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Good Singleplayer games?
Germany Rudolfthebrownnoseraindeer 
im bored and wanna play some sp games again, but not sure what. Someone knows games like AC:Origins (only in good) or Rise of the Tomb Raider for example?
2017-11-17 17:26
The Witcher 3
2017-11-17 17:28
yes great game, but already done with it
2017-11-17 17:30
Far Cry 3, 4
2017-11-17 17:31
Sleeping Dogs is a underrated game too
2017-11-17 17:31
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Well i guess you already played it, but: Skyrim And you also have games like Dishonored 1 & 2 and Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood, Wolfenstein The New Colossus EDIT: Well and you also have AC Black Flag, i just love roaming around stealing shit :D
2017-11-17 17:36
Skyrim Vanilla and some mods in the beginning yeah, but now there must be tons of mods and even complete conversions like Enderal, maybe i should take a look back to it. Maybe an old AC would be good as well, i never played any AC game so far. Wolfenstein is nice but not really motivated to play the new one atm
2017-11-17 17:42
The AC Ezio Trilogy is awesome.
2017-11-17 18:13
World TheBattleMac 
2017-11-18 02:38
United States mook_ 
+1 ac2 was my favorite i played the shit out of that game
2017-11-18 03:28
2017-11-19 01:32
+1 just started brotherhood
2017-11-18 03:31
2017-11-19 01:32
2017-11-17 18:18
Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Simple, addictive, lots of replay value.
2017-11-18 02:44
cs against bots
2017-11-17 17:28
bots are cheater
2017-11-18 17:31
resident evil, outlast
2017-11-17 17:29
Estonia RaviiieN 
Max Payne 1,2,3
2017-11-17 17:29
Poland cGev 
2017-11-17 23:57
Japan Th3Koala 
2017-11-17 17:29
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
football manager only game u will ever need
2017-11-17 17:30
banned in germanistan xD
2017-11-17 17:31
World ///fuck 
germany so retarded, banning everything
2017-11-18 12:15
why did it got banned in gerministan wtf? its only football manager :o
2017-11-18 17:37
Argentina roulettesoad 
2017-11-18 03:50
Turkey de_insertion 
but the question is which one? 12 is the best by far
2017-11-18 11:35
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
No it isn't. There are small changes every year and the game very gradually/incrementally get better. The best version will always be the newest one, even if it is only marginally better than the previous.
2017-11-18 11:36
Argentina FabriConti 
I play FM since 2012 and every year is not better that the previous one for the sake of being the next, the f'cked up with players mentality, teams economy system, match engine, and other stuff like that, the thing is usually they patch it after several months, so no one care about. IMO, best version was 2012, but my opinion may be influenced by the fact that is the first FM I've played and the one I enjoyed the most.
2017-11-19 01:38
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
you're an fm casual dont @ me
2017-11-19 02:31
Argentina FabriConti 
Aren't we all? SeemsLegit
2017-11-19 05:16
gta 5, played it already? then play again with something new i did it already 3 times :D enjoyed every one of them
2017-11-17 17:31
i did but its not on my pc atm and for 80 gb download i need like 10 years since germanistan doesnt see the importance of internetspeed
2017-11-17 18:12
Czech Republic potruss 
GTA 5 has kinda shit story tbh. I mean its cool but its too short. You dont get to know characters well. GTA SA is much more fun to play in single player
2017-11-17 18:19
Alien: Isolation, Witcher 3
2017-11-17 17:32
fallout new vegas
2017-11-17 17:33
great game but already done :D
2017-11-17 17:35
+ I agree.
2017-11-18 01:40
If you have a PS4, Uncharted 4
2017-11-17 17:34
2017-11-17 17:35
Finland Headbangeri 
Any metal gear Final Fantasy VII, VIII Outlast Bioshock series Doom Dying light (co-op even funnier) Fallout 4 Portals
2017-11-17 17:36
done done dont like horrorgames done done busted in germany dont like fallout 4 done but thx xD
2017-11-17 18:11
Sweden FitDude 
you seem to have played a lot of singleplayer games :P Which ones would you recommend?
