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is NIP T1 now?
Canada officeglobal 
I get the impression that only Faze SK Astralis are true T1 teams teams like NIP G2 or North or VP are T 1.5 basically everyone else lower then Top10 is T2 or washed out teams
2017-11-21 03:40
Probably more like what you call T1.5 - NiP winning IEM Oakland and beating the two best teams in the world in a bo3 and bo5 respectively makes it hard to argue that they're not t1. If they put up a good show at BLAST and EPL S6 finals then I'd definitely say they're t1.
2017-11-21 03:45
top 1 next major, oh wait...
2017-11-21 03:53
Doesn't really mean shit considering the best team in the world will have to qualify for the next major. Meanwhile, poor teams like BIG, ex-Immortals and fnatic has legend spots.
2017-11-21 04:08
United States 0123Rhm 
2017-11-21 04:21
African Union mQnkey666 
poor team like fnatic? sorry but i think i have to remind u that fnatic>nip anyday
2017-11-21 04:43
Belarus helionzie 
2017-11-21 05:08
Yeah man golden top 1
2017-11-21 07:49
2017-11-21 07:51
African Union mQnkey666 
mark my word they will win the next lan they play and they will rape everyone(my mum too)
2017-11-21 09:02
calm down kid, got your nerd titties hard?
2017-11-22 16:37
African Union mQnkey666 
wtf are u want dude ?
2017-11-22 17:29
NiKo | 
World g1bg4b 
Fnatic winning a lan in 2017 LUL
2017-11-22 17:32
African Union mQnkey666 
u will see.
2017-11-22 17:34
2017-12-06 18:53
GOLDEN > NiKo ez
2017-11-21 15:31
Sweden Rexz 
LUL fnatic in 2017
2017-11-21 07:53
Europe rEdYy 
nip in 2017 LUL , 1 lucky tournament and u call tier 2 team ? tier4 maybe
2017-11-22 14:47
Yeah, one lan. And what have fnatic won durig last year? Let me guess... nothing?
2017-11-22 14:56
Europe rEdYy 
fnatic > nip , anytime , anyhour
2017-11-22 16:24
Sweden Rexz 
almost 2 years since fnatic have won something :> 'fnatic>NiP', sure maybe in online lmao
2017-11-22 17:17
Europe rEdYy 
dude come on , everybody know fnatic > nip , only nip fan boys cant agree with this , i'm not fnatic fan BTW
2017-11-22 19:43
Sweden Rexz 
2017-11-22 19:43
Brazil plc_junkeR 
lucky???? really mate???
2017-11-22 16:39
Lol wrong year mate
2017-11-21 09:45
Germany Fuyuwa 
NiP had massive problems with ther roster. Fine it worked out for a while but NiP was in a struggle. Now they have a strong team again and probably it is for a short time but NiP will always lift a big trophy in ther hands not like fnatic.
2017-11-21 15:46
Argentina [Darkaren] 
I mean, JW Flusha and KRIMZ earned it, the fact that they made a roster change after doesn't mean that they're a shit team, 3 out of the 5 players that made the team great are there. IMT is kinda shit because they have 3 out of 5 players, but the 2 players they lack are the reason why they got that far.
2017-11-21 15:57
Yes, they just barely earned their major spot and they had olofmeister and dennis in the lineup. The core is still there, but the team was very underwhelming even before the roster changes. Anyway, the thing is that we haven't seen much of fnatic with this new lineup at LAN so it's hard to give a fair assessment of the them. The point of my post was to show that your major status isn't that relevant to decide which rank and tier teams are, especially considering there's only two majors a year. FaZe (#1), G2 (#5), Cloud9 (#6) and Liquid (#10) are not legends and will have to qualify for the major. NiP (#4) is not even attending. Meanwhile, fnatic (#13), ex-Immortals (#18) and BIG (#20) are major legends. It's all about form and peaks.
2017-11-21 16:19
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Yeah, but we haven't seen the legends play at all tbf, like E-League was the last time we saw FNC and they were decent, Ex IMT hasn't played yet and idk what the fuck is BIG doing. Maybe if they were to play the same amount of tournaments that C9 or Liquid had played then they would be at the top. Anyway, doesn't really matter, EPL and ECS finals are going to happen soon, so we'll see then what the shit is going on.
