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Europe AnimereTheScientist 
best game developer they will win all relevant awards this year no micro transactions, no day 1 patches, no big downloads. just pure gameplay, fun and love for the fans they show EA, Activision and co how a good game developers looks like, complete different level
2017-11-18 02:08
CD Projekt Red are also great developers.
2017-11-18 02:10
Iceland cracker12121 
They didnt release anything relevant this year though
2017-11-18 02:11
Yeah that's true. But as far as business models go they are one of the best after Nintendo of course, even Valve are good despite all the shit we give them we get free updates all the time and the games like £3.
2017-11-18 02:13
Iceland cracker12121 
Tbh i prefer CDPR over nintendo, I was just saying that they wont win best game developer this year because they didnt release any big game this year.
2017-11-18 02:22
agree, I hope cyberpunk 2077 will be good
2017-11-18 02:13
I think it's going to be insane, definitely one of the most ambitious games I've seen
2017-11-18 02:13
flusha | 
Germany sanos 
zelda si good game mario too but donkey kong best
2017-11-18 02:11
+1 DKC best music best gameplay best game design
2017-11-18 11:52
But where's the Melee.
2017-11-18 02:12
United States VerySmartGuy 
+1 always loved nintendo
2017-11-18 02:17
2017-11-18 02:28
2017-11-18 11:20
2017-11-18 12:00
2017-11-18 12:06
somebody mentioned EA ? E sucks my left ball and A sucks the right one.
2017-11-18 02:24
Macedonia AstralisGoat 
This has nothing to do with EA you dumbass, this is Disney protecting their product with their new star wars movie coming out soon and I'm sure DICE have a little role in it as well, but EA has them by the cocks, even say that the buying crystals feature will be back later lmao, little pr stunt but anyone with half a brain can see through this shit. I truly feel sad for how low iq this generation is, you think the internet won but you are delusional with minimal effort these mega corps protected their products from negative feedback to baiting the community into thinking they won when they will just put the buying crystals feature back in the game after the movie gets released and milking your retards again.
2017-11-18 11:43
Snax | 
United States Freakmode 
I’ll buy whatever it is you appear to be selling
2017-11-18 02:34
i have some games that i want a remaster so badly, nintendo are too nice toward people to think : "yeah lets make a remaster of a gamecube/n64 game and sell it 60€ like capcom do" except with some zelda's and snes/nes mini, they dont do that. Personnally i would like a Super Mario 64 + Super Mario Sunshine + Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 HD package on switch, i want it so baaad Just like i want a MGS IV remaster on pc because i didnt play it and i love this series :(
2017-11-18 12:03
Same and I would really love a Zelda HD collection for switch, with OoT, MM, WW, TP and SS
2017-11-18 21:31
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
Valve are great devs. Oh wait this isn't 1999
2017-11-18 12:04
Chile gentleeH 
rocket league switch <3
2017-11-18 21:32
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