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NiP will win Oakland 2017
Sweden snaKe^ 
Remember 2016 xD
2017-11-18 07:06
2017-11-18 07:10
Australia FlaKeXD 
2017-11-18 07:10
If they did OAKLAND is rigged
2017-11-18 07:53
Yeah remember 2016 when Liquid was in the Grand Final of the Major, and C9 still had nothing and shroud, and Fnatic still had a decent roster, and Faze was shite, and Optic were rising in skill, and Donald Trump wasn't president, and C9 beat SK in Brazil at EPL Season 4 Finals, and when Astralis hadn't won a major, and when Gambit hadn't won a major, and Zeus was still with Na'Vi, and when Simple carried Na'Vi to win ESL One New York.
2017-11-18 08:15
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