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Liquid still #1 NA
United States ImFat 
2017-11-15 05:17
C9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shitquid
2017-11-15 05:18
India ahmed_gupta 
+111111,mad liquid fanboys
2017-11-15 05:31
----1, happy cloud9 fanmen
2017-11-15 05:31
autim >> steel ska > jdm Tarik = Nitr0 stewie = Twist rush < Elige
2017-11-15 05:47
United States STERBENVII 
...? Autimatic >> Steel Ska > JDM Tarik > n1tro Stewie > Twist RUSH = ELiGE
2017-11-15 05:51
why does everyone think nitro is bad and how isnt twist equal to stewie, he has been playing amazingly
2017-11-15 05:53
To me it's clear Stewie > all of NA but he never shows up the way I expect him to in LAN. Very sad.
2017-11-15 06:07
tarik - igl/entry stewie - entry/2nd awp twist - entry autim - lurk/support nifty - awp/2nd caller IMO an NA line up with crazy potential if nifty and twist improve because they are really young players
2017-11-15 06:21
imo best possible lineup is this: Elige Stewie Nifty Twistzz Naf
2017-11-15 06:23
hmm from what ive heard elige isnt a good teammate and kinda toxic? and NAF is playing really well but who would igl?
2017-11-15 06:26
Nifty, and Stewie has igled at times so maybe he could help, and yeah i have heard Elige is toxic, but i mean if they bring the E-sports psychologist that Liquid has i think it would help.
2017-11-15 06:29
He carries almoat every game lol what more do you expect
2017-11-15 07:18
Well C9 has had players with tier 1 potential for years without doing anything but Stewie seemed like he could have made that change. I never really saw a change.
2017-11-15 17:49
Steeie is the best player in na and its not close. That's how.
2017-11-15 07:18
he is very good but you have to admit twistz is also playing well and is a rival for best NA player
2017-11-15 13:52
mankzy | 
Denmark Phoey 
Steel the savior! Now! -Nitr0 -JDM +NAF +Nifty Nifty, Naf, Twistzz, Steel, and EliGe! WOULD BE A GODLIKE LINEUP!
2017-11-15 05:19
+1 would be a crazy team.
2017-11-15 05:20
imo nitr0 > steel and he is igl right now soo Nitr0 Nifty Naf Twistzz EliGe
2017-11-15 05:44
True, but steel fragging wise>nitr0, igl wise nitr0>steel. However nifty is IGL and steel is igl so they could help each other out, so you would not need nitr0.
2017-11-15 05:46
we dont know how steel will be in liquid and Nitr0 has been in the team for years, dno how good nifty is at calling so he should focus on Awping and maybe secondary call a little
2017-11-15 05:50
United States TripleNipples 
-1 nifty overrated
2017-11-15 05:21
mankzy | 
Denmark Phoey 
JDM is heavily overrated. Not even top 5 NA awper. 1. Skadoodle 2. Nifty 3. Wardell 4. Koosta 5. Shahzam jdm
2017-11-15 05:25
United States TripleNipples 
Wardell #3? Now i know youre trolling
2017-11-15 05:26
He had to find 5 NA awpers and couldn't think of a fifth haha
2017-11-15 06:40
Brazil ariel439 
0/8 Wardell
2017-11-15 06:09
2017-11-15 05:27
North America TLO 
How would adding shit players from a worse team make liquid better? man I swear csgo fans are actually retarded
2017-11-15 06:08
United States Farrukh_M 
I wouldn't say just yet, but so far these results have been impressive. Both teams are performing phenominally so far. 2-0 from NA teams, can you believe it? Maybe NA fans can actually like their teams now instead of having to choose european teams :D
2017-11-15 05:23
United States sayNt 
I think in the long run, steel with Liquid have the potential to be much better than they were with stan, though they were pretty good with stan. For the time being, however, c9 has to be favored to be the better team overall, since they won't have to deal with the same roster issues that Liquid will through the major qualifier and the major, provided they qualify.
2017-11-15 05:30
just fucking lucky noobs
2017-11-15 05:36
stanislaw leaving made this team now have 0 no emotion guys steelega joining liquid > c9 in some time, just wait and see :>
2017-11-15 05:36
I was so hyped when I saw steel join, he is by far my favorite BR player.