2017-11-18 01:31
I prefer old games usually, a lot of newer games feel so generic and boring for me. Depends on which genre you like, i dont know that :D
2017-11-18 02:31
World TheBattleMac 
alarmstufe rot 2? :D:D
2017-11-18 02:39
You don't like Fallout 4? Then you don't like singleplayer games
2017-11-18 01:42
well i just didnt buy it yet, i loved fallout 3 and new vegas though. but a ton of reviews say that fallout 4 doesnt feel like a real fallout and is really mediocre in all points. And literally all the dlc's had horrible ratings as well. That scared me off a bit. If its in winter steam sale i might still test it, but not before :>
2017-11-18 02:33
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
lol fallout 4 is a shit game
2017-11-18 11:24
fallout 4 sucks lol...
2017-11-18 11:34
Wolfenstein series :)
2017-11-17 17:36
I played Assasin's Creed and Tomb Raider on my Xbox. Those are fun games. Some may find AC challenging because it is strategy based.
2017-11-17 17:36
Tomb Raider with keyboard is challenging :D
2017-11-17 18:11
Zelda botw its going to win goty aswell super mario odyssey insane game aswell
2017-11-17 17:38
but thats not for PC isnt it? i dont own a switch
2017-11-17 18:10
Dishonored 1 and 2
2017-11-17 17:38
Brazil cadik 
2017-11-17 17:40
I now replay through the entire halo series
2017-11-17 17:41
Vietcong, No one lives forever
2017-11-17 17:42
France Leskines 
Saga uncharted
2017-11-17 17:42
Other anarh1st47 
Portal, hl
2017-11-17 17:43
paz | 
Albania ranekq 
ori and the blind forest Divinity Original Sin 1,2
2017-11-17 17:43
Hungary Bonte 
I just downloaded ac cronichles Russia, and it's pretty good so far
2017-11-17 17:47
JD | 
Poland HooDlesxd 
My cock = key Your mom ass = door
2017-11-17 18:13
Czech Republic potruss 
I guess nobody will write that so... Mafia Mafia II (fuck Mafia III its shit you dont need to play that) Older games but the jewel from czech production (if you find out Mafia too bad for its graphic you can go straight to Mafia II and thats must play game :D ) Southpark (The stick of thruth and The Fractured but hole) if you ever watched southpark you will find these games amazing. But idk if the first southpark isnt banned in germany (nazi zombies, svastikas etc.) Life is Strange.... Who says that this game is for 15yo emo girls then he is dumb and he didnt play it
2017-11-17 18:24
I will have a look at Mafia, thx Southpark is not really banned but censored, i dont know if its still funny that way :( Life is Strange maybe, but it might be too boring for me, adventure games were not really my type in the past :D
2017-11-17 18:44
Czech Republic potruss 
Southpark is censored here aswell but it only covers svastikas. If thats the case in Germany you can download something that will put it away. Or you can pirate it and download it uncesored from some torrent website :D But its definitely worth to play. The Fractured but hole should be 100% OK in any country and its worth playing aswell. About life is strange... If you like movies that are not only action but some drama and more talking then you should enjoy Life is Strange aswell... Untill fifth episode because they fucked that up. The story is amazing tho and there is not so much of playing
2017-11-17 18:53
Croatia feelsbadmane 
2017-11-17 18:45
NFS U2 or MW 2005 If new, try payback, it's actually better than the recent nfs, people complain about microtransactions but it's not that bad.
