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Uruguay quiri 
2017-11-20 19:55
Germany uRaguuuu 
why disband top 1 tdem?
2017-11-20 19:57
Germany Shlyywa 
karrigan has to get better aim. But better aim and more kills means less good ideas and not such a good igl anymore.... Plot twist RIP Karrigan is by far the best igl, but Fallen is a good igl and does kills...
2017-11-20 19:58
Romania andi2k17 
uruguay brain, probably suarez bit your brain
2017-11-20 20:04
fixing #1 team? kys
2017-11-20 20:05
i think karrigan should move to coaching role. edit: nothing against him, one of my favorite individuals
2017-11-20 20:06
Dezca | 
Canada PyroOOF 
bad bait
2017-11-20 20:09
SK fix disband
2017-11-20 20:09
Sweden KRlMZ 
nt Suarez
2017-11-20 20:12
Xyp9x | 
Europe dizmay 
expected from sk fan
2017-11-20 20:15
oskar | 
Slovakia fexeL2 
faze fix is to shut the fuck up they said alone people overrate them why are some people so dumb and try to fix everything fix hltv by banning baiters ez.
2017-11-20 20:19
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