2017-11-21 16:48
PGL Major rating: kNg - 1.12 HEN1 - 1.12 LUCAS1 - 1.11 Boltz - 1.08 steel - 1.08 HEN1 and kNg were the star players really and the MAIN reason Immortals went far. Sure, we all like Steel and Boltz but they were just the support players in the team.
2017-11-21 17:00
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Steel was meh. Boltz was the reason why that team was good, and that's why he's on SK now.
2017-11-21 18:21
Made me laugh bro thanks
2017-11-21 16:06
African Union mQnkey666 
ur welcome :) have a nice day
2017-11-21 16:45
Hungary kyocsgo 
2017-11-22 14:50
Sweden Revil0csgo 
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH N1, idiot NIP would bang fnatic
2017-11-22 15:05
World L30n@rd0 
2017-11-22 15:16
Turkey blazerX 
2017-11-22 16:44
Best team in the world will have to qualify? SK are legends ;D
2017-11-21 04:54
Hence the "Best team in the world have to qualify"
2017-11-21 07:47
2017-11-21 10:03
probably that's cause best team played like shit at last major
2017-11-21 15:57
Ex-immortals >>>>>>>abism>>>>>>>NIP 2017 Dont forget, 3 Majors without NIP!!!
2017-11-21 16:39
Sweden Liot 
10 majors without ex imt lmao
2017-11-21 16:51
Panama Bill_Bait 
fnatic haven't been able to prove themselves on LAN with new lineup yet so it wouldn't be fair to count them out. If you look at the history, fnatic has been the better team overall. Deluded NiP fan cant take that NiP is not Swedish best CS team. so sad
2017-11-21 17:07
You can do better than that, expected a better bait from someone with that name, even objectively wrong.
2017-11-21 17:21
Panama Bill_Bait 
Delusional fans do not know when someone is baiting(what baiting is), hence these posts defending such bs as this one. Have fun watching NiP winning Oakland 2018! Long time til then...
2017-11-21 17:24
I suppose HLTV and the analyst community are delusional too then. No point in explaining to a retarded child. Have fun watching fnatic never win anything.
2017-11-21 17:29
Panama Bill_Bait 
Have fun watching fnatic never win anything. I never said I was a fnatic fan, though they have won a lot more than NiP so by your logic they are always and forever a tier 1 team. When was the last time you saw SK getting knocked out of groups? They are winning consistently against teams within and outside top 10. Also, comment #123. Stay deluded and have fun in matchmaking. > I suppose HLTV and the analyst community Why would I do that? You do know teams can lose points when not attending or have a bad place at a tournament, right? If G2 were to go to the semifinal I can guarantee they would be a higher position than NiP. NiP is #4 because of that good fair amount of points, and bad placements of other teams above them. Otherwise, they would have been number 1. Stupid shit deluded, deluded...
2017-11-21 17:40
lmao what logic is that? It's sad yet hilarious to see someone bring up all-time results and use it as an argument as to why a team is better than the other right now. NiP has been better than fnatic since mid-2016. Fnatic hasn't won anything in over 1.5 years, regardless of lineup. While NiP has won 5 LAN tournaments in that time, 2 with this lineup. How is SK relevant to this? Present some arguments, give it a try. EDIT: lmao you're trying so hard, legit editing every single post.
2017-11-21 17:50
they played eleague premier it's not 2015 anymore kid. nip > fnatic, just look at rankings, lan results and won tournaments
2017-11-21 17:31
Seems to be resistant to logic, facts and statistics. I need to printscreen and save this delusional kid's comments so I can laugh at it again in the future.
2017-11-21 17:54
and they obtained their major spots because they played better in tournaments when it mattered NiP may 'have better players' than Big or IMT, but if they cant qualify versus teams like Vega then they clearly don't deserve to be at the Major and the other teams do. Tier 1 should be the top 10 or so teams and nip is a part of that, but just because they won one event which seems to be the only event they can win each year, it doesn't put them up at the top as one of the best. They need to be consistent in tournaments to be classes as a top team.
