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NIP #4?
Monkey | 
Syria ruskipidar 
Ez joke admin
2017-11-20 21:49
iam agree
2017-11-20 21:50
Sweden kallespann 
lol? North #5 and never wins tournament? They been 5 forever and ppl dont complain
2017-11-20 22:10
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Yeah well North have been bounching between #7-#5 for a while. NIP just randomly jumped 300 placements because of 1 event victory and 1 win against FaZe + SK. And thats because no one have actually managed to challenge the top 5 teams tbh. (well the old 5, SK, FaZe, Astralis, North and G2)
2017-11-20 22:12
United Kingdom Bowsette 
3-2 b05 FaZe Number 1 team in the world 2-1 b03 SK Second best team in the world 16-11 b01 Astralis 3rd best team in the world 16-4 b01 Cloud9 6th best team in the world 16-11 b01 EnVyUs 14th in rankings They beat 3 of the best teams in the world, north hasnt done shit, G2 overated & you are telling yourself that they are not a top 5 team?! LUL
2017-11-21 09:40
Bulgaria _Hattrick_ 
Please don't count Astralis because they played with zonic intead of dev1ce because he was sick.
2017-11-21 09:43
Estonia LKWD 
The match still happened and they still won. So for anysort of ratings it will count. Was it easier for NIP? Yes! Would have Astralis won if they were with device? We will never know.
2017-11-21 10:48
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Like #34 is saying. Even fucking LDLC could beat Astralis lol And also they used Zonic instead of Device. Ofc it will count for you because you are dumb. Astralis didnt have one of their best players on the team at that match lol.
2017-11-21 11:10
Europe nip_fanboy 
Doesen´t matter, they still beat #1 and #2 team in the world atm in bo3 a bo5. WIn against Astralis don´t have that much impact
2017-11-21 11:16
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
"Doesen´t matter" Ofc it doesnt, you are a NIP fan, just that you beat a team out of top 5 makes you #1. NIP fan logic. Do you not understand? NIP got MORE points from the Oakland win than a major fucking winner would get to win the major(!). Thats bullshit.
2017-11-21 11:23
jks | 
Australia nomitycs 
Gambit beat 1 truly elite team (astralis) in bo3 to win major. Nip literally beat the #1 and #2 best teams in the world in a bo5 and bo3, that's more impressive
2017-11-21 11:27
Brazil DRayyy 
they have this impact because they beat SK and FaZe
2017-11-21 11:27
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
So 300 points (More than a MAJOR WINNER) would get, is fair? If you legit think thats fair then you are completely lost mate. They won a fucking event, sure they beat SK and FaZe, but 300 points is bullshit, 150-170 points sure, but getting more points than Gambit did when they won the major is bullshit.
2017-11-21 11:31
World hkzz 
Gambit got only 300 points for major because they only beat Astralis of the relevant teams. Just because its major and not a regular T1 event like Oakland doesn't mean you get more points when you beat scrubs to get it. NiP got more points because SK and FaZe both had over 900 points (remember 1000 is the cap)
2017-11-21 12:13
Sweden Rexz 
Don't you understand that it depends on what teams you play on the road to the victory? Gambit basically played ONE top team and that's Astralis, sure it was impressive BUT they played fnatic and Immortals that basically had the easiest road to a major final ever in beating BIG and Slumping VP. So yes it's a Major win but u gotta look at what teams they played to win the tournament, Meanwhile NiP best the top3 teams in the world, Astralis, SK and a bo5 vs FaZe Clan with insane firepower to win the tournament, you can't deny they don't deserve their spot as #4. They are always great on LAN. Top8 in Cologne, Top4 DH Masters Malmö and Winner of IEM Oakland and t2-t3 DH Valencia on LAN with this lineup.
2017-11-21 12:14
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Well, that doesnt take away the fact that Gambit won the major, and by winning the major you get a lot of points. I can deny that, since its fucking weird that NIP jumped 5 spots because of that. Jumping 2 spots sure, but 5 because of winning against FaZe and SK? lol. Winning against Astralis shouldnt be counted because they used Zonic. If you think top 4 is great at events then... lol i dont even know what to say... So i should be happy that SK finished top 3 at some events (Oakland, ESL New York, Mykonos etc)? lol.
