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Why is russian community so big but no results on the pro scene?
sh1ro | 
Russia Buckstabue 
Why? Are we that silly? So many people playing cs go, so many people discussing this game and we don't have any team close to Astralis, North which are Danish teams. And I'm not sure that Danish cs has a bigger community :(
2017-11-02 19:41
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maybe they do, esports are really big in denmark and iirc cs go is the most popular game over there, russia has a decent esports scene as well but I think Dota 2 gets more focus than cs:go
2017-11-02 19:43
Brazil fosterguy 
Its like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru
2017-11-02 19:43
fer | 
Brazil raoGOD 
vodka for breakfast isnt the best option.
2017-11-02 19:44
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
Maybe it is issue with tactics ? RASH B CYKA X DDDDDDD. I think danish people have long time been very tactical since 1.6 so maybe they have some edge over many countries due this as their players grow to be such who make smart decisions and their teams end up having good tactics in general.
2017-11-02 19:47
I are think is confirms thats
2017-11-02 19:48
Latvia Matematikis 
I'd say it's the money, you have a few big orgs, but to get to that pro level you have to drop school/work and in Denmark it's easier because they get money for nothing. In russia you work and play csgo or starve. So russians have cs as a hobby more than a profession
2017-11-02 19:50
Russia leld 
2017-11-02 19:52
2017-11-02 19:54
Cuz in Russia cs:go like more than just a game and no more. We have't cyberschools like in Danish or Chines. Exept EPICENTER ofc I'm hope that you get what i mean.
2017-11-02 20:04
mou | 
Kazakhstan Anatonaut 
Can be because Russians well are at war not on the Internet, and in real life? In the European countries there are investments into cybersport, in Russia investments into army, for control of the hostile and Russophobic West.
2017-11-02 20:04
14:55GamerLegion vs North
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
02:00DETONA vs W7M
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