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Orgs that should pick up MANS NOT HOT or GX
Korea EraXYT 
TSM PENTA Clan-Mystik (If they're even still around) 3DMAX (Same as with Clan-Mystik if they're around) Dignitas Any more?
2017-11-17 20:05
TSM could get much better teams if they wanted to get back to cs right? anyway why dont they any ideas?
2017-11-17 20:07
Noobster | 
Lithuania zilvA 
cuz tsm dont care
2017-11-17 20:08
bs answer
2017-11-17 20:11
Sweden FitDude 
no rly, didnt the players say the tsm owners gave 0 fucks about their csgo team?
2017-11-17 20:24
Korea EraXYT 
Yeah they could, but there aren't that many good free agent teams. I mean, ex-Dignitas maybe.
2017-11-17 20:08
REZ | 
Mexico f^rax 
TSM lost rep when sean got kicked, idk if they are ever coming back because of that. Maybe some sponsors left them
2017-11-17 20:21
gx have to prove themselves before they get an org
2017-11-17 20:09
Planetkey Dynamics
2017-11-17 20:10
we dont need any more nazi cheaters
2017-11-17 20:13
United States paine445 
2017-11-17 20:23
I dont see TSM coming back, there isn't a team worth investing into right now unless they get a european team again
2017-11-17 20:12
United States PsychoLogical 
After the PEA scandal, they're def not coming back and due to that scandal, TSM is practically one of the most hated orgs in csgo now cause of it
2017-11-17 20:19
Serbia _VuK_ 
Evil Genius
2017-11-17 20:13
2017-11-17 20:21
Brazil raphaelacro 
2017-11-17 20:21
Argentina ivanpb 
h2k, winfakt, frag executors, begrip
2017-11-17 20:24
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