2017-11-21 12:37
pretty sure North is at #7
2017-11-20 22:13
Sweden kallespann 
dude thats not the point They USED to be #5 all the fucking time since I can remember, up until the rank update today They havent won anything since over a year
2017-11-20 22:15
shit ranking m8
2017-11-20 22:16
North didnt win anything but they were consistent in performing and achieving. They got alot of 2nd places in tier 1 tourneys and playoffs in majors. NiP only won two events, 1 is against a random tier 3 team. They are placed at 4th because winning a tournament gives you a huge amount of points.
2017-11-21 09:34
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
2017-11-21 10:28
What's wrong with that? They just won a pretty good tournament.
2017-11-20 21:50
Sweden ThorinEk 
+1 over the #1 team in Bo5
2017-11-20 22:02
United States Grace_Kelly 
One tournament...
2017-11-21 10:48
So...? Astralis hasn't won any tournaments lately and are still top 5. NiP just beat 2 of the worlds best teams and won a tournament.
2017-11-21 14:16
Netherlands RandomAsshole 
They won from sk in bo3 and faze bo5 They deserve it /close
2017-11-20 21:56
Ukraine niXoN|w1 
"they REserve it" nt though, mr. weed
2017-11-20 21:53
Canada _Dark__ 
Maybe he meant “REZerve”
2017-11-20 21:58
guys we must rezspect them, rezspect the ninjas!
2017-11-21 08:50
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
2017-11-20 21:55
one tournament shouldnt be enough to jump to 4th place. I wonder why nip was #9 in the first place, they didn't win anything.
2017-11-20 22:26
SK #2 is a bigger joke
2017-11-20 21:51
Canada Number1F1fan 
2017-11-20 21:52
SK #1
2017-11-20 21:52
Finland awilow 
SK #21
2017-11-20 21:54
cuz they should be #3?
2017-11-20 21:52
2017-11-20 21:52
did you mean #3?
2017-11-20 22:05
New Zealand JK_77 
2017-11-20 22:28
United States Cherryyy 
Fav player + name + flag checks out
2017-11-20 22:21
Netherlands duudiGOD 
+1. they won 1 lucky tournament and up to top4 in ranking.. Oakland was last tournament when they won:D screen this post
2017-11-20 21:51
how was it lucky?
2017-11-20 21:52
Sweden werkaster 
That's why we play bo5, it has nothing to do with luck. And yeah, I'll screen. Not saying they will win every tournament from now on, but definitely more than this.
2017-11-20 21:52
Every game has to do with luck, no point in saying it doesn't. Any 1v1 could go the other way. Anyone who watched the games could easily say there were a few 1v1s on each map that could have gone the other way and changed the outcome of the game, but didn't because of little timings.
2017-11-20 22:06
Sweden werkaster 
No, that's not how we analyze the game at all. NO ONE said anything about a few 1v1 changing the games because this wasn't close maps. FaZe won their maps big and NiP did too, although not as big. Still, it was 5 maps played, sure a lot of things could've gone different but in the end, both teams won the maps they were prepared for and had better results on. NiP have a lot worse matchups out there, but FaZe map pool fits them perfectly.
2017-11-20 22:16
Exactly. For every unlikely round win that NiP had Faze (and SK for that matter) had one as well. Faze had maybe even more because Niko and Rain had some pretty insane deagle rounds (although so did f0rest). Anyway the maps NiP won were all 16-10 so pretty good margin there. If you watched the games you would know that NiP played well as a team. That and the players hitting their shots were the main factors, luck was definitely there but not as much. In the tournaments to come teams will start countering NiP's playstyle, and if they can't adapt they will start losing again. That doesn't mean they didn't win at Oakland by being the better team in that particular tournament, just that they were only well prepared for Oakland.
2017-11-21 10:26
Switzerland BottomFragger 
They've earned this victory and it's definitely to be respected but I don't think there are more to come in the near future. None of the teams, coming into this event, really prepared for NiP at all, why should they have. NiP had a huge advantage, neither FaZe or SK really seemed to understand how NiP was playing. That is a one-time bonus though.
