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Do Nip deserve top4?
Portugal RafaKimi 
They only won 1 tournament and are top 4 in front of G2 and others Do you think its gonna last long?
2017-11-20 19:58
NiP deserve top1
2017-11-20 19:59
India Gandhii6 
2017-11-20 20:05
Turkey blazerX 
2017-11-20 20:07
World Fr3de 
When did G2 win a tournament last time? The ranking is fair. Or at least more fair than any other alternative.
2017-11-20 19:59
Portugal RafaKimi 
I didnt say that isnt fair i only wanna know if people think its gonna last long
2017-11-20 20:02
nip deserve top10
2017-11-20 19:59
Poland sitarskee 
NiP deserves top4. /close
2017-11-20 20:01
nip-faze 3-2 nip>face = nip top 1
2017-11-20 20:02
Denmark Vyo 
nope, just because they managed to win one tournament in lucky way doesn't mean anything. get right, xizt, forest are still bots and should retire. draken shouldn't even play competitive cs.
2017-11-20 20:04
Lithuania MRmobis 
someone's salty
2017-11-20 20:07
Yes you re right, group stage exit >>>>> tournament win
2017-11-20 20:08
2017-11-20 20:09
lucky way? fuck you retard
2017-11-20 20:15
i guess so the other teams around don't have a lot better results
2017-11-20 20:04
Portugal RafaKimi 
That is what I just realized. Astralis out in groups aswell as G2 (i dont even know why they are still top3)
2017-11-20 20:09
Poland Coldharbour 
I think there is no Counter-Strike without NIP. I don't really like them but they should always stay in top15 at least. Maybe after so many roster changes it's NIP's time now. But their achievments aren't impressive enough to place them 4th right now.
2017-11-20 20:07
Top 4 deserved
2017-11-20 20:08
tarik | 
Kazakhstan Tarob 
Top 5 is enough
2017-11-20 20:10
France t3r4byt3 
NiP deserve it, not just for winning a stacked Tier 1 event but for also beating SK in a bo3 and FaZe in a bo5 to do it. I don't think it will last but if it does, I'm excited to see what happens next.
2017-11-20 20:11
Since they beat faze and sk in bo3 and bo5 , ofc they deserve. Off topic : People should respect NiP players ( the 3 legends ) more , when f0rest or gtr will decide to quit cs:go is the day CS GO will die , you can mark my words. I didnt played a single minute of CS GO since 2014 but I m still watching the pro scene because of f0rest. As this year theme song for League of Legends Worlds said...Legends never die.
2017-11-20 20:12
dupreeh | 
Algeria xXDDXx 
they won against the TOP3 TOP2 & TOP 1 ASTRALIS FAZE SK + its a big TIER1 event
2017-11-20 20:13
Portugal anomelyxd 
They dont
2017-11-20 20:13
Of course they do, they beat FaZe clan, so at the moment, they deserve to be a top four team, however if they start shitting themselves again, they will drop down
2017-11-20 20:16
Getting first in their group, and beating the current #2 team in semifinals, then #1 team in grand final is not deserving of top4? NIP is the only respectable EU team EDIT: forgot about VP
2017-11-20 20:19
Europe RadiantTetsu 
idc the rankings will change in a few days because of blast pro series then we can see if nip is good enough for top4
2017-11-20 20:40
nitr0 | 
Canada Surzz 
they beat sk in a bo3, and faze in a bo5, they definitely deserve it.
2017-11-20 20:42
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