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Russia AyvaN 
Okey, they lose all matches for yesterday, but they show so much sick moments and clutches. If they get more and more experience they have to be a rly good strong team. Thier aim skill is a pretty sick af.
2017-11-15 08:57
2017-11-15 08:58
World aagii247 
Yeah they need good internet in Mongolia and good gaming house and good tactic and timing then they have potetcial to become t1 team because they have sick aim all
2017-11-15 14:14
MongolZ are shit, deal with it. There have been threads like this about mongolz and tyloo since 2k13
2017-11-15 14:15
ScreaM | 
Georgia nawledge 
2017-11-15 14:16
Brazil PrettyMuchItt 
lmao, spot on
2017-11-15 14:16
United States Noobtastic 
2017-11-15 14:23
2017-11-15 14:25
sorry, but we didnt participate
2017-11-15 14:19
yeah thx to fucking timezone
2017-11-15 14:24
United States 2uh 
Honestly they just need to get signed by a western org. Move them to a team house in CIS, EU, or NA, and they could be a decent team. If they learned how to antieco, they could have definitely beaten nv. Like if you're the owner of some LoL org with lots of money and want to get an NA EPL-level team without worrying much about buyouts (Splyce got machinegun for free, theMongolz owner gave him away because he wants his players to be better off), just get the mongolz and find a way to get them a team house in NA.
2017-11-15 14:21
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