2017-11-21 17:09
Sweden Alkob 
they are better than 80% of major teams
2017-11-21 17:56
evidently not as they rumble under pressure against tier 3 teams in quals
2017-11-21 20:43
If they choke hard again in blast pro thn iem win was probably fluke just like vp
2017-11-21 04:06
Europe Donzii 
You forget NIP already in Playoff Cologne 2017 , Semi final Malmo.. how is that choke again?? we all know faze win was fluke at New York 2017 and ELEAGUE Premier 2017 New York 2017 : Faze beat C9 in semi and beat Liquid in grand final ELEAGUE Premier 2017 : Faze beat Envy quanter, beat North semi , beat astralis final (Astralis in slump also Dupreeh sick)
2017-11-21 04:32
United States McKillins 
Buddy we say they are inconsistent because they didn't even qualify for the minor for this year, then they beat SK and Faze. Those two results don't go hand in hand
2017-11-21 05:12
Europe Donzii 
yes yes yes because ONLINE is everything right? stop compared online to lan please.. make it Minor qualifier as Lan... lets see who real team
2017-11-21 05:23
Faze win was fluke? I arent think that
2017-11-21 07:20
yes winning 2 tourny without dropping single map was fluke xD
2017-11-21 15:24
Europe Donzii 
Beat SK Bo3 Beat Faze Bo5 "IEM win was fluke" xDDD
2017-11-23 00:32
New York 2017: Faze beat C9 in semi because C9 beat Navi and beat Liquid in grand final because SK lose to Liquid (Not Faze fault that SK lose to Liquid) Eleague Premier 2017: Faze beat nV in quater because nV beat NiP in decider match (BO3 btw)
2017-11-21 07:28
bodyy | 
Europe remiska 
delusional nip fanboy nip is shit tier 2 team and they most likely will prove it at the next auction
2017-11-21 05:10
shit tier 2 team beats sk in bo3 semifinal and beats faze in bo5 final kek
2017-11-21 07:45
2017-11-21 15:48
bodyy | 
Europe remiska 
nt but not faze fan try again guessing
2017-11-21 17:00
Belgium Gandalf666 
The thing is, REZ went ham, we could argue the same to VP, they nearly lost to SK, beating Faze and G2 in BO3. Back then everyone was saying that VP was top 3 best team, they came so far because Neo and Pasha went god mode and Taz and Byali were very good. But guess what one week later they were shit, again. So the question is can REZ keep this level of performance up. Yes -> NIP T1 No -> NIP T2
2017-11-21 07:25
Sweden werkaster 
VP is not a real team. Anyone can beat VP anywhere. I think you're forgetting about one thing. Draken didn't play this event, well, he played, but really bad. REZ can drop off a lot if Draken starts playing well again, as NiP is pretty much built on Drakens early picks, at least T-side. And he has played much better than this for 90 % of his career in NiP so it should come back sooner or later. Can REZ keep up some form, even 80 % of this form, and Draken comes back at the same time, it will be very hard to stop them. Fnatic can probably do it, the NiP killers, maybe Astralis on top form, but not many other teams.
2017-11-21 08:03
Just sk and faze g2 astralis north...
2017-11-21 09:14
Singapore derpydm 
> north being able to beat anyone in t1 gtfoh
2017-11-21 09:55
After one tournament won u putting them as the best team in world when they couldnt even qualify for the major dor the last 2 years...
2017-11-21 09:15
Germany Fuyuwa 
Lol #Werkaster2k17 "VP is not a real team." XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Nice joke m8. I am not a fan of VP but that was funny xDDDD
2017-11-21 15:50
Belgium Gandalf666 
I don't think that if draken will be playing good again that REZ than certain will drop off, on T side they can give draken the freedom to just 'walk into a bomb site' and shoot the first guy, I always thought that draken is more of an aggressive AWP'er just like KennyS, he has great flicks has a good reaction time only his game sense is just a bit worse. But then you can use him as an entry fragger with REZ in his back. And if things go bad they can do a slow round to give draken and REZ the opportunity to get picks. Maybe if REZ and draken will both play well for a long time then they can be the new iconic swedish duo, just like GET_RIGHT and F0rest are. They have both the potential to be superstars. We will see what the future will say...
