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Optic AWP change
coldzera | 
Sweden 4Sweeeden So why the fuck would they keep Allu? -Allu +Oskar -Mixwell +Ropz Will never happen, but would be great.
2017-11-18 01:53
Czech Republic StuartX 
Looks nice, but Im not sure if they would be better than current mousesports team
2017-11-18 01:56
ofc they would. But kick HS instead of Mixwell.
2017-11-18 01:59
Ofc. But with Oskar instead of Allu (Mixwell) on AWP and Ropz instead of having Mixwell as rifler (Even tho Mixwell is main awp right now.
2017-11-18 02:00
Yugoslavia HLTV_BOSS 
you are totally out of your mind. optic is a good team, so is mouz, none of them need changes. optic is slowly building up. they keep playing better and better, look how they played vs sk on inferno, inferno being one of sk's better maps.they got to quarters at a lan. is it first lan i believe? and about mouz, they play well, just unlucky sometimes, a very talented team, no changes needed in the near future.
2017-11-18 02:33
Ofc Optic is slowly building up. But without a good IGL they lose so much potential tbh. 2nd LAN i think.
2017-11-18 02:34
Yugoslavia HLTV_BOSS 
friburger is doing a good job as of late
2017-11-18 02:35
fox | 
Portugal R0cketOG 
Inferno is actually one of SK worst maps atm. Anyway I saw them @ the minor and they have a pretty sick team. Im not a fan of allu, but HS/Magisk are sick and Mixwell is very solid too, with both rifle/awp.
2017-11-18 05:14
Dude,you're seriously delusional if you think optic will ever be a top team with friberg and allu,get dennis and stanislaw instand and you could say its possible
2017-11-18 08:21
Australia Azula 
I honestly thought that besides friburger that Mixwell was the weakest link on the team, he's a good AWP but I haven't seen anything to convince me he's a good rifler. Allu is a pretty solid rifler and he was actually doing a great job out-dueling Fallen on Inferno, he sucks at T-side though so maybe it's a sided thing? You could have a sick lineup with - Magisk - Allu - HS - dennis / twist - ANGE1
2017-11-18 02:04
-Friberg +Dennis -Mixwell +Ropz -Allu +Oskar Would be fucking nutty as well! Dennis Oskar Ropz HS Magisk
2017-11-18 02:11
Australia Azula 
Dennis won't IGL though, replace him with ANGE1 and we're good, mouz are in a better spot right now though so I don't see them leaving. Maybe money would coerce them though.
2017-11-18 02:15
Yeah.. But as i said "Will never happen, but would be great." xD
2017-11-18 02:23
Spain JasonRacism 
Wtf did i just read
2017-11-18 02:05
A thread that Optic should switch out Allu for Oskar and Mixwell for Ropz.
2017-11-18 02:11
Spain JasonRacism 
That's retarded
2017-11-18 02:12
No. Keeping Allu is retarded. Especially if hes not gonna AWP.
2017-11-18 02:13
Spain JasonRacism 
I'm not 100% sold on keeping Allu but he wasn't bad rifling on Mouz back in the day
2017-11-18 02:14
Yeah well back in the day. Sure, Allu could be good as Rifler, but i would still have solid rifler like Ropz etc on the team.
2017-11-18 02:22
Spain JasonRacism 
You don't even need to ruin Mouz to fix Optic, You could get players like Dennis, Kio, Ange1 on Optic to replace Friberg, Allu and HS if you really wanted
2017-11-18 02:23
Well sure. -Friberg +Ange1 (IGL) -HS +Kio -Allu +Oskar But having Ropz on the team would do Optic good tho.
2017-11-18 02:24
Spain JasonRacism 
Mixwell has said on twitter he is going to main AWP again, You don't need Oskar
2017-11-18 02:25
It’s not about that. Oskar is a star AWPer and if OpTic have the chance to pick him up they definitely should.
2017-11-18 04:39
Spain JasonRacism 
They don't NEED him, Obviously he is a upgrade but they don't NEED him to succeed
2017-11-18 04:54
United States Scvboy1 
HS has a lot of potential he just needs an IGL
2017-11-18 02:26
Yeah i know. Thats why i firstly didnt say -HS. Only -Allu -Mixwell
2017-11-18 02:27
2017-11-18 02:13
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
Mixwell is very overrated imo Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2017-11-18 02:15
allu should play only pistol
2017-11-18 02:22
dude just -allu +dennis whats the point of allu in the team if he isnt awping? hes not even average with rifles
2017-11-18 02:32
2017-11-18 02:47
Poland spazen 
-allu +dennis -friberg +ANGE1 -HS +kio
2017-11-18 03:03
rain | 
Argentina jrr10 
But mixwell said he hated the awp?
2017-11-18 03:36
The only reason they are keeping Allu is because they won’t make any moves untill after the major. Once it is finished I expect to see 2 roster changes, most likely the IGL and AWP roles.
2017-11-18 04:36
Mixwell awping is so sexy, he should be main awp full time
2017-11-18 04:40
I want to see Oskar and Ange1 come into the team and not have Mixwell on Awp. Take out Friberg and Allu.
2017-11-18 04:44
mouz is better though, why would they wanna transfer players? XD I'd prefer it the other way, -styko +someonefromoptic, not gonna happen obviously though
2017-11-18 04:46
"Will never happen, but would be great." Please read.
2017-11-18 05:02
I did. I just pointed out that even if it could, it shouldn't, cause mouz>optic. Unless you were just fantasizing as if oskar and ropz were free agents, then I understand. :P
2017-11-18 05:08
Well free agents / bought out of contract etc. And ofc this wont happen (Well ofc it could happen, but most likely not)
2017-11-18 10:40
Mouse paying nothing, Optic has good salary why wouldn't they want to change? It;s not like mouse is good enough to win or qualify for anything so they are really just earning lower wages for being shitters opposed to going to a team like Optic and get paid good salaries for being shitters.
2017-11-18 05:10
poor mixwell he hates to awp but somehow players/coach always manages to fuck him no more bot allu i guess, lets see how he performs with rifles
2017-11-18 04:48
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