2017-11-17 18:48
Czech Republic StuartX 
Dishonored 1,2 Dark Souls 3 Borderland 1,2 (But it's get boring after while) Machinarium/Samorost 3 (These games are point and click adventures with lovely graphic and great soundtrack )
2017-11-17 18:49
more tipps :D:D
2017-11-17 21:25
warframe is pretty good solo play, if you like grinding/farming for stuff, also can jump into missions with friends at any time
2017-11-17 21:29
warframe was my last game, got like 110hours in a few weeks, but it got too grindy and repititive in my eyes. Maybe i was just overplayed as fuck, but dunno, i didnt like the system with how to get weapons and warframes
2017-11-17 21:36
definitely grindy as hell, always good for a few days then it goes back on the shelf until the next time i dont know what I want to play, I also like how you can just pop in for a mission or two, you dont have to keep playing it constantly to be effective
2017-11-17 21:59
yea thats cool. But i dont like the mastery shit. I want to play Galatine Prime and need like Mastery 9 or 13 (dont remember), so i have to play tons of warframes and weapons to level my mastery, just to play the weapon i want in the end. But to get that i need to invest tons of hours into stuff i actually dont even want to do
2017-11-17 23:20
ya i can definitely understand that, especially after rank 9, it gets kind of ridiculous after that. I grinded out my syndicate and got the rifle, and couldnt use it for quite awhile, i had to grind it out, like compulsion because I had finished the syndicate. On the other hand, I, in no way, needed that weapon to do stuff. But I do understand the mastery frustration, but a little bit at a time accumulates in that game at least
2017-11-17 23:26
I will try it again soon, i still didnt find a rifle which i really like so far. I enjoy the galatine so i thought i should get the prime galatine but then i saw the mastery xD I think i play braton prime atm but its not really that entertaining
2017-11-18 01:12
maybe try Shadow of Mordor, not war though
2017-11-17 23:29
i read that its not that terrible with the lootbox shit .... but still, i wont support that. I already got shadow of mordor in steam, but never installed. Maybe i will have a look
2017-11-18 01:07
shadow of mordor has no lootboxes just some dlc
2017-11-18 01:30
Poland Looopie 
maybe dishonored or bioshock?
2017-11-17 23:31
Metal Gear Solid games from PSP. They look really nice on emulator with HD settings. Metal Gear Acid's are underrated too, fine story with mgs graphics and card, turn based action. Sounds weird but are great fun imo. Acid are even playable on the phone since it's turn based and variable fps won't affect the gameplay much. Syphon Filter series for PSP - pretty cool tps No one lives forever - old school fps/comedy Telltale adventure games (Walking dead, Batman, GOT, Tales from borderlands, Wolf among us) Life is strange Witcher 1 and 2 Deus Ex (first one especially and the two newest ones)
2017-11-17 23:54
Austria schlaggi 
2017-11-18 00:00
kann ich nix mit anfangen :-( gekauft und keine motivation gefunden, weiter als 3 std zu spielen. Als ich das erste mal verkaufen wollte und die menüs gesehen habe, war das spiel aus xD
2017-11-18 01:08
Austria schlaggi 
das stimmt leider, interface und menüs sind leider unübersichtlich und schlecht gmacht. ich denk das haben sie nur wegen den consolenversionen so gemacht, is nämlich genau das selbe interface. hoffe die patchen die pc version amal....
2017-11-19 01:30
+1 Best game of the year
2017-11-18 11:17
United States itso 
Wolfenstein: The New Order + The Colossus Mafia II Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
2017-11-18 00:01
Latvia AntonsMc 
Bully:Scholarship edition
2017-11-18 00:08
Mafia 1-2 GTA Witcher Assassins Sports game - carrer (fifa/nba) Call of duty Wolfenstein Far Cry Fallout
2017-11-18 00:10
Life is Strange Beyond Two Souls Heavy Rain Bioshock series Alan Wake
2017-11-18 01:13
About PC games: All Dark Souls are insane Bioshock 1 and Infinite, the second is ok, but much worse than the masterpieces Half-life 1 and 2, if Half life 1 graphics doesnt let you play, you can purchase Black Mesa, it isnt finished, but they said they will release the full game in December Portal 1 and 2 AbZü Firewatch Dying Light Grow Home Mad Max Ori and the Blind Forest RiME The Tomb Rider reboot (2013) The Stanley parable and The Beginners guide Superhot Spec Ops: The Line Metro 2033 and Last Light PS4 BloodBorne Uncharted Horizon The Last Guardian etc
2017-11-18 01:27
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
i actually though bioshock infinite was the worst one suddenly cod 2 guns max, powers are all the same etc
2017-11-18 11:27
For me, Infinite is even better than the first one, but just different opinions :)
2017-11-18 11:30
>bioshock 1 >masterpiece pick one
2017-11-19 01:37
2017-11-18 01:41
Play Resident Evil 1 Remastered, it's pretty good.