2017-11-21 15:52
United States Droidd 
Astralis t6 LuLuLuL
2017-11-21 03:45
nitr0 | 
Canada Surs 
they are tier 1, for now
2017-11-21 03:46
Japan Sarada 
Maybe yes, maybe no. Ask expert.
2017-11-21 03:47
astralis tier 2
2017-11-21 03:50
2017-11-21 15:50
France t3r4byt3 
No but if they keep it up, yes
2017-11-21 03:51
United States ItsImpact 
Depends. If they make out of groups in next tournament than yes but if not than no. Too inconsistent to tell.
2017-11-21 03:52
Only faze sk astralis t1, are you ok man? You don't have to win every tournament or make finals/semis to be tier 1.
2017-11-21 03:53
Canada officeglobal 
yes you do. You need to make it into TOP4 consistently and win at least a few tournaments a year. You cant be real T1 and not win shit.
2017-11-21 03:56
Don't you dare to try to define my tier, you can choose to be any tier you want. #freetier #fucktrump
2017-11-21 04:01
So if you make top 8 every time you are not t1?
2017-11-21 05:05
Of course not
2017-11-21 05:09
Belarus helionzie 
So tier 1 is just 4 teams? Strange logic.
2017-11-21 05:09
For me if there are 5 teams in a tier, that means each of those teams are pretty close, and for me I think Astralis, SK, and FaZe are tier 1 only, because Other teams aren't really close to them.
2017-11-21 05:11
So now your redefining tiers? Tiers have always been by seeding. And most of the pro's and people of respect in the community use HLTV rankings as a base. T1 = #1 - #10 T2 = #11 - #20 T3 = #21 - #30 So on and so fourth. I doubt your in the position of any respectability to just start defining tiers and thinking people should follow suit. Now of course you can have an opinion on what you think it should be. Unfortunately, your opinion isn't factual and only represents some delusional idea of yours. Delusional because nobody knows who 'Neroz44' is. Cheers!
2017-11-21 05:32
1. I am not redefining tiers, if you read. I said multiple times "for me" not for everyone else. Just giving my ideas. 2. I realize that some people might go by 1-10, but most people actually dont. Since the skill dropoff from FaZe to Liquid is such a huge margin. If you ask most people, they actually wont say that the top 10 teams are tier one. 3. As I said before I am not redefining tiers. 4. I don't know what you mean by factual, but lots of people define tiers by skill, which is what I'm doing. Just like you say people define it by 1-10 etc. 5. I literally posted one thing, and I don't use HLTV that often. Why would I care if people actually know me. Thanks for the attempting to enlighten me, but I have to say that you should maybe be a little less attacking. Did I ever do anything mean to you?
2017-11-21 07:11
Again, your trying to make your opinion right and its not. Not going to comment on the rest because nothing you said is factual and your a nobody. Try again!
2017-11-21 17:42
1. I said your idea can be true too 2. I was stating FACTS that people actually depict tiers like that. 3. As I stated, I don’t care that I am nobody 4. You are not going to comment on the rest, because I already won the argument.
2017-11-21 18:30
Doesn't make any sense.According to him there are only 4 teams in football that are tier 1.
2017-11-21 09:44
Can people calm the fuck down lol. First of all, lets see how they do at the maj....oh right....ehm. LUL
2017-11-21 04:11
Sweden yeeeeeee 
Why dont you get a job? I see you everwhere you sad cunt. Har du inget liv eller vad är ditt problem?
2017-11-21 04:40
African Union mQnkey666 
why u have to be mad ???
