2017-10-31 22:42
Europe kennyBeast 
Thats so shitty, poor kenny, hope he can get past it.
2017-10-31 20:28
Isnt he sexing uk girl atm?
2017-11-01 03:30
Finland M0FF3 
Can't be real lips
2017-10-31 20:35
really not a fine specimen... ugly af...
2017-10-31 21:16
she is decent but the lips on her twitter profile pic are horrendous 1 more csgo pro and she will be entering emilia hult territory
2017-10-31 22:34
Decent lol?
2017-11-01 03:20
Emilia Hult is like the leader or the wh*res
2017-11-01 12:33
Macau Bent0 
happy for kennys
2017-10-31 22:47
seems shemale
2017-11-01 03:23
jezuz they all look the same over there.
2017-11-01 11:29
Israel Aaron_btc 
gold diggur
2017-11-01 11:30
All girls are wh*res, nothing new... Buuuut, heyyy k0nfig hw does it feel to taste the kennys magic stick every time you kiss that slut?
2017-11-01 12:32
those twitter responses are funny as fuck :D e.g. Hey @k0nfigCS after getting kennys magic stick for years, is your girlfriend well worn or battle scared?
2017-11-01 12:40
2017-11-01 15:21
Europe FaZe_SmithZz 
Somebody wrote this: "Hey @k0nfigCS after getting kennys magic stick for years, is your girlfriend well worn or battle scared?" OMEGALUL
2017-11-01 15:24
wasn't she with kennyS?
2017-11-02 02:57
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