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IEM Oakland Day 2 Group Predictions
Finland Strobester231 
(OTW) = Overtime Win Group A: SK vs Astralis - SK NiP vs C9 - C9 (OTW) nV vs C9 - C9 NiP vs Mongolz - NiP C9 vs SK - SK (OTW) nV vs NiP - NiP Mongolz vs Astralis - Astralis Group B: FaZe vs Gambit - FaZe (OTW) Optic vs Liquid - Liquid G2 vs Liquid - G2 Optic vs RNG - RNG (OTW) Liquid vs Faze - FaZe G2 vs Optic - G2 RNG vs Gambit - RNG (OTW)
2017-11-15 07:32
United States ItsImpact 
Decent predictions. I don’t think sk will win in OT but I think they will win. Don’t see renegades beating Gambit also. Other than that I agree
2017-11-15 07:35
Finland Strobester231 
Only reason why I said SK will win in OT is because they always struggle against a team like C9 or Liquid, but they always (normally) come out ontop. I know online doesn't mean much, but last time they played, C9 won 2-0 (2 BO1s). Also I said RNG will beat Gambit because Gambit are currently 0-3 and look weak and unprepared for this tournament, and RNG look insane, almost beating FaZe and Liquid with a win over Optic. I just think RNG is more motivated, so I chose them as they will fight for the win.
2017-11-15 07:41
Other TanriQQ 
nt, Gambit will win both
2017-11-15 07:38
Canada p100n 
bad bait
2017-11-15 07:39
Other TanriQQ 
just wait and see
2017-11-15 07:40
Finland Strobester231 
Currently 0-3. they dont look motivated, prepared or like they care. I don't think they'll even try to win now.
2017-11-15 07:42
Other TanriQQ 
a win over rngds and a OTL against faze can even make them qualify. So they'll try
2017-11-15 07:46
Optic might win vs Liquid I would say 16-13 for optic or 19-17 for Liquid
2017-11-15 08:42
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