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i dont belive in his gamesense he is so fucking bad he is telling so much and play like a duck shit movment shit aim he think he got 200 iq and will rekt enemy but he is fucking bot right now
2017-11-14 19:40
can u send me a demo? where i can see u play? in silver 1?
2017-11-14 19:41
999country faroe islands im the best player in the world i will play on major soon but my team suck
2017-11-14 19:43
2017-11-14 19:45
"999country" still polish people cleaning toilets there ;)
2017-11-14 19:55
he is a solid bot, even worse than bot Vladimir
2017-11-14 19:45
+1 fix vp -taz +cuma12 -snax + Furlan
2017-11-14 19:46
NEO | 
Poland VENTZKi 
he is in game leader, what do you expect from igl ?
2017-11-14 19:57
kennyS | 
Poland kamuk 
pasha's gamesense is also pretty bad but at least he has a good aim
2017-11-14 19:57
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