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Stan - What led to this?
stanislaw | 
Canada mattyfinch 
Reading the Release from Liquid, all the tweets from the remaining liquid players, and taking into account that Liquid are willing to play the Boston major with Zews filling in suggests that Stan must have let his mouth write checks his performance/value on the roster could not cash. Liquid didn't thank him for his time with them and wish him all the best, none of the players mentioned him today, but they all posted glowing welcomes to Steel, and they're purposely handicapping themselves for the first major in 2018. Whatever it was that led to this decision, and lack of sentiment for Stan on his way out, you have to both feel and kind of feel like saying " serves you right " to someone who left the #2 team in the world ( at the time ) to join liquid, only to find himself likely on a tier 2 NA roster in the future.
2017-11-13 20:58
Italy steven513 
Agreed, he still needs to be appreciated for the work that he's done, and it seems like all he gets is more criticism. Best of Luck, regardless.
2017-11-13 21:00
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