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i5 7400 vs Ryzen 5 1400 for cs:go streaming
chrisJ | 
Brazil Holden4President 
Wich one will perform better, and what would be the average fps?
2017-11-21 13:49
i5 obviously
2017-11-21 13:50
Not that obvious since streaming benefits from multithreading
2017-11-21 13:59
REZ | 
Mexico f^rax 
i5 for csgo, ryzen for everything else. That's what he's saying.
2017-11-21 14:10
Yes, that's why I'm in doubt. As for streaming ryzen is better but for csgo i5 would be better, my doubt is wich one will be better to do both.
2017-11-21 14:13
REZ | 
Mexico f^rax 
I don't think you lose that much performance on a Ryzen compared to an i5, it's an all-around performer. I would choose the Ryzen personally.
2017-11-21 14:22
paired with a gtx 1050 ti, forgot to mention.
2017-11-21 13:50
Ryzen 5 for sure... single core speed of the r5 1400 is 97% (average benchmarks from what I've seen) of the i5 7400, and multicore speed is like 150%. No doubt the r5 1400 will outperform it by a LOT while streaming, and even without in most current games.
2017-11-21 13:51
Thanks man, helped a lot.
2017-11-21 14:00
Norway sparta92 
Dont listen to that stoner. He has no clue
2017-11-21 16:33
s1mple | 
Poland DeVel 
Intel fangay detected
2017-11-23 12:42
new Intel generation instead..
2017-11-21 13:52
New gen mobos to far from my budget
2017-11-21 13:52
I don't know what your budget is but with black friday approaching and the new gen processors being released, the i7-7700k is pretty cheap at the moment, just a thought :) good luck with whatever you choose though!
2017-11-21 17:19
Yeah as I imagined, my doubt is more about cs:go since it does not handle multithreading as well as most of the other games.
2017-11-21 13:58
You shouldn't see any difference between them when you're talking about CS GO.
2017-11-21 14:15 Ryzen 5 1400 because of hyperthreads, also can be overclocked and give you more fps. Also you can do a max oc with stock cooler which is fantastic and keep low temps and noise.
2017-11-21 13:55
Thought about that, but I'm totaly clueless about overclocking, probably would end up fucking up the whole thing.
2017-11-21 14:07
It's easy as making autoexec config in csgo... You litteraly need to change 2 values in bios. IF you dont wanna overclock get i5 then
2017-11-21 14:09
Both suck. Both too slow to stream at good quality.
2017-11-21 14:25
As far as I know it can handle around 720/30fps without too much trouble, is not amazing but is not that bad either.
2017-11-21 14:29
I know you have a budget, but you should probably wait a month or something, and get some extra cash for a bit better cpu. 720p@30 is the barely enjoyable category. You should go for 720p 60fps imo.
2017-11-21 14:48
Germany ropzGOD 
i have a fx-6300 and i have no problems streaming 1080p/30.. dont know what you are talking about. I still get around 150-200 with my 1050. Streams FPS arewnt bad aswell..
2017-11-21 17:33
u are clueless mate. i tried streaming with gtx 750ti and i5 2500k on stock settings, 5v5 stream handled at 150-200fps . so both of those cpu's will be more than enough for casual streaming
2017-11-21 16:42
u know there also is the stream's framerate, and it should be without frames dropped, why would you know that if you only "tried"
2017-11-21 17:16
i streamed for about 10 hours in total if we calculate several different streams. all viewers said stream was smooth as butter at 720p/60fps. so if you never streamed yourself you shouldn't talk
2017-11-21 17:59
you know there are special programs to check if it drops frames or not, use them and only then talk
2017-11-22 13:12
That Ryzen 5 1400 is a quad core, I would only recommend you getting a R5 1600 or above if you plan on streaming. You'll have better FPS with that i5, but don't expect much when streaming. However, it'll certainly be much better than the R5 1400. I'd say wait for the cheaper motherboards for the 8th gen to come out (which will happen early 2018, around jan-feb) and get an i5 8400. 6 cores, which will handle streaming better, and it has a much better single core performance compared to the Ryzen 5 and 7, which will make CSGO run better as well.
2017-11-21 14:43
Thanks man, I tought about it but I wanted to get this by the end of this year. Mobos released in jan/feb probably will take longer to get here and than a couple more months for the price to be competitive enough to chalenge the current cheaper ones. I could strech my budget a little and get an i5 7500, do you think it is worth it?
2017-11-21 16:31
Nope, it'd be better to stretch your budget and get a Z370 motherboard then. I recommend the ASRock Z370 Extreme4 and the MSI Pro Carbon, they're both at around 800~850BRL in some stores, and you'll be able to upgrade to an i7 8700K or perhaps a refresh later on. Stay away from the Z370 TUF ones, they fucking suck, the power delivery is a joke on those boards. I honestly don't think it's worth it getting a 7th gen CPU right now :(
2017-11-21 16:54
Oh, I forgot to say: If you need to build a PC before Jan-Feb, you could also stretch your budget and get the Ryzen 5 1600 or the 1600x. That would be much better than the 4c/8t R5 1500X and cheaper than the i5 8400 + Z370 mobo
2017-11-21 17:12
Thanks a lot man, that was really, really helpful. Probably gonna save a little more for the mobo or go with the 1600 build. Hopping for a price drop on Black Friday to buy some other parts and save a little for the more expensive ones.
2017-11-21 19:02
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
2.8 ghz isnt really a high single core performance
2017-11-21 16:33
You can force all core turbo and have it running at 3.8GHz all the time. Not sure if MCE works and keeps all cores at 4GHz tho, or if it's only for 1 core still. Anyways, even without any tweaks it performs better than the Ryzen in games lol
2017-11-21 17:03
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
Yes it does, but I am not sure whether the all core turbo is supported on all motherboards, and I would never buy new nonK CPU now
2017-11-21 17:27
Me neither, but he clearly doesn't have enough money for a K CPU. And even an overclocked R5 can't match the performance of the i5 8400 in CPU heavy games. Keep in mind that PC parts are expensive af in Brazil, the 8700K goes for around 2k brl when it's in stock, which is around 600 usd. Same for basically all the motherboards and everything else.
2017-11-21 17:36
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
Thought the prices are +- the same
2017-11-21 17:54
go for an i3 8100 much better than i5 7400 and cheaper
2017-11-21 16:32
mobos prices for 8th gen are atrocious atm
2017-11-21 16:35
buy from ebay or somewhere else if the prices are too big in brasil, i just bought i3 8100 with 130$, motherboard is also kind expensive (140$) but it worths.
2017-11-21 20:11
Both are garbage i3 8350k if you got $30 more
2017-11-21 16:32
mobos man, they are too pricey
2017-11-21 16:38
In that case I guess ryzen is better
2017-11-21 16:39
2017-11-21 17:17
2017-11-23 12:44
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
just focus on i5 8400 with new motherboard, you wont change it for 5 years
2017-11-21 17:17
forsaken | 
Poland heawy 
My Ryzen 1400 OC 3.8 stock cooler
2017-11-21 17:30
Wow man, that is impressive. But I don't plan to overclock atm to be honest.
2017-11-21 19:04
If you don't plan to overclock and don't want to spend mad cash on a mobo rn, then get the 1600X with a B350 mobo. I think this suits your needs best if you are tring to to buy a PC right now
2017-11-21 20:25
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