2017-11-18 01:41
United States Geeezus 
Dishonored Bioshock Splinter-Cell Conviction Gears of War
2017-11-18 01:42
Diablo 2
2017-11-18 01:42
United States NA_CS_FAN 
cs is a good single player game
2017-11-18 01:43
Sweden FnerZy 
Battlefield Bad Company 2 had an awesome campaign. Sniper Elite series. GTA series. Far Cry series. Telltale games if you're a fan of games that are kind of like movies. The wolf among us and The Walking Dead games they made are awesome. Half Life 1 & 2 Hitman Blood Money Alan Wake Batman: Arkham series. Mafia 2, don't recommend 3. Doom 3.
2017-11-18 01:47
dishonored dead island life is strange
2017-11-18 02:00
metro/stalker tho
2017-11-18 02:00
2017-11-18 04:34
Brazil Setrock 
Ben 10
2017-11-18 02:37
gas | 
Korea kaiske10v 
2017-11-18 02:47
United States DemiFiend 
Any smt game
2017-11-18 03:24
United States mook_ 
minecraft singleplayer
2017-11-18 03:30
Majesty or Jurassic Park Operation Genysis or even Batman Arkham series
2017-11-18 03:31
United States USAnumberone 
csgo offline mode
2017-11-18 03:37
Canada Zebski 
la noire is cool if you like oldschool cops :D
2017-11-18 03:39
Dishonored 1/2 Tales from the borderlands Tomb rider
2017-11-18 04:03
Bioshock is a fucking masterpiece. Cheap on steam also
2017-11-18 04:09
Rickeh | 
New Zealand HeliiZ 
Papers, Please is a really cool indie game on steam if you're interested in indie stuff
2017-11-18 04:15
uhhhhhhh Amnesia: Dark Descent Dead Island The Darkness Deadly Premonition: Directors Cut Guns, Gore & Cannoli Kona Mafia 1, 2 (fk 3) Metro 2033 Redux (+ Last Light) - Exodus comes out soon Dying Light Observer (it was ok) Outlast > Outlast 2 Penumbra (+ Overture, Black Plague, Requiem) SOMA Spelunky Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux (was ok) We Happy Few (think still in EA/story development) Cuphead
2017-11-18 04:19
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
u know they doubled the price on We Happy Few lol
2017-11-18 11:32
nope, glad I got it a long time ago lul
2017-11-18 17:35
Someone else said Skyrim but I'm about to start a playthrough of Oblivion again. And then I'll probably play Morrowind again. So those two. Also Mount and Blade Warband, it's even better with mods and I can't wait for Bannerlord.
2017-11-18 04:34
Turkey Shadowdances 
Mount and Blade <3 2. Best Turkish game 1. CRYSIS OFC
2017-11-18 07:20
I loved Morrowind back then, any idea of some cool mods for it? Vanilla playthrough would be a bit boring again imo
2017-11-18 17:17
Honestly Morrowind is quite disappointing in the mods category, but I normally play with 'Morrowind Comes Alive' - Adds a bunch of NPCs, 'Morrowind Code Patch' - Fixes a bunch of bugs and adds stuff (which you can enable/disable when installing it), 'MGE XE' - Makes the game look really nice, Run Faster' and 'Accurate Attack' - Makes it so you hit 100% of the time (As a person who started with Skyrim then went to Oblivion and finally Morrowind, this was the main thing that turned me off the game) as well as some trivial mods such as Better Dialogue Font, 0 arrow weight and real sign posts.
2017-11-18 18:40
dennis | 
Slovakia Jarci 
Darksouls,Darksiders,Prince of Persia
2017-11-18 07:23
Malaysia Level1Cam 
Outlast Evil Within 1 and 2 Mortal Kombat X
2017-11-18 07:31
Peru Al_Pacino 
middle earth,best game for sure bro mordar or war
2017-11-18 11:31
baldurs gate
2017-11-18 11:35
Sweden 1nc0g 
soloq csgo
2017-11-18 17:19
CMX | 
United States LuWi 
hotline miami 1 and 2
2017-11-18 17:20
I dont know If someone has mentioned It, but you can play the dlcs of The Witcher 3, that are almost a new game.
2017-11-18 17:30
Brazil ouzak 
Red dead redemption
2017-11-18 17:36
Finland snellmanni 
s.t.a.l.k.e.r series
2017-11-19 01:32
Dying Light and Following expansion
2017-11-19 01:33
Brazil LuTzzSS 
the witcher 3 tes skyrim far cry 3 until dawn uncharted series telltale games the last of us
2017-11-19 05:23
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