2017-11-21 04:45
Sweden yeeeeeee 
I just hate him, His Always acting like a Dick and trying to be something His clearly not. That Guy is 100% bullied and then comes here to act cool
2017-11-21 04:49
Europe Donzii 
Another NiP Hater i guess.. he try bashed nip for no reason
2017-11-21 04:50
African Union mQnkey666 
2017-11-21 06:30
*Fan of NIP* kek. Says the guy that comments 04:40? :D And i do have a job, i work nights, not every night ofc, but i get home from work at around 8 AM. Also "I just hate him, His Always acting like a Dick and trying to be something His clearly not. That Guy is 100% bullied and then comes here to act cool" Yeah, nice try. I was just saying the truth and was not trying to act cool. Stop being a crying bitch just because you are a NIP fan. Also dont write in Swedish, this is a forum for users all around the world, let them know what you write instead. And jesus fucking christ, stop with the big letters. "His Always acting like a Dick and trying to be something His clearly not". Btw, its "He's" and not "His". I didnt act like a dick there, i tried to teach a triggered NIP kid something.
2017-11-21 11:21
Sweden yeeeeeee 
Hahah. You are clearly a narccist cunt. Go write a novel you sad fuck
2017-11-21 15:44
If you go to a doctor and check if you have dyslexia first. Then i can write a novel. Thanks. Btw, You became butthurt AF when i mentioned NIP and the major lmao.
2017-11-21 15:52
Sweden yeeeeeee 
You are a sad bullied kid that seeks attention?
2017-11-21 16:16
"bullied kid" Right... Says the kid that Have To Type Like This. Finish 3rd grade in school before commenting ty.
2017-11-21 16:19
Europe Donzii 
Yeah SK got beaten by team out of minor LUL
2017-11-21 04:49
United States aaronjustis 
Just like how they were T1 when they won it last year.... fuck outta here
2017-11-21 04:53
mm i think they are tier 1.25749203
2017-11-21 04:56
Messi tier 67575636 , still no World Cup trophy .
2017-11-21 05:05
I think u didn't understand the joke, I could explain it to u if u wanted
2017-11-21 05:14
Australia fre5hj 
I dnt get all this crap about tier 1.. tier2.. shit.. Imo nip is tier 1.. vp is tier 1.. they are in slumps.. tell me a tier 2team that has the support/sponsorships and salary that nip/vp pay.. i dont see any teams out of top20 with the talent/salary/sponsors and support they have.. they are competitive.. have proven they can beat sk/faze/astralis (who have been rank#1 via hltv)
2017-11-21 05:24
Argentina [Darkaren] 
It's a loose term, some people consider tiers for skill and ranking. Tbf Tier is usually considered around if you play the big tournaments or if you don't, tier is more based on the tournament itself than the teams, if you have a bunch of mediocre teams then the tournament is tier 2/3, if you have the best teams then the tournament is tier 1, not the teams in it are good (for example Mongolz on IEM Oakland) but the majority are great teams so the tournament is the one on tier 1. (Also prize pool matters in most of this, but not really for the tier itself, i mean, you can have a tournament with the best teams and 50k of prize money and still be tier 1, even tho the event feels like tier 3 or such) Then you have tiers depending on which type of competition the team plays, basing the tier on the team and not the overall tournaments. The only thing that separes them in that regard is Competitive play vs Amateur play, playing in online leagues and online tournaments n stuff is tier 2 while playing in big LAN tournaments is tier 1 in this regard. Anyway, as i said, people like to use this term as "this group of teams are better than this other group of teams so they're in another tier" So you have a group of great teams as tier 1, another group of teams as tier 2 n such, mainly depending on the amount of finals and tournaments they go to, and here there are like 400 fking tiers, you have the Tier 1 of the 4 best teams, tier 2 of a group of the other 6 teams of the top 10, then tier 3 of the other teams and that until tier 4000 with a pug team of MDL.
2017-11-21 16:06
I agree
2017-11-22 15:08
T1 teams who could beat anyone else Faze sk astralis nip g2 North c9 Vp and maybe gambit T1.5 Fnatic mouse and liquid
2017-11-21 07:37
Mouz is t2
2017-11-21 16:32
Finland jUPPE! 
No. Tier 1 are teams that are favorites to win any tournament they enter.
2017-11-21 16:47
There is no official definition lol. Also there could only be one favourite to win a tournament, so by your logic there's only 1 tier1 team
2017-11-22 15:14
Winning 1 tier 1 tournament doesn't make them tier 1 team ffs.
2017-11-21 07:43
stfu ,learn what tier 1 means.
