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Grill advice
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
Need help with grill or potential kidnapper. So I was abroad and matched with a really nice looking grill on tinder but we don’t start talk till the day I was going back home. Since then she followed me on Instagram and has like 1k followers but on Snapchat she only has like 1500 score and I have 500,000 which makes me think maybe it’s a pedo baiter. Going back abroad in three weeks, should I take the risk of getting kidnapped, mutilated and sold as a slave?
2017-11-13 01:51
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fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
She’s solid 9/10
2017-11-13 01:51
Bangladesh irisviel 
2017-11-13 01:52
Japan ToshikoSatoru 
show picture, there is a trick where you can see if it's catfish, also ask for like skype or some shit, video chat.
2017-11-13 02:01
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
#10 for research
2017-11-13 11:07
SpawN | 
Latvia Einarslv 
as long she is not from 1st world countries go for it . 1st world women are just garbage these days .Well maybe they look good but their brains and personality are fucked up .Whats a point going for a girl who will report case for raping her when you actually did not do it ( had sex with consent) just to get back at you if its not working out .Soory might have watched too much news whats going around in the world.Anyway Toshikos advice is good
2017-11-13 02:11
did she tell you her age? if she didn't then whatever. if she did then you might get chris hansen'ed.
2017-11-13 02:15
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
she’s 19 im 18. No need for me to go ahead and take a seat right over there please
2017-11-13 02:35
United Kingdom calum 
pics or didnt happen. And dont show me the r8 me guy picture
2017-11-13 03:04
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
2017-11-13 11:05
Germany Dayjay 
Take the risk, looks worth it.
2017-11-13 11:08
Aleksib | 
Finland M0FF3 
you should take the risk, she looks worth it ;)
2017-11-13 11:21
she looks worth it bro, take the risk.
2017-11-13 14:13
Try it
2017-11-13 11:08
If she's sending snaps back then you're safe. Honestly meeting girls from tinder is no big deal. I've been on loads of tinder dates and only got "catfished" once. Wasn't even a real catfish, she was just way fatter and uglier than her pics. Just meet in public and you're cool.
2017-11-13 11:08
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
Sends snaps back but the score is so low idk it makes me anxious
2017-11-13 11:18
If she's responding in real time with her snaps and making vids and shit like that, nothing to be afraid of.
2017-11-13 11:24
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
No video but snapchatted from uni just now and its a high end uni so i think i get to keep my kindeys
2017-11-13 12:21
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
Tinder is for sex or not ? all . Webdates are only for sex. You just have to know how much you will pay, but you can find bitch4fu** for free. However, if you find there girlfriend, it will not be for long. Internet ncompetent people who are not able to socialize.
2017-11-13 11:13
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
No it’s not the third world, women here are actually allowed to make their own money.
2017-11-13 11:17
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
I can say im from SLOVAKIA, and THIS IS DEEPEST Corporate 3rd World Police state (but no muslims! :D). Everything to east and south of us (not hungary ) is 4th world . But in our world, we dont need Tinder, or other datesites. We just go out take girls and you know(or not) It will go naturally.
2017-11-13 11:21
Tinder isn't necessarily for sex. Loads of girls are on there to find a relationship. Common misconception of people who are not on tinder
2017-11-13 11:24
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
Its for nolifers and maybe introverts? WTF is problem to be socialized ? I really dont understand of this concept; Waste of time. Its just my opinion
2017-11-13 11:49
fox | 
Ireland FanGuy 
Thing is, if I’m in another country for a week to visit a parent and I don’t have grills to socialise with there, then what’s wrong with using tinder?
2017-11-13 12:02
Again not necessarily. I'm an extremely social person, tinder is just easy. I can socialize in the weekends. On weekdays I just have tinder dates. Combining social circle game, club game and tinder game makes sure you get the most out of your dating life. Have a date almost every single day now. Also you still need to be social on the date to get anything out of it, so introverts and nolifers are also fucked on tinder
2017-11-13 12:05
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
Socialize in the weekends? you mean to been drunked or under drug influence? ( if not , then nice!) Have a date almost every singe day? Nah , you see waste of time , everyday searching and starting over again and again ?. Whoah nice effiency.
2017-11-13 12:07
I don't need to be drunk or under the influence of drugs to party or go to events. Not always searching and starting over. There's a few girls I have on rotation that come over every week. The other days are new girls. I'm not looking for a relationship It's pretty efficient actually.
2017-11-13 12:09
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
No drugs, no alcohol +1 ; flawless victory
2017-11-13 12:11
Indonesia yolorize 
2017-11-13 14:15
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