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G2 happy when?
2017-11-02 10:36
40 bomb lel
2017-11-02 10:37
2017-11-02 12:28
I like your name a lot.
2017-11-02 13:43
Czech Republic Kotvic 
Just -sixer +pick anyone else from mm who is LEM+
2017-11-02 10:39
France France98123 
2017-11-02 10:40
g2 scream when ?
2017-11-02 10:41
Belgium rainb0wHRS 
Maybe soon.
2017-11-02 10:42
he is much better than nbk or apex but i think they will not make any changes
2017-11-02 10:43
Nbk is great csgo is not all about aim and headshot scream may have a magnificent aim but nbk is more smart and make a correct decision
2017-11-02 11:29
2017-11-02 12:18
Belgium sn0uby 
Good old meme about scream being dumb yet he has a good defensive style, can make mid round calls and make good decisions etc. If nbk wasn't behind most roster moves in the french scene he wouldn't be there.
2017-11-02 12:27
since when can scream make mid round calls. its well documented all his igl's and teammates say he forgets his smokes and doesnt stick to the plan
2017-11-02 13:06
Belgium sn0uby 
There is not a single thing about this since 2014/2015, well documented my ass. Shox said he was doing mid round call with him in g2. And anyway you have 2 eyes to see how his style did evolve. You don't need to rely on bs hypocrite in the french scene to verify it. I don't even like his style, but i can recognise he is playing like a smart player. There is a reason why shox was doing better with smithzz and scream helping. Now that he is pure igling he dropped like a stone.
2017-11-02 13:15
Poland Kacpiboyxaxa 
Never nbk dont like with scream but i think -nbk + scream and -apex +rpk
2017-11-02 11:10
+1 this guy knows. Team chemistry > house names/“individual skill”
2017-11-02 12:18
France rezpecful 
Which shows why g2 should stick with their current roster :)
2017-11-02 13:19
Lol they’re so uncoordinated. At most I can say they have appeared impressive in recent matches.
2017-11-02 16:21
Romania TheWizard741 
Exactly team chemistry between the EnVyUs core.
2017-11-02 13:46
+1 then it will be -SmithZz +kennyS we all wanted
2017-11-02 13:20
kennys apex and nbk couldn't stand his leading anymore and run away from it going to g2 won't happen
2017-11-02 10:42
Which is unfortunate because g2 will never win a major without Happy. He might not be the best igl but at least he is an actual real igl +star player.
2017-11-02 10:49
2017-11-02 13:18
thenm -kennys -apex +rpk +happy happy main awp :)
2017-11-02 10:50
Denmark staraxe 
Shox doesn't like happy, Shox is a better fragger than Happy so Happy will only play for G2 when shox leaves and that is not going to happen so G2.Happy is a dream and only that.
2017-11-02 11:16
Sweden Div-\ 
Shox is a better fragger than happy if shox does not lead. Happy leads and frags pretty well in recent times (and not to mention the 2014 happy).
2017-11-02 11:33
Sweden Trkmag 
+111111111111 Having shox (a top3 player in CSGO history) as a IGL (which he sucks at) is just retarded. -bodyy +Happy/Ex6
2017-11-02 12:19
To be fair, shox fragged fine when he was igl on old g2 with ScreaM And smithzz helping him as co igl.
2017-11-02 12:20
back then he was playing the team around him. now he is less selfish and tries to be a "real" igl which he cant.
2017-11-02 12:26
Sweden Div-\ 
Yeah but they played in a different manner, he and scream forming up a duo and smithz helping him in game.
2017-11-02 12:38
Smithzz helping with what? Being cannon fodder? ScreaM And smithzz both helped shox lead. KennyS instead of smithzz would more than make up for his co igl. Now you got shox ScreaM and KennyS all going off. You got the solid consistency of rpk. That right there is the core. Moreover, g2s issue is more their uncoordinated and individual style of play....their teamplay is crap. Old g2 had awesome teamplay and chemistry which is why they’d regularly beat teams that in paper should’ve killed them. Add in KennyS and it would be perfect.
2017-11-02 16:26
Happy to G2 as IGL instead of shox so shox can focus on his own game. -bodyy
2017-11-02 12:24
2017-11-02 13:08
Netherlands Deji 
stop dream
2017-11-02 13:15
envy would be fine without sixer and + zywoo
2017-11-02 13:18
Just wait for this lineup to be available: RpK Happy kioshima ZywOo ScreaM
2017-11-02 13:19
ropz | 
Estonia slunga 
2017-11-02 13:23
Europe eatecone 
The dream
2017-11-02 13:40
Germany Nebula01 
G2 is not the problem. They just have to get KennyS and Apex more stable then they will be Nr.1. The real problem is EnVyUs and LDLC. EnVyUs should look like this in the future: Happy(IGL) Zyw0o(AWP) Kioshima(Entry) Scream(Starfragger) Rpk(Support) They need to get Scream and Zyw0o working and they will have 2 top 10 players in their team. I think that Sixer isnt a very good player and XMS is okay, but doesnt work in EnVyUs at all LDLC should look like this: ex6tenz(IGL) XMS(Entry) to1nou(AWP) LOGAN(Support) ALEX(Starfragger) I think they will be more powerful with 2 younger guys and can play better with XMS like in the older days and will become top 20
2017-11-02 13:37
France Meerkat_ 
Who would entry on nV? -kio +xms
2017-11-02 13:35
kio support and RpK entry would be better
2017-11-02 13:42
France Meerkat_ 
Please -shox +Happy so they actually have nice strats and win next major
2017-11-02 13:35
shox is a good player but not a good igl
2017-11-02 13:36
France Meerkat_ 
Yes, obviously, but he can't stay on G2 since his ego is way too big and he doesn't want to play with Happy.
2017-11-02 13:36
G2 Sad when ?
2017-11-02 13:37
G2 SEx6TenZ
2017-11-02 13:39
2017-11-02 13:39
G2 peppy nononononononononono
2017-11-02 13:39
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