2017-11-21 15:52
Belarus helionzie 
NiKo fan. What can u expect?
2017-11-21 15:57
They have changed so many things; draken and REZ, Threat being full time coach, Jens their mental coach etc. This time I feel like they might actually be getting better for a longer period. Their performance at IEM Oakland was definitely tier 1, not only looking at the teams they won but in the playoffs they played well as a team, something that's been missing for quite a while. Although it is arguable wether a tier 1 team can make as many mistakes as they did. Shows that they still have a lot to improve. Really the only way to see if they are tier 1 is to wait for them to attend more events. In 2016 they did indeed win 3 big events and pretty much suck the rest of the year so... We'll see.
2017-11-21 07:44
Yeah, they ran a lot of defaults and relied heavily on REZ's entries. If he's not consistent it's going to hurt them a lot.
2017-11-21 16:34
They had a lot of teamplay though compared to what we're used to seeing. They should probably implement even more teamwork to complement for those days when REZ (or any other of the players) is slightly off.
2017-11-21 17:42
Right, if they don't have something to fall back on they're not going to do good. Teamwork has improved a lot though, like you said.
2017-11-21 18:17
>North >T1.5 PICK ONE
2017-11-21 09:03
Spain Kauka 
2017-11-21 09:29
Indonesia p0wah 
For now, if they can be consistent they may still be in that position not like VP.
2017-11-21 09:30
If they stay consistent yes. If they end up like VP on Epicenter with a one time good
2017-11-21 09:31
still tier 80
2017-11-21 09:36
Europe Laser_ 
NiP is my fav team. But as much as i like them, i dont think they deserve to be entitled with T1 because nowadays its more about consistency than the teams peak. So NiP isnt very consistent unlike SK, FaZe or North and their peak is not as high as FaZe's or G2's one
2017-11-21 10:03
Europe Laser_ 
But then again thats just my opinion so dont annoy me if you disagree
2017-11-21 10:04
India Gandhii2 
2017-11-21 11:25
They still need to be present at a Major to be called Tier 1, no matter how insanely they play.
2017-11-21 15:29
2017-11-21 15:30
When you beat the 2 best teams in the world in bo3 and bo5 to win a tournament... Yeah, you're T1
2017-11-21 15:33
lol, this kids.... They rektered Faze and Sk and kids ondering if they are top 1. This site is annoying.
2017-11-21 15:46
United States BLaCkKobRa 
well idk, u claim astralis is tier 1 after falling at group stages, while nip actually won the whole tourney, so you tell me.
2017-11-21 15:49
Sweden Rexz 
They are t1 atm especially if they go far in BLAST
2017-11-21 15:49
Europe daNishchokE 
still 2
2017-11-21 15:49
cry more
2017-11-21 15:55
2017-11-21 15:53
Germany Backup_1337 
We have to wait if this was a onetime upset or if they are really that good.
2017-11-21 15:54
probably a fluke, xizt played well.
2017-11-21 15:57
Carrygan couldn't do much more 4 bots on his team, sad. Topfragged every match
2017-11-21 16:36
2 or 3 not 1
2017-11-21 15:58
nt vp fanboy tier 2-3 can`t win against SK and Faze
2017-11-21 15:59
man you are cancer stop talking xDDDD
2017-11-21 16:02
pls not cry when VP lose 0-4 today xD
2017-11-21 17:02
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Depends on the next few tournaments, they're like the swedish VP atm, they suck dick online and are just decent on a few LANs but then they just get to win a tournament out of nowhere. The only thing they need to be VP is that then they'll have to suck dick on the next few tournaments. (Maybe not BLAST but EPL S6 Finals, BLAST is like 5 days after, not enough time to suck dick again)
2017-11-21 15:58
Tier 1 - SK,FaZe,NiP Tier 1.5 - G2.Astralis Tier 2 - VP,Gambit,North Tier 2.5 - EnVy,Godsent,NaVi Tier 3 - other
2017-11-21 16:03
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
U forgot mouz I guess
2017-11-21 16:10
yeah ik, mouz is supposed to be tier2 and fnatic 2.5
2017-11-21 21:43
This seems accurate! But add mouz anf fnatic in 2.5 :) And C9, Liquid in 2
2017-11-21 17:52
would but mouz to tier2 tho
2017-11-21 21:43
They are t1 this month, next month back to basics and so on.