2017-11-21 09:16
Europe carath 
how is it lucky to beat your beloved sk in a bo3 and faze in a bo5 ? retarded much ?
2017-11-20 21:53
They shutdown both SK and then FaZe and in a bo5 thats not luck, go back to heartstone.
2017-11-20 21:54
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
mad cuz they won 2 bo3 out of 3 agaisnt sk?
2017-11-20 21:56
United States allnewluke 
How is it lucky when they beat the top 2 teams in and BO3 and BO5
2017-11-20 22:10
Brazil isaaccarneiro 
Age: 19 Signed up: 2017-10-26 RETARDED!! Bring my old HLTV back, please!!!
2017-11-20 22:26
Netherlands duudiGOD 
cry is free
2017-11-21 08:44
Luck? Lmao they won against SK in bo3 and Faze in bo5? Delusional SK fanboy
2017-11-21 12:06
faze #1 bigger joke ever who can`t beat SK and NiP
2017-11-20 21:51
Canada Number1F1fan 
Too bad for you /close
2017-11-20 21:52
for me? LOL
2017-11-20 21:52
United States BaitmasterDan 
navi 17# super mad ukr
2017-11-20 21:55
#1 after major screen it
2017-11-20 21:56
If they will qualify :^)
2017-11-20 22:22
irrelevant rank since they didnt attend a tournament for a long time and they have a new roster
2017-11-21 12:18
TaZ | 
Poland VeryTazGuy 
yes and VP was #6 after epicenter yet they won against more t1-t2 teams - g2, gambit, faze and almost sk. the only difference is that nip didnt choke in finals, and thats about it
2017-11-20 21:58
FAZE is basically a bully at school who can only bully 8th graders and when 10th graders ( NIP/SK ) come along they run to the nearest toilet
2017-11-20 22:00
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
They have been doing well lately. Semifinals @ Dreamhack Masters last September and just qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals. Its not only this latest result at IEM Oakland. The exception to this was that weird failure at the Major open qualifier...
2017-11-20 22:07
United States USAnumberone 
you are right it is a joke. NiP deserve to be #1 right now
2017-11-20 22:10
United States Top_Ostrich 
They beat the top 3 in one tournament. If they can do it at Blast yes, if not #4 is good enough
2017-11-20 22:14
s1mple in 2017.
2017-11-21 08:53
Gambit had the easiest major run of all time and when they jumped from like 18th to 6th nobody complained yet NiP have just beat the number 2 team in the semis and the Number one team in a best of 5 in the final and jump from 9th to 4th people cry? Makes sense.
2017-11-21 09:25
srsly? They won againts sk and faze and won a tournament. Get a life kid
2017-11-21 09:42
2017-11-21 10:32
Romania cataswag69 
2017-11-21 10:34
of course yes...........they defeated number 1 and 2 teams in Bo3 and Bo5 to Win the IEM Oakland Title. and this Ranking is for november 20 not October or september so they deserve it.
2017-11-21 10:35
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
c9 6# LOL would be +30 rank if was not for invites
2017-11-21 10:49
2017-11-21 10:49
They've won 2 small tournaments (which I agree that were tier 2) and IEM Oakland.
2017-11-21 11:12
Russia Sur10n 
2017-11-21 11:14
I respect that nip won....they played great but lets be real 3/5 players played great but none of them does it on regular basis....lets say rez will perform consistantli for the next couple of months then they also need draken to perform and then when f0rest or gtr go nuts i can see the winning otherwise not realy
2017-11-21 11:15
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
Yeah. Number 4 seems about right. They have won one tournament.
2017-11-21 11:36
Portugal CRMN1 
I think it's fair. To be honest, the difference from the top 3/4 teams to the top 4/5-10 teams isn't as large as we think, and NiP won a top tier tournament eliminating the 2 best teams in the world (and of the year as well), so I think it's a deserved credit.
2017-11-21 11:59
Please check how the site ranking works. Thank you in advance. - Locked -
2017-11-21 16:10
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