2017-11-15 05:37
thank mr ImFat
2017-11-15 05:38
ur welcome mr IarentThinkThatz
2017-11-15 05:40
2017-11-15 05:41
2017-11-15 05:41
Jesus christ homosexuals lmfao, C9 will be 10x better than Liquid, Liquid have barely managed to beat renegades and gambit lmfao, 2 tier 2 teams.
2017-11-15 05:44
liquid = structure c9 = pug c9 being pug team = good results right away liquid = need time to figure out proofs so far: liquid beating tactical teams like SK, having nice map pool c9: being godlike one day, tier 5 the next day just a matter of time my friend :>
2017-11-15 05:49
Australia Lomcharton 
c9's map pool is alot stronger than liquid's atm with only inferno heavily favouring liquid and they pug when they're confident which is their downfall but against stronger teams they play solid positions and sets. I reckon when both teams are comfortable they're be similar in skill
2017-11-15 06:01
no liquid = no cloud liquid > cloud
2017-11-15 06:10
Welcome to the bandwagon, You lliterally dont have an opinion of your own, C9 doesnt play pug cs, you would know that if you actually watched them sometime, they usually play a default and than execute on a bombsite with smokes/flashes, and once in a while they throw in a quick play with smokes/flashes to change up the playstyle, theres no pug cs in high comp cs you idiot.
2017-11-15 17:56
Brazil ariel439 
+1 I'm really cheering for Liquid in IEM liquid vs SK final = The dream
2017-11-15 06:13
liquid was never #1 in NA and if you disagree you are genuinely autistic the only time this was even a discussion was before cologne 2017 when c9 had that 3 month drought liquid won a couple BO3s against a malformed SK and one win over shitralis that has done nothing since the one off major they won case and point, liquid needs to have actual good international finishes before they can be considered better than c9
2017-11-15 05:48
Sorry but, Liquid was #1 with s1mple way back, they were also #1 when they made finals in a major, and were possibly #1 win they beat G2, Astralis and SK in bo3s not to long ago. Just cause C9 won a tier 2 event and have won two bo1s doesnt mean they are #1 atm.
2017-11-15 05:51
Australia Lomcharton 
C9 is no. 1 NA rn, 2 tier 2 event + good showings in this tourney so far proves it.
2017-11-15 06:03
i dont think its a discussion liquid was a phenomenal team with s1mple, but thats about it, once he left they were terrible for an extended period of time and prior there was extreme conflict within the team hence why c9 was winning all domestic matches you say "#1 way back" for a reason, my referencing was in the last 12-18 months, I don't really consider anything two years ago relevant.
2017-11-15 06:06
"liquid was never #1 in NA and if you disagree you are genuinely autistic" "NEVER"
2017-11-15 06:08
North America bloodwolf1710 
Liquid was awful with simple they just had the 1 off major
2017-11-15 07:04
Yeah overall online and most offline events, they werent the best, but they were 100% top 1 NA after the major final run.
2017-11-15 07:06
North America bloodwolf1710 
They got hard carried by simple that major so i wasnt so high on them but yeah they were best na for like a month before c9 got autimatic
2017-11-15 07:08
2017-11-15 20:27
#7 Cloud9 (568 points) #8 Liquid (356 points) That alone is enough proof, but if you want more here it is. Since August 15th, 2017 these are the on lan results of both Liquid and Cloud9 Cloud9 Three* 3rd-4th place finishes (DH Montreal, ESL One New York, Eleague) One 9th-12th (DH Masters Malmö) Two 1st place finishes (DH Denver, iBUYPOWER Masters) *They pracitcally beat Astralis at Eleague so that's a 2nd place finish Liquid: Two 2nd place finishes (ESG Mykonos, ESL One New York) One 13th-16th finish (Eleague) Two 1st place finishes (Epicenter Wildcard, Americas Minor) On top of that their on lan head-to-head record since August 15th is 1-0 in favor of Cloud9
2017-11-15 06:23
1. C9 only won tier 2 events 2. 9-12th place is not anything good. 3. 1-0 on LAN head to head is not enough to say they are 100% better than Liquid. also HLTV's team ranking isnt the most solid ranking system.