2017-11-21 16:04
Belgium n1ckst4r2002 
Nope they are tier 3, they just beat top 1,2 and 3 world lucky nerds
2017-11-21 16:12
United States allnewluke 
i would say they are very close but if they get top 4 in blast then they are T1
2017-11-21 16:13
Netherlands poeya 
NiP hard to say, they can win any game but they can lose also against any noobs
2017-11-21 16:16
Just as the other teams he put in ”1.5” :) So this is pretty decent except Astralis isnt t1 by this format.
2017-11-21 17:50
astralis tier 1 ok
2017-11-21 16:33
Canada officeglobal 
Devve> all
2017-11-23 10:54
Turkey Gerky 
vp 1.5 ok
2017-11-21 16:36
2017-11-21 16:37
Finland jUPPE! 
NiP is a tier 1 candidate. Judging by their performance in Oakland, they are a solid tier 1 team but they need to maintain this level in their next tournament to be called a tier 1 team.
2017-11-21 16:44
Yes, cuz they beat FaZe and SK in bo5 and bo3
2017-11-21 17:30
I agree, but Astralis should be in 1.5 as well. IF i follow your example (which is pretty logical) i think only faze and SK is T1. Astralis haven’t Done much at all for a long while now
2017-11-21 17:49
nip tier 2. rez tier 1.
2017-11-21 17:51
draken | 
Sweden Niipr0 
winning over faze in bo5 ofc tier 1 lul:D
2017-11-21 18:00
Russia NavalnyRU 
G2 tier 1.5 haha
2017-11-21 18:18
G2 i same tier as VP he seems legit -,- have they won 5/30 games?
2017-11-21 21:44
Russia NavalnyRU 
G2 will win 1 more big tournament soon
2017-11-22 14:42
who? overpass in pijamas?
2017-11-22 16:25
Europe rEdYy 
nip now is back to tier2 after wining a Tournament (lucky 1 )
2017-11-22 19:49
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
They were never not "tier 1" - Respectively they could always beat any team they went up against provided they show up and win tournaments provided they show up. Every team will slump and have downfalls, but it's the true nature of a champion to overcome these hardships. In 2016 they were arguably "tier 1" having won all three $250k tournaments - They were admittedly inconsistent and now with a LOT of time and practice, they are slowly becoming a well-oiled team again. Beating SK, FaZe, VP 2-0, Kicking Astralis' arse on de_train - They are slowly becoming more and more consistent and confident. I'll admit 2015 was the worst time of NiP's career and only then could they really be considered "tier 2" -- but that is according to my opinion. Have a good day.
2017-11-22 19:57
Palestine trashvice 
2015 was good/decent till september 2016 made both majors won 3 tournaments 2017 despite of not playing in majors had good showings at several tournaments
2017-11-22 21:07
Ofc they are t1 atm everything else is absurd. But t2 could wait around the corner. They sucked with pyth though.
2017-11-23 00:36
i can agree with everything you wrote, but 'VP are T 1.5' cmon dude, they suck hard, epicenter was their only good event this year. They are tier 3 with upset potential of randomly winning the whole tournament
2017-11-23 00:40
Slovakia w8maxG 
They always were LOL
2017-11-23 10:54
Canada officeglobal 
2017-12-06 18:46
in your dreams maybe
2017-12-06 18:47
Slovakia w8maxG 
Some fake sweeden boy sizz which is fan of every good team only when they are good ? n1
2017-12-06 18:49
I've only ever been a fan of ex-LGB, fnatic & FaZe, none of those teams were the best or anywhere close to being the best when I became their fan so you tried [*] NiP
2017-12-06 18:51
vp are teir 10 na cs
2017-11-23 10:55
i dont think so.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Misfits >
2017-12-06 18:50
still mad for oakland? i know ass is still hurting brother :/
2017-12-06 19:00
2017-12-06 18:51
They always were 100% not like na`vi this tier 6 team
2017-12-06 18:58
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