2017-11-15 06:26
Okay and liquid only won tier 2 events that were just qualifiers. Technically not even real events. 9th-12th is better than 13th-16th Maybe so but that's still advantage to C9 Even if we account for any mistakes in the team ranking system they are still over 200 points ahead, best case scenario for Liquid they are still behind by 100. C9 is undoubtedly better. The teams they've beaten are better than who Liquid beat, the* teams they lost to were far and few between. Liquid lost to Misfits for christ's sake
2017-11-15 06:31
Maybe C9 are doing good for the moment but i think Liquid are still a better team in the long run. as for them losing to Misfits and a lot of the worst NA teams it was ONLINE, and its well known that Liquid is a LAN team and are no where near as good online as they are on LAN. Also, Liquid beat G2, Astralis and SK in bo3s in ESG and New York.
2017-11-15 06:34
They lost to misfits on LAN. At the Americas Minor. Cloud9 beat G2 at Eleague I think we can agree they basically 2-0'd Astralis at Eleague ESG shouldn't even count as much of anything. Ask anybody who was there it was a vacation. But for the purposes of example I'll still count it. C9 just beat Astralis at Oakland. C9 is a better team in the short term and for the future they will be better than Liquid. Compare players Skadoodle > jdm Stewie >= Twist Autimatic >= Elige Tarik > nitro (both at fragging and igl) Rush > Stanislaw I'm not trying to hate on Liquid, I agree that they are a really great team with lots of potential, but C9 is just better.
2017-11-15 06:40
My bad, i forgot about the Misfits match being on LAN. I also agree that C9 is a good team, my problem with them is they dont have good enough strats, and or patients to win against better and smarter teams, they play very loose and pug like, this leads to mistakes and lack of trades, which makes them kind of choke during hard fought matches. as for player comparison: Ska>JDM Stewie = Twist (i know unpopular opinion, but i think given the they clutch and form of both, its equal.) Autmiatic<Elige (overall form almost every match Elige gets 20+ kills sometimes 30+) Tarik>nitr0 (i dont know IGL wise, but fragging wise 100% seeing how we dont know they comms we won know who is better) rush>steel (new lineup even if it was old lineup rush>stan) So skill wise C9>Liquid but as i said it comes down to strats and smart plays, I think Liquid are a smarter team than C9, and if it came down to a bo3 on lan with the current lineup with both 2 weeks of playing together (the team) i think Liquid would win. But we wont know till the current lineups face of so we will have to see, either way they are both amazing teams and i will enjoy each of there matches.
2017-11-15 06:49
I agree with almost every point there. Yeah C9 plays a bit for puggy, but as we saw at Eleague they can play with strats. Honestly just give them a little bit more time to develop and they'll be running proper strats. I almost agree with the Stew-Twist comparison again I said >= towards stew because he's more experienced on lan and doesn't succumb to pressure as much. I'll agree to disagree and meet you in the middle at Autimatic = Elige (Elige choked quite a bit in their match at IBP Masters) If it came down to BO3 on lan so far C9 has that advantage with one win. But I agree hopefully we see C9 vs Liquid at Oakland.
2017-11-15 06:53
Agreed, its nice to have a intelligent conversation on HLTV once and awhile, I will be waiting for the BO3 match with the new lineups.
2017-11-15 06:57
Yeah, most people are just cunts if you don't agree with them. But this was chill. Hey maybe C9 vs Liquid in the BO5 Grand Final
2017-11-15 06:59
That would be sick, to bad everyone would complain "worst grand final" or "NA grand final is always the worst grand final"
2017-11-15 07:00
Well actually given the fact that the only way that probably happens is C9 beating Faze in a BO3 and Liquid beating SK in a BO3, I think people would be pretty pumped about it. I know that crowd would definitely love it
2017-11-15 07:02
Welp, looks like liquid is out. Quite unfortunate
2017-11-16 02:43
Looks that way, let's hope that in time we will see them have a good match.
2017-11-16 03:08
I'm hoping that by the major they'll both have fully adapted their styles and be able to both make playoffs
2017-11-16 04:17
lolno, they were for about a month. they really should have given stan a little more time before booting him
2017-